Marcel Martos says:


Sirro Minus says:

Are engines called engines because the engine is what gets the deck running?

Andre Gounden says:

The amount of iblees I had to pop with diagram at South African nationals sigh

Brendan O'Brien says:

This deck could top a ycs right? Just unlikely?

guynamedjoeFTW says:

Pendulums aren’t completely dead, they have started to find new ways to become more playable.

Ramon Arguello says:

barely a shaddoll deck lol

Benjamin Rathbone says:

True King Dinos next? 🙂

나호연 says:

Sam.. i love all of your video..but its too much of dino deck..

DarTOFC says:

Can you make an updated Dark Magician

Chucky's Second Son says:

D/D/D deck update plz

toastbrot jonny says:

Cqn you make a Skyfang Deck Profile?

KatonGaming says:

10$ says ours is better https://youtu.be/sD1J4WfYX9g
Sure it was last format…but you can totally make the changes

Joao Gabriel says:

Mind control the best card

Leon Papadopoulos says:

is it my maths or is the deck 41 cards?

Nicholas Farmer says:

Dude can you slow the hell down, please?

Austen Johnston says:

Can we still get the true king profile!

Kirk Reinoso says:

New abc deck update? Abc/ojama?

Haud Dubius says:

Is this a bad time to bust the bank for ash blossom then? I do have droll and lock bird and ghost ogre playset, so many decks seem to be playing so I thought I’d splash out on an ash blossom playset

DarkArmedDuelist says:

I really don’t see the point in main deck ghost reaper, drop those for falco and a second hedgehog. You can do so much with a 5 monster shaddoll engine.

Nero says:

Nice shaddoll ratio, but you should play two dragons. Send dragon and Hedgehog off fusion, pop a backrow, then UTC effect pop dragon in hand, pop another back row.

Nero says:

Don’t think I would ever main Cherries. Side, of course, but you might not have the right cards for your match up.

Marwane Chaoui says:

Not good for shadoll the best is 2/3dragon shadd and 1 hedgehog shadd…

Gabe Hasan says:

Can we get an updated ABC Knightmare deck profile?

Μιχάλης Φραγκιαδάκης says:

Teamsixsamurai plz make a SIX SAMURAI updated true draco version

Noel Sanchez says:

The vampire deck sam

Duel Master says:

Where that lair of dark magicians deck profile at Sam?

Elvisumpex 99 says:

Thank you so much Sam, that you produce so many videos while you are in Bankog! Best Man!

Elvis Salgado says:

Yo sam! Can we see an updated Galaxy Eyes/Photon deck. For the current format. Hope you’re having a great positive day bro. All love from NY.

Firespawnie says:

Good try.I think the deck can get a bit better.Instead of shaddolls in my deck i use more handtraps(9-15 depending on the matchup) that really help you with pills.And i still play jurrac aeolo to bring chanbara for Otks. I think this is a must for a dino deck.


Nice vídeo can you do a deck profile of gouki please and you can give me a típ please I’m New

Milko says:

Excelent!!! Gem-knight post ban!! plz!!! xD

amador2694 says:

Make an odd eyes deck!

SoulEater says:

can i order the playmat from bulgaria ? pls answer sam

Raffael G says:

Please everyones, remove Electrumite as a Reaper target. So that the real Pend player can play at full power and win everything

DarTOFC says:


Conor Murphy says:

Ah, the two things I hate the most in one deck.

Aldo Xhemollari says:

What about impermanence either main/side?

Nico 》 says:

I dont really get why you should play 3 conductor tyrannos. You dont really want/need to hard draw him, because you are able to search him with oviraptor or special summon him from the deck with double evolution pill

PKMandi says:

Teamsamurai i am not inglish native and sometimes i have problems to see the name of the cards, because the glitther or the protector plastic for example.
Could you do a list with the cards of the deck in the description?pls

Phelipe de Souza Kreuch says:

Sorry, but as you invoke the ABC this deck???????

chibi itachi says:

Nice Video can you do a Abc Deck Profil pls?

Seto Kaiba555 says:

Do a video on how to beat true draco for budget players

Jiyang shi says:

Is there any more deck profiles besides dinos, pendulums or whatever i have seen too much of the same decks u had posted

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