Yu-Gi-Oh! Awards 2018, TeamSamuraiX1 SOLVES 2019! & MEAN comment review

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Mr.Ultimate Smiley Face says:

That shook me to my fucking core

BTZ says:

So no more table 500?

Oni Slayer says:

Go get a better accent

Matthew Harrison says:

This makes me so happy because it reminds me of when the funny man really loved the yugios and made great content

King of Bacon says:

Idk what this is, but I like it. Keep it up

IvaNation G says:

I hate Garfa

Rickeyrichness says:

Love this video style keep this up

JoshKall Plays says:

I hatee farfa thooo.

Section6581 says:

Hold up, did you call Clear Wing Fast Nervana High Paladin and the Speedroid link a Cyberse link?

Meliagant says:

Could anyone please send a link to the song in the outro? Its great!

valentin bouvard says:

Best yugituber award of 2018 goes to Farfa aka Glasgow Yu-gi-oh!

Daniel Costa says:


WastingTime says:

Full power ba pls konami

Kai Handerson says:

I must admit… farfa looks hot here (?

i’ll see myself out now, thx (^;

Omar Valentini says:


MadFattieChef says:

Ur card memes are trash >:(

ᴀʟᴛ-ᴄᴇɴᴛʀɪsᴛ says:

Farfa has stale memes. Change my mind.

Swiftyyyy says:

so epic hahha

Shinochaos says:

Burning abyss has lost 8 times in a row to my mayakashi deck

Matthew Fudge says:

Who else replayed the second clip 5+ times?

Gabeinator says:

Players:Konami, give us better cards!!!!!

Konami: *prints decent cards*


Mr. Zebra says:

So.. Manhunt is a shitty widow anchor? ok

Maciej Rejowski says:

4:30 that was clear wing fast dragon, not nirvana high palladin.

Temptless Monk says:

Do more of these lol
Pewdiepies style works great

megakirbyx says:

I mean, you gave him shit for putting out a top 5 meta decks hours after the EXFO banlist, but his picks were pretty spot on. He had Trickstar, TD and Pend Magicians top 3 iirc

Montblanc says:

Gotta love people who complain about stolen memes as if they’re something so unfathomable that no one else could actually come up with the same joke.

Trikovi ! says:

Burning abyss is rogue?
I must not have seen them summoning a one drop equipping a weapon and then summoning a bird

Javier Gallego says:

Burning Abyss should’ve won the Infectious Degenerative Disease of the Year instead

RegiRuler says:

Is Rata dead? He hasn’t posted on his twitter so I’m legit concerned

ValorKnight Geo says:

Starving kids in Africa could have eaten that firewall

Javi KunTM says:

Hope to see more of this

Joshua Cain says:

Wrong lmao burning abyss won nothing this year hahahaha neerrdd lol

Wiz Cyth says:

“Tribute your battle phase”


McBobX says:

Play Duel Links in 2019.

scorpious1109 says:

This is why I don’t understand how TSX is one of the top Yu-Gi-Oh channels. He overreacts to everything, is creepy as fuck, and also posts the most useless, regurgitated videos under stupid clickbait titles

Superpoly says:

Your comments on my post, and the way you spaced them (and all the other content!) out in this video, had me in tears

TheCardTrooper says:

1 or 2 tops at every event does not make a deck meta

danmakesmovies says:

Burning abyss can be tier 0 and somehow be considered “rouge”

kim jongdaddy says:

Ban ur mom gay. Too strong

Tacocat 433 says:


Yeovil Yu-Gi-Oh says:

YAY my Jinzo got a mention.

Eddie Banuelos says:

People think that rogue means old and meta means new.

Tibor Nowak says:

Farfa sucks never, do this again

Beertje Beerput says:

When your fireworks arent expensive enough so you tape a secret rare to it.

William Sleight says:

*mom walks in*
*i switch the tabs to porno*
It’s just easier to explain.

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