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Dkd Forlife says:

not gonna lie this profile pretty trash you run 3 ninjitsu arts that can be searched and only 1 target honestly need to run at least 2 simorgh in the deck for it also you dont run super trans which is honestly the best ninjitsu art cus it gets rid of an opp monster while also being able to ss white dragon ninja which protects your backrow and you dont run duplication which can lead to otks quick ive been playing ninjas since they came out and your list looks like youv been playing it for 5 minutes. and bls is pretty good in the deck since you can search it off isolde and ninjas have ther own equip spell so ou can utilize isolde second eff idk the deck lacks in the being able to push out alot of damage first turn cus you have to use your traps to win but if your build is a little bit more aggressive its better

WildfireRevenge says:

I am running a similar lock down deck xD I run five-rainbow as well lol I love the lock down variant also I run Apex alongside Dark Simorgh for added negation if need be lol I will have Number 86 in my extra deck for my extra lock down opportunities xD This deck was made specifically to annoy the CRAP out of my brothers so can’t wait to do just that xD

XxxPur3k0Xxx says:

I came to the same conclusion that stun is the best way to play the deck. A lot better then a mediocre spam deck that can be stopped by a single hand trap. Its a lot more reliable to sit behind antispells and solemns tbh lol. My builds similiar to yours mine uses antispell and simorg to lol

Rizky Reza says:

Ear Rape at the end..

Ashlynn Aragon says:

why no Magic Planter in the deck? card is too good to not run, i am just curious why the choice not to run Magic Planter

xXAbsoluteFrostXx says:

Sam, i gotta say, always looking forward to watching your deck profiles. Very good builds

Shahiru Perera says:

Can you make a pure gouki deck utilizing the gouki link monsters? I made one myself with some spicy techs in there, but i would love to see your take on the deck, and what cards you play

Yusei Fudo says:

Will you showcase any different variants of ninja decks?

Minh Le says:

can I buy your deck?

Duke Desperado says:

What would be a proper substitute for the World Legacy Successions if we’re playing on a budget?

ryushura says:

Sam will there be a video of you on ygopro playing this deck

Frank Pagan says:

What do you think about Apex Avian? It’s pretty neat and versatile. You have the flexibility of negating a card or effect and if you can successfully loop transformation and recur it back from grave with hidden village, you can continue to summon apex avian and give your opponent a rough time. Something I’m trying out.

Hayden Muse says:

Idk about not playing Twilight Ninja Jogen in this. He can be a free summon a lot of the time and he is searchable with Hanzo. Gives you access to Tomahawk which is awesome.

Kwu says:

Why no Twilight Ninja Jogen?

vincent darmon says:

question : if i use Ninjustu Art of Sealing on a monster extra zone, and if i do not control a monster in the other extra zone, can my oppenent use it or not ??

Younes Ak says:

What about summon limit and rivalry?

Joseph Tate says:

GO NINJA!!!!!!!!!!, to bad I traded away all of my ninjas to a guy I haven’t talked to in 8 years

Arc says:

Sam, by any chance you can do like an updated red-eyes deck profile?

The Gear says:

TheCaliEffect made a better deck

Ebsel Pizarro says:

Sam also I use you profile as example, I just move few card and put 2 Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician and believe me, you can lockdown your opponent for playing Yu-gi Oh! at all!!! Just try it

Adam Smith says:

can yo udo a raid raptor deck

Dkd Forlife says:

and ive been playing around with a lair of darkness build because you can special Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair off super trans and then u can ss it from grave if you activate another ninjitsu art cus you have to tribute a ninja

Orivion YGO! says:

link spider for what?

Oli Briggs says:

Yess Team Sam – urai! been waiting for this!

Yung Devil says:

U got the same voice as xxxtentacion

Jonathan Ashby says:

I think duplication needs to be put in for tribing the twilight ninja

lobopumpchainsavage says:

Link climb

Taylor Burdeau says:

Thank you.

shadowdraqon says:

how the hell is Red eyes darkness metal still at 1 when the twilight shogun ninja can summon 2 ninjas, essentially a better version of REDMD. and its at 3.

Dkd Forlife says:

you can run the wind ninjas or droll and lock bird to put a wind in your grave in case you hard draw simorgh you can still ss it with its eff

Only my Smartphone Account says:

I like ninjas, didn’t know there was a Ninja deck theme. Is that new?

JustAnotherOtaku says:

Blackwing Deck Profile

GokuGMD says:

Perfect timing, I was looking on YouTube for ninja decks

minicooper says:

9:05 “Link 4 XYZ”

This guy lives in the future.

Bryam Raul Ramos Figueroa says:

I live ninja deck and I want it



Parker Ray says:

Is there a Cyber Dragon Sky Striker deck in the future? Would love to see your take on the BEST way to run the deck!

joshua ellison says:

Make a play test video

Ice Hurricane Gaming says:

Can you do dragunity deck profile soon sam? I’ve been waiting for years for the deck to get more cards now I need a nice build to run the deck.

Denver Detary says:

This is it chief

Shahiru Perera says:

Honestly love your ending music, sweet deck profile bro!

Frostibites says:

Hey Sam could you do a Lair of Darkness/Card of demise build? Maybe aim it towards milling using grinning grave virus?

E-Star99 says:

Yellow Ninja, Ninja Granmaster Saizo and Hidden Village of Ninjitsu Arts are not in Yu-Gi-Oh Nexus.
I need help building a Tier 1 Ninja deck.

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