What Are The Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Sleeves?! The Ultimate TCG Sleeve Guide!

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shivan4lyf says:

I want to know if I can use the ultra pro eclipse sleeves along with the kmc perfect double sleeves for my yugioh cards would that be good enough? Or what double sleeves should I use for the ultra pro eclipse sleeves?

mk2y says:

no dragon shields the best sleeves…….. fail

MC FEK says:

You forgot dragon shield

Zio Pio says:

Eclipse sleeves broke the first play! Each 2 round 1 card of the deck has cut in the sleeve… The sleeves are so hard on the edges to cut eachother while shuffling…

Loarde PRO says:

Is it good to use biger sleeves for yugioh? Cause i have magic/pokemon sleeves for my cards.

Epic soldier 42 says:

I use ultra pro matte black sleeves

bruce11lee says:

I like Ultimate Guard way better than ultra pro.

Basilaras 01 says:

Hallo yu gi oh sleeves fit$ on dbs cards??

Bentaporo says:

this nigga don’t know what he’s talking about.

AbandonedProgram says:

>calling the base line ultra pro sleeves fantastic
>shits on ultimate guard and kmc sleeves
please use better sleeves

Alex 2345 says:

Pc’s are terrible

Jimmy Lor says:


Thunderheade Danno says:

What size for yugioh is the best?

DouglasGW says:

all these mad commentators. I liked this video and helped me with buying new sleeves (I collect not play though )

eiszeiten says:

Eclypse suck. They get dirty really easy and loose their backgrip very easily.

Elias Chapa says:

ultra pros feel cheap as shit I do love their eclipse sleeves

speed luigi says:

The Goldie lock effect.. you must write good essays.

ArTiX PolloKraken_ says:

dragonshields masterrace

Kagetsu 13 says:

I stopped watching when he said ultra pro is durable… Cuz I know I can’t trust anything what this guy says

kyouryoku1977 says:

Eclipse is the way to go.

RedRanger0116 says:

I got my Eclipse sleeves on Friday at my locals for 5 dollars and I am so glad that I picked these sleeves instead of the regular Ultra Pro sleeves.

Brendan Eichler says:

Many Yu-Gi-Oh players ask…

Alex 2345 says:

I hate them , I prefer hyper mat and dragon shields

your anime boi says:

Mine is the pro matte

Xgamer GodX says:

At the beginning i see that archfiend ecentrick pendulm monster game mat respect respect

Metal is Life says:

Tried most every sleeve, chose DragonShields, stayed with DragonShields.

xXItzJA GamerXx says:

sponsored by ultra pro

Football Is The Best says:

List is wrong why ultra pro is best durability no is bad watch tolarian community college when you see

¡BezzyBee! says:

“White specifically, we don’t mess with those other colors.”

That Batteryman Player says:

Just looked on amazon, pc whites are $17 and hyper mat are $7…where do you get your prices?

Platinum-Collectibles FanNr.339494939393 says:

This review is garbage.

Sean nt says:

How is this guy biased if he rated the ultra pros at a 7 ?

Matt blacker says:

2:33 All my regular ultra pro sleeves get split ends after one event, How in the world did these sleeves get a 10/10 on durability?

Also I wish ultra pro would offer colors for eclipse besides BLACK AND WHITE.

José Rolón says:

Dragon Shield?

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