Ultimate Guard Deck Case Accessory Reviews – Yugioh, MTG, Pokemon, & Other Card Games

Ultimate Guard provided the deck cases used in the video. I today’s video I review several deck cases from Ultimate Guard. I hope you all enjoy the video!

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Ultimate Guard DECK CASE 80+
SideWinder™ Deck Case 80+
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Don't Watch My Videos says:

If you want a grown man grinding on these deck boxes and trying to stand on them while also breaking his feet, go see Tolarian’s video…

Ashley Cunningham says:

I have had the flip and tray for many months and i would never use anything else after buying it. I always bring it to tournaments. Highest quality, look and ease of use. 10/10 easily.

TheGunSensai 1 says:

Great vid I just go t into the cards this i the best channel

D. Chung says:

Really good video Cyber, nice info for every player, I personally didn’t knew the variety of deck boxes!! Keep up the good work!

AwesomeAdam From 2099 says:

Hey cyberknight I like the flip and trade deck box it s very and can used.for traveling aswell?

Edvinas Dr says:

I’m magic player and i don’t play yugi, but damn i love your content 😀

Ken H says:

Side Winder is the best deck box I have ever used.

Polonik 357/10 says:

1:31 Are those “Dragon Shield” sleeves?

Swaggy 091 says:

Man i see all those amazing cards u own but i feel sad because u dont do any duel videos with these cards.I would love seeing other types of videos in the future 🙂 have a nice day.



KokuouNoShinobi says:

Funny enough after all this time I only just found out through this video that you are supposed to peel back to the lid of the monolith lmao. I have one of the older ones that is fully solid color. i ended up using it solely for storing cards because the way that I used to open it by pull the lid straight up and off would cause the cards to fly out. that being said though, I also own the flip n’ tray and the twin flip n’ tray and aside from being bulky which even the monolith is, I really enjoy the quality of both deck boxes and use them on a daily basis to transport my cards to school and back. in fact i end up carrying 2 twin deck boxes with me to carry my favorite decks.

AydenTheKilla says:

for the last comment on the twin flip n tray. mtgcards are bigger, and you dont want to show your opponent your sideboard 😛 so i put my deck in one and my sideboard in another. i dont have to seperate my cards during tournament or worry about my opponent seeing my cards

Sota Steelwing says:

You should make a video on how to double sleeve YGO cards.

Japhet Daniel Saluta says:

it wont close on you if you placed the deck stash the otherway lol

The Blue Axew says:

thanks for telling me about boulder, I think I’m going to get the second deck box because I don’t need a dice slot

aaronstone800 says:

Hey the double sided deck box work for a Commander deck for magic the gathering.

Silver Anubis says:


Guilherme Müller says:

Why are your hands always shaking dude?

shawn pyatt says:

great video but i am an Ultra Pro guy. the Satin Tower is what i use for all my Magic needs

DestrYo says:

How are those normal dech cases 5 dollars. In Germany they cost like 3 euros, which is like 3.30 US Dollars.

EireWhovian says:

Do you think we’ll get the ancient gear hunting hound fusion monster’s or are they only going to be in the anime ?

Cameron Popham says:

cyberknight did you cake a cubic deck profile

Michael Flanagan says:

Hey cyber knight was wondering do you sell your cards you pull?:)

Hector Delgado says:

Were those scratches in your hand made by your cat? lol be careful, awesome video by the way.

Millennium7 says:

how are the ultimate guard sleeves?

Solid SNK says:

Sidewinder looks so simple that I just bought one right now.

Zane Dellinger says:

nice video

Spiral of Sound says:

are they fit for yugioh or is it bigger like ultra pro?

Kidshocker87 says:

UG is really good but there double deck boxes are super pricy.

Roxasofmalice says:

Odd, I know this is missing the Twin Deck Case. I own one in Real Life so I can tell its missing. They did say they sent you all their products right?


thank you for doing a review on tese things, great video as always! i am a almost constant watcher and u might remember me 🙂

Tomentor285 says:

I use the Twin Flip ‘n’ Tray deck case for Yugioh, but only because I like the size of the dice tray since I also play Cardfight Vanguard and the game needs a fair amount of dice on hand these days I would say. My Vanguard decks are also double sleeved so they don’t really fit too well in this case, so instead I use this for my Yugioh decks which of course fit comfortably and my Vanguard decks have they’re own separate character themed deck boxes which I like because they fit the decks perfectly and they look pretty cool as well 😛 So because I always tend to take my Yugioh decks out first, I can just place the try of dice on the table and use them for whatever game I’m playing 🙂 It’s also really nice if you play Pokemon or MTG too 😛

shadowcdc9 says:

i have a deck box from them!

Voltage Gaming says:

was that a bes deck with the new support

nick knickle says:

damm those looks really cool i wanna get those lol

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