What If Yu-Gi-Oh! Had Pokemon Cards?

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Pokemon has some incredibly powerful cards. But what if those Pokemon cards were playable in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game? How crazy would some of these effects become? Let’s find out!

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khaleel mohammed says:

part 2 please

sevlow says:

please do this again with the new unown cards

Mega Emboar123 says:

Cimo, if you have more prize cards than your opponent… YOU ARE LOSING

グェンジェシカ says:

Pokemon does not have super duper op game turning cards tho

Joseph Strong says:

More prize cards means your losing.

Otterman_Cookem1 says:

The more prize cards u have the less life points u have

Otterman_Cookem1 says:

Also prize cards are basically 6 banished monsters that u can later get back

st00ben says:

As a returning YGO player who has played competitive Pokemon for the past 5 years, this is super cringeworthy but entertaining nonetheless.

Tiel Master says:

If Cimoooooooo began playing Pokemon tcg, even casually, life would take on another level.

Extroyer 10 says:

more prize cards would equal lower life points because the aim in pokeon is to have no prize cards


you know that prize cards are the opposite of life points, right?

Unbornvessel 208 says:

Draw draw draw draw DRASTIC DROP OFF

Bu_fu says:

Cimo, I don’t know if someone has said this already but, if you noticed, some of those Trainer cards (Like a YGO spell cards), are Supporter or Item. And there is ruling in pokemon, how those work. Supporter’s are really powerful cards and rules say that you can only active one supporter card per turn. So it’s a good have those in deck, but not so much. But those Item cards, they are like normal Spell cards, you can active those as many as you want, in your turn, in Pokemon game, before you attack (after attack, your turn ends always, in pokemon game, like there is no MP2, like there is in YGO). And some pokemon ability’s (like effect’s), are once per turn and some of them says that once per turn and you can only active ability with this name (all ability’s has name’s), once in your turn (so you you wanna active more than once per turn that ability what says: draw until you have 5 in hand. You have to have more than one those pokemons, that can active that ability, because it says once per turn) . And Bench, in a game, is like a spell/trap zone in YGO but you don’t put pokemon’s in there, you put Basic (evolution form) pokemon’s in there, from hand. Pokemon’s in bench, cannot attack. Active pokemon means, that pokemon has to be in like monster card zone, and in pokemon, there is only 1 of monster card zone, in game. With active pokemon, you fight. And you can evolve (that is like XYZ summon but you only use 1 pokemon, that evolution pokemon needs and you not ever have to detach that pokemon) those Basic pokemon’s, to better in later in game.

Buster Blader the Paladin of Destruction says:

Theres a card called teino where you draw 3 cards my friend who plays pokemon says it useless?????????

Fire puppies says:

Technically, we have trevant as antispell fragrance

TheChiog says:

you should do the same thing with some hearthstone card (of course only those who don’t create radom cards). How about Myras unstable Element? wouldn’t that be a great card in Yugioh?

chimchar2006 says:

Man why did they show you Shaymin EX… theres literally a Uxie printed, which is Shaymin EX except you draw until you have 7.

Anata no Shi says:

Now do it with Dragon Ball Super

Proteins Of Wonder says:

this madman should do this with hearthstone. i’m sure ultimate infestation would ruin his life kek

Banditation says:

I’mma just say Colress


ghetsis is banned

renaissancelogician2554 says:

Shamin is stupic good


what about sableye from stormfront

renaissancelogician2554 says:

More prize cards is bad

Kwayke says:

Welp Ghetsis just got banned from expanded (it rotated out of standard like 3-4 years ago)

coolkage the 4th says:

Lmao damn cimo I was in tears because I was laughing so hard awsome video bro


uxie from the platinum era lets you draw until you have 7 cards when you bench it.

Angry Guy says:

He is mostly talking about the draw ammount.
For people who dont know. Pokemon has 7 cards for a
starting hand and has no limit.

To be honest it’s more balanced than yugioh.

Anata no Shi says:

Now do it with Dragon Ball Super

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