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Robert W. Kovach says:

Looking forward to that combo video!

1000greyes says:

Someone is in love

Derek Backofen says:

This set has a lot of my favorite arc types blue eyes black wing and abyss actors I’m getting a whole box soon

ForsakenSquishes says:

get those hand traps out my face.

Jake Storm says:

Demise deck profile

RedCronoJM says:

I still have my blackwings all these years at least this gives it hope. And also 14:14 lol

crixx8 says:

im waiting the gumblar combo bro do it please

SirCorrupt says:

How are you normal summoning twice in the first combo? Simoon’s effect allows you to normal summon it without tributing; not special summon it.

juliosachump says:


william Aldred says:

Eugene would be proud..

Reynor Sampaio says:

blackwing >>

mr guys says:

Would eradicator virus work with this deck?

Hector Ontiveros says:

Good news sam I never lost hope for blackwings

Curtis Bechard says:

Thank you @teamsamuraix1. Its my favorite deck and awesome combos man

JetLucario12 says:

Blackwing now is tier 2?

ortomy says:

IM IN LOVE WITH THE SHAPE OF YOU!!! lol, that was funny.

Laurie Thomas says:

i think vayu is so much better but nice profile you made a good version

Roc Atkins says:

great deck but after testing it out in 50+ duels in very inconsistent even with side deck. Not really good for current meta

Baseball king says:

Can you please do a gouki deck profile with combos

Santiago Caballero says:

How are Dinosaurs working these days?

DungeonRunnerTank says:

The quality of those deck profiles is insane lol

Makes my profiles look like it was made with a potato.

Nutt says:

(Whispers) blackwings are mediocre

Captain Linehalt says:

I love it

JayMLG Pro 420 says:

All about the BlackWings B

hares saade says:

hey can you make a new neos deck with the new cards

Shioya says:

Of course the gumblar loop requires summon sorc. Every broken combo requires summon sorc or firewall dragon these days

Kevin Stein says:

Sam you can also synchro summon nothung using auster and harmattan as materials in order to gain that additional advantage, so as to make the combo further

Karel Rindo says:

Black wing just litterally immortal, in 2019 you can’t even put all black wing cards in one deck because of how many they are, just imagine if crow being the main protagonist of the new yugioh movie and use the new support

Skipper Nolen says:

Lol, Sohaya is only used to summon Crystal Wing, which this dude did not include in this deck profile.

Ilias Hassene says:


Eugene Holloway says:

I’m ready to see your version of Galaxy eyes…. that deck is my first deck i ever played in locals with.

Rico Suave says:

Why Vayu?


I know a sick combo with summon sorceress that you would like Sam. I can send you a replay it only requires gladius and simoom & a random bw.

Banana LP says:

Where is the Gumblar Combo?

PrtiForLife says:

Nice bro

Robert W. Kovach says:

Nice Deck List. I see it’s only 14 cards. I’d add at least 1 Blackwing – Boreas the Sharp to round off the Side Deck to 15. has a nifty effect that can hurt pesky monsters.

yasuro shimizu says:

hey what happened to Blackwing dragon

Shaquille Grizzle says:

Is Simoon actually the best blackwing or is it just the newest and he wants to show off the newest cards?

EmperorLancelot says:

You should make a double sided hero playmat!!

Brandon Cashen says:


Jeremy Monteleone says:

SHoulda been like “Hey google, do my deck profile for me”

Michael Nguyen says:

A decent deck profile for once.

Richard Tran says:

hi can we get a better link hero then decimator? (Besides wonder driver)

Cameron Popham says:

When you updating the cubic deck profile

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