Top 10 BEST Cards To Pick Up In Extreme Force

Top 10 BEST Cards To Pick Up In Extreme Force : In this video i will be going over what i consider to be the 10 best cards to get out of the new yugioh extreme forces set.

Extreme Force is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the third set in the OCG’s 10th series, following Circuit Break.[1] and followed by Flames of Destruction.

Includes cards used by Yusaku Fujiki, Revolver, Emma Bessho, and Akira Zaizen.
Includes members and/or support for the “Altergeist”, “Archfiend”, “Artifact”, “Code Talker”, “Ghostrick”, “Guardian”, “Hole”, “Noble Knights”, “Pendulum”, “Rokket”, “Watt”, and “World Legacy” archetypes and the “C” and D.D. series.
The TCG version includes members and/or support for the “F.A.”, “Lightsworn”, “Metalfoes” and “Noble Knight” archetypes.
Introduces The “Jack Knight” and “Tindangle” archetypes, as well as the first support for the “Borrel”, “Evolution Pill” and “Mythical Beast” archetypes, to the OCG/TCG.

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Ben Byrne says:

Chris, Downbeat shows a bunch of the Symphonic Warrior Monsters on it which leads me to believe that it’d work best in a Symphonic Warrior Deck. What do you think bro?

We most likely will be getting Crystron Needlefiber here in the TCG but probably not until around May. I think we’re going to be getting more Link VRains imports around then, so why not wait till then to release it and let it gain more and more hype? Everybody will be super excited to get it when it finally comes out.

Sebastian Blair says:

Ovetex better be on here

ChaoticReverse 999 says:

skuldeat was renamed saryuja skull dread

melvin mcbride says:

Isolde is going straight into my hero deck

MasterSwagKing says:

I want everythang

FoxoDile Santiago says:

I don’t even care about Extreme Force… I just want Electrumite to finish my True Draco KozMoFoes

Carlos Velazquez says:

Not gonna say that the set is “trash” like some of you are saying but it doesn’t seem to be worth buying a box. I’ll be buying Localized and Skulldeat from ebay without spending a fuck ton of money

Tom Arnold says:

Why’d your live video get taken down?

Malcolm Johnson says:

Seriously I think FA with the speedroid engine can be a powerful deck to use.

Philip Houston says:

2018 top hyped deck f.a????

Bailey Stanich says:

You put the wrong field on for the fa.

Unterrarian says:

Is it worth it buying?

Ya Saves says:

I’m not trying to be mean or anything.. but you sound a little tired or something or your not to excited or whatever… I’m subscribe to you because your a good YouTuber… but lately you seen like a little down or sad or bored or something hype it up man !

L1feL1ke 89 says:

Skulldeat, Electrumite, and The noble knight link. That’s about all that’s gonna sell the set.

GreekGod88 says:


VinDixen says:

No Altergeist Hexita?

Jarom says:

Honestly if it doesn’t come with Cherubini (which is most likely) I won’t even bother. I’ll just buy the singles. If for some reason it does Konami can go ahead and take my money for a box.

ChaoticReverse 999 says:

why am i the only one excited about Mythical Beasts?

Taylor Walker says:

Do we have the full spoiler list for this set?

Thefenix 007es says:

Thank you for the video

Janis Schaumburg says:

Wait is the “C” archetype you wrote in the description the one reira (declans little brother) used in arc v? Or was is just more from the maxx “c” kinda side?

Miquib says:

I want literally everything
So I gotta buy a box

But I’m cheap…

argon says:

GEMKNIGHT is confirmed too

Bryce Duyvewaardt says:

What about the protective spell counter equip card? I tested it a bit online and it’s useful

Tevin Collins says:

Set trash big bro

jaegamer says:

Why does number 8 have the last effect that resembles something you would see in Magic The Gathering!?

ZeeNyteCG says:

The new f.a. card is city grand prix not circuit grand prix. Other than that great video

RanserSSF4 says:

Overtex is a great card in the set. Definitely the 11th or top 10 material just because that card alone in the OCG brought dinos back from extinction after they got slaughtered by their banlist. Time for Dinos to make a comeback in 2018

pumpkaboo riot says:

F.A for Tier 2 in February!

ChaoticReverse 999 says:

rivalry + sensor is a cool combo

TheKidFawFul says:

Give me my Altergeist support

jackthedinohunter says:

I just want overtex coatls because it helps my pure dino otk deck work a lot better for its consistently

Dimitri DeAngelo says:

Downbeat is the opposite of Transmodify. Interesting

Kûrt Gærgëlwærx says:

I really hope these are not in order because the things Electrum will do to PendMags should put it way further up in the ranks

rhy tj says:

If u make a top 10 at least put them in a more fitting order cuz downbeat is def not better then skulldeat or electrum neither are isolde and the lightsworn

melvin mcbride says:

I’m buy me a box

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