Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Wheelie Breakers Review

A far better biker game than Ride to Hell: Retribution


Michael Sooth says:

Great review. The game looks fun.

Jack Madden says:

Great! Neither do I :D. By the way, I laughed SO hard at your first reason that I got a nosebleed XD.

Gavin Bundy says:

Just out of curiosity

Pure Gamer Q says:

As if it’s hard to be better than Ride To Hell.

Orophlacious says:

I’ve never been all that interested in Yu-gi-oh, though i admit that 5D was always the most fascinating to look at. And somehow making cartoon licensed game not just a good racing game, but a good racing battle hybrid, makes me really respect and want to play it. Whoever made this game had better been hired in making more

DeX says:

The Original one was the best

MegaAnimazing says:

10:13 Wait how did you lose life points?

Gavin Bundy says:

Wow this sounds awesome and exciting even though I don’t particularly like racing games except for action based ones ie split second, need for speed etc

Heltong says:

Did he mention this game is redicoulsy hard

Jack Madden says:

By misuse of DLC, do you mean companies like EA and Activision releasing unfinished games then making you download 10 expansions for $60 each to finish the game?

Jack Madden says:

I’ve never heard of Jimquizition before but that’s a VERY plausible theory.

The Shady Reviewer says:

My man!  I love 5Ds and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight too!

Dragoon-BB says:

If you did this in real life you would pulp out a card that hit head first into something cause you took you’re eye’s off the goddamm road!

Gavin Bundy says:

Yea it does appear to have a lot of action in it and appears to greatly benefit from it do you plan on getting a wii u

Gavin Bundy says:

Will you be doing reviews for games on it?

Jack Madden says:

A Wii U? Will you be getting an Xbone?

Some Random Ass Canadian says:

Did you ever see Yu-Gi-Oh Season Zero?

Jack Madden says:

Yup, that’s because IGNorance is paid by shitheads like Activision, EA and Rockstar to write good reviews for their games, while indie and low-key developers and publishers are left in the dust. Long story short: the terms “overrated” and “underrated” do not exist in IGNorance employees’ vocabulary.

elin111 says:

I’d STRONGLY recommend watching the japanese subbed YGO versions over the dubbed ones.

Adrian Gutierrez says:

Awesome channel, discovered it since I was looking for a sacred cards review. I enjoyed all of your yugioh reviews. I wish you continue to review more of those games, I am a big fan of the yugioh games and the old-school cards (not the new ones though). I might check out this game, I didn´t even acknoledge its existence when it came out. But now I am slowly collecting for the Wii, even though I´ve had one since 2008.

I would advice that you check out the PSP´s library. I myself just got one recently, I began playing the tag force series which I had never played myself. So far I´ve only played TG4 and it seems already worse than the world championship series. But I still want to play at last one tag force game. The PSP, like the DS, is so easy to hack you can have a lot of games on it. But I would advice you stil buy the PSP games since most are dirt cheap, I already have 10 games for it that I´ve been randomly running into. The cases are very nice too. You also open the door to the PSN PS1 games. I never got to expirience the PS1 in its lifetime but I found so many good games (I love RPGs) so there´s a bunch of good ones there.

Galaxyvoyager128 says:

This is a Yugioh game?  Looks like a racing game and a decent one at that.  

Richard Bright says:

its not a turbo dueling its a riding duel – Aksaralation 😀

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