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viks triks says:

Draws mirror force and you lose xD

Luka Badel says:

I like it man..

william Aldred says:

I usually hate crap like this when the win condition make your opponent do nothing. But I oddly like this. It lools like you really tried to make the deck as good as possible. May try it out

David Dennel says:

when are you going to stream? and do you stream on twitch?

Nic J says:

Yo Sam … instead of having 66% hand loop have 100% by picking DDR, DDR, Living Fossil, if it’s DDR: OMEGA, if it’s Living Fossil, Reborn the Jet then have token, Jet and power for a trish ?

Wolves Gaming says:

im sorry but as a synchron hardcore, this deck is disgustingly bad your not playing hand traps,trap cards, playing 1 junk synchron!???? and no QUICKDRAW SYNCHRON this si an OUTRAGE extra deck is fine tho

un;ess this is not a synchron deck

Dragon Of desteny says:


Nos Lee says:

wouldn’t needlefiber make this deck much better? I can’t wait till they release here in tcg.

Randy Kinzey says:

Very nice and creative!

ObsessiveFanboy says:

Finally this guy makes a Synchron deck.

Alan Chen Juin Howe says:

U could just loop 5 with Trish instead of 5 Omegas and have a 2700 body on board

Kay Hyuga says:

I like this deck very much!!!!

OkayKoolaidYOLO69 !-! Mr. Dinosaur Man says:


Sam Fitz-James says:

No QuickDraw?

Hailey says:

Take down this video. I don’t wanna play with one card in hand.

Mr. Y says:

Is there a version that uses link monsters?

TheSinnohKid says:

bard bames on boter bycles

Lucas Vale says:

sad the konami support just promote degeneracy and not any fun

SSJ Escanor says:

I always thought doppelwarrior was a cat man…..not a man with a helmet lol

Christian Marxen says:

With the Reprints etc., maybe Mekk-Knight Invoked next? ^^

bionicturtle 99 says:

U can use the last ddr to bring back jet synchron and then synchro power tool with jet and the token to summon trish

SlyMoore94 says:

Love your deck profiles, man! Heroes next!!?

phantombloodsoul says:

knowing me id prob top deck drowning mirror force

belikememe says:

Does this deck is Good for new Players (me)?

Kellan Billadeau says:

Wait I’m confused, how can you get 4 synchros on the field without a link monster?

Naxxie says:

Where is Hyper Librarian

Christian Spitzke says:

Woooooooooow Epic Deck Profile

Παναγιώτης Μ says:

You can also summon Junk Speeder on your opponent’s turn and summon 5 synchron monsters and on your turn you can spam Links as long as they survive.

Arch Duelist says:

Plays 3 Jet and 1 Junk.

GenerationOf2012 says:

No quickdraw or quilbolt?

Yugioh Metaknights says:

Sam, I know you have infinite haters but I really hope to see you overlook them all for as long as this game exists. You have the most consistent videos and you have always had enthusiasm.

Railgun says:

only one junk synchron? a sin

Lucignolo Slip says:

Elemental Hero deck profile?

Marcelo Gurdian says:

dont under stand how all three omegas are coming back without having link arrows pointing to their zones

Gucci Bakura says:

I’m low key curious to see this deck in a duel against some t1 or t2 decks who else curious????

Yugilo says:

Doppelwarrior token must be in attack position. Just something to know. Not that it matters here, but later down the line this will. The token is attack 400 and defense 400.

Alex Kim says:

with my luck, it’s time to brick hell ya dude
struggles of synchrons

Luis Alejandro says:

Can someone write the deck list please?

Question Mark says:

What about Unknown Synchron and Armageddon Knight to dumo Mali and go into Junk Speeder? All those HEROs seem a bit cloggy if all you really need them for is to dump Mali easier.

TeamXRevenge says:


Young Breezy says:

Bro! We are you such a freakin’ savage! i love it!

Mehdi Idlehcen says:

you basically run a hero lives with no monsters to sp summon lmao it can only sp summon e-heroes

liger 0 says:

Hey TeamSamuraix1 you might what to talk to a youtuber by the name of atlas rising he is saying you stole his content on the same deck profile and the combos as well

AtlasRising says:

Stealing my combo and not even giving credit.. Pathetic

Edit: This has been cleared, my bad aswell.

Shun Kurosaki says:

nice decklist 😉 but why don’t you play junk connector? +1 sub

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