Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Revelation Vol. 1 Pack Opening x10 – Definitely NOT Scaled!!!

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Sir Grim Locksmith VIII says:

Damn that was one hell of an opening.

Jay Upadhya says:

Next upload Extreme Force Special Edition opening videos they have the reprinted old cards as Promo cards

Aaron Gomez says:

Nostalgic pulls!!!!!

Gabriel Granados says:

Awesome pulls right there! So nostalgic the opening of these packs!
Thanks for sharing this video my friend!
*Greetings from Costa Rica!*

John B aka Smooth Chocolate says:

If your deck is built around elemental heroes and you have a Necroshade in your grave, Necrovalley can’t stop you from summoning an elemental from your hand during that one and only time. Of course there’s always MST and casting another field spell.

NickyOSRS says:


The_Not_So_Amazing_Ray-Man says:

great opening! a playset of wave motions is always nice!

Ruvik97 says:

i enjoyed this video

Sean Griffin says:

“ultras are really stingy – WOOOoooooow breaker” (ultra) looool.

Andrew Bear says:

Why does old school expert act like he doesn’t scale these packs before making these videos xD “I’m 100% sure these are scaled and there’s no foils in here”

Just Yugioh says:

Hey guys! Subscribe to my Yugioh channel! I want to open a lot of stuff in the future! Thanks 😀

Jesse Anderson says:

“Ultra rares are really stingy—”

*pulls an ultra rare*

Yu-Gi-Old! says:


Bee Movie says:

how much did you pay a pack. wave motion is like $5

Thethird321321321 says:

Do you have a Facebook page?

Future IzNow says:

Why does this guy always gotta talk about scaling? SimplyUnlucky and cyberknight just open a lot of shit and have fun, this guy seems to solely open for the money. He just seems shady to me idk

John B aka Smooth Chocolate says:

Dark Revelation has always been a pretty nice collaboration of cards, and true, the commons do seem to be more potent than foils some of the time.

Sir Disney says:

what amazes me is there are still so many old school packs out there even though they dont make them anymore

The KonamiCrew says:

awesome pulls brotha!!!

David Dodge says:

Not Scaled. “I just scaled and looked for the heaviest”

merbi says:

Probably my most opened set back in the day because it has so many great cards. Great video.

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