Yu-Gi-Oh! Ancient Sanctuary 1st Edition Pack Opening x8 – OLD SCHOOL!!!

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Programmerx says:

Hey :O 3:37 Ghosts….

Corey Nawrocki says:

Extreme nostalgia… great commentary bro… subscribed

Christian Vance says:

Awesome pulls

Alex Wong says:

Hey Old School! Could you read off the effects of the holo cards you pull?

burnoutvista says:

Hmm, I never bought packs when I was a kid. So it’s nice to sorta relive those nonexistent memories with this video

NickyOSRS says:

Sick as always

Zane Lionhart says:

still wanna see you duel.

Low-Rated Duelists says:

LOL “Order to Smash” I wonder if that was intentionally created as a sexual innuendo

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

Secret & Ultra, very good.
I was hoping you would pull something awesome like the Ultra Enemy Controller.

Earl McEarl says:

Glad you’re not getting junk from Halogod anymore

KIO says:

1:33 you got the pronunciation spot on at the last try.

virusinfection1 says:

Idk what it is about ancient sanctuary but I always pull the secret rare cards all the damn time specifically end of Anubis

Baggity Gaming says:

Protector of the sanctuary was one of my favorite common cards. That paired with card destruction was deadly. Haha.

R Re says:

bacon…vegan bacon

Gerardo González says:

Beautiful pulls. Never opened those, my first booster pack was Strike of Neos and got a Great Shogun Shien Super and a Neo Spacian Grand Mole from that pack. Loved your video.

Lethal tendencies says:

Can someone recommend a good website to get old school packs? Also is there any yugioh tournaments with the old format?

Review Central says:

Wats up tube siiipppp

Advocate says:

Not scaled.

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