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#YuGiOh! #NewZombieHorde #ZombieWorldDeckProfile


Skyler Bussure says:

No malicious?!? Da eff?

dani oz says:

Came for the deck profile, stayed for the HD Audio

Matthew Mallon says:

Why didn’t you add at least 1 pyramid turtle

Nevermind2be says:

Liking the new Danger! deck with a small zombie engine

Jimmy sama says:

What’s the point of playing a different deck and having the same outcome?Gouki,Mermails,Ninjas ect…

CHEFoida says:

this is basically a worse danger deck
look at Yugioh’s nice-guy deck profile to Balerdroch turbo, seems really good !https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqF9tnys7R8

Uganda Knuckles says:

Can you make a “only zombie”-deck profile

Neji1402 says:

15 Danger! Cards. This is not my Zombie Deck!

Fuchsi MK says:

please a full zombie deck without links.
greetings from austria

Rejean Brown says:

Danger zombies lol sam and Jeff are team #banfirewall

Sambo Official says:

there’s one thing with this combo that baffles me, are the effects of the knightmare cards only on summon for their discard to pop and draw or are they a once per turn as iv been told I can only use the effect on summon

Chaos Amv says:


Adrian Coutto says:


Matthew Marlin says:

from budget deck to wallet burner. I was excited to get back into yugioh with the zombie deck but I won’t buy pieces of cardboard that will make a dent in my bank account.

Pablo Olan says:

Disrespected the card by calling it a farfa eww where does it say till the end of the turn

Sam May says:

Let’s face it. This is a Danger deck with zombies teched in.

RetroBonesMA says:

But Solitaire is a hard once per turn…

Conker The Squirrel says:

This isn’t a zombie deck it’s just Dangers with zombies filling the void. Thumbs down.

Blake Parthenay says:

Thanks for the deck man! Been looking forward to this one!

MST International says:

I would recommend dark grepher

Uchiha Shinobi1 says:

More like danger! Zombies to be man, nothing new, just another way to extralink

lasterman says:

Wow, a danger deck featuring some zombies, it’s dope!

Tom Groeneveld says:

nice profile!, can you make vampire zombie world version with the new zombie world set 😀

Jerico Méndez says:


reeaz alli says:

Not really the structure deck jus a lot of other staples

Agent Tequila says:

this deck sucks bro

Yobani Romero says:

Anyone thinking about making zombie goukis, I think it could be a good alternative to using dangers, since it’s more budget friendly, but as consistent?

ewelyn ewelynnn says:


Sproxxii says:

that’s amazing

Kenneth Somnel says:

Sound and vid quality is great, kinda sad to see a danger engine. Kinda hoping on a rivalry of warlords or a different stun deck mechanic.

Luca Toffa says:

Are all the danger! Cards so expensive? Or some of them are cheaper?

Adam Justice says:

Love this profile for sure.

Rumiii plaes says:

Why don´ t you casuals don´t understand that Sam´s deckprofiles are for competitive plays ?
If you are looking for “Pure Zombies” then there is plenty of casual 300 views youtubers out there.

Dark Pyrez97 says:

So this is a Zombie deck, though technically Zombie Danger!

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