Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Saviors Booster Box Opening!

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Dark Saviors is the newest set released in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG! Today I’ll be opening and unboxing a booster box of Dark Saviors! Let me know what cards YOU want from this new set!

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seraphxl18 says:

I wish I could fucking bomb komoney offices and kill everyone

NoNameMcGuie says:

I’ve watched a couple openings of this to check out the ratios and for some reason nobody knows how to pronounce Fraulein lol

Dylan Reddish says:

Most likely a stupid question but, why are all the cards shiny?

jimmy jones says:

me and my friends made a yugioh server feel free to join https://discord.gg/Ukmjwj

Brian Yao says:

Imagine at the end he gets another magical citadel

Thomas Opsal says:

While I didn’t plus too hard I got a box that was misspackaged, 6 cards per pack instead of 5, 5 supers and 1 secret per pack, it was nice.

UchihaItachi1986 says:

I mainly prioritize Dragon Ball Super over Yugioh, but July is gonna give me a tough choice. The series 4 DBS booster pack is coming out, but so is Cybernetic Horizon and Cyber Dragons have been my deck since they came out. Speaking of which, with all of the new Cyber Dragon support coming out, it’d be nice if Konami reprinted Galaxy Soldier.

Austin Kyle says:

Hey guys, almost dzeef here, just opening up some pack on this non pack opening channel

Alex Phung says:

Yo cimooo I pull 3 engage in 5 packs today
I like ur pulls dude !!!

Corbin Kendall says:

Sky strikers remind me of spell books.

TCG Expedition says:

I’m playing Mystic Tomato in 2018.

cbpprophet says:

i just opened my box this morning and got no engage or widowmaker…but i got 2 Beat bladesmen for, sorry i meant “FUR hire”.

Bilal karim says:

“Mid summer Halloween” I definitely did not take Shakespeare’s credit,

Noel Guzman says:

DMAN the art on these Vampire cards are amazing!!!

HurtboxCardsTV says:

Man I feel lucky cause in 4 boxes I pulled quite a lot of shortprinted cards.

DomoKilla says:

*Mystic Tomato… pass*


pastazmajonezo says:

15$ Multirole?!!! 10$ Jamming wave!?!! guess I’m moving to America, here in Europe they’re like 1 buck each lol

Anthony Cantos says:

Nyhmnin pulls an engage last night now you pull one today??!! Konami is being hella generous lol

Andrew Goaring says:

Damn Dzeeff needs to up his pack opening game by opening 3 engages and then not acting excited because he already had a play set.

jos fonse says:


Zera Dracone says:

got two boxes. Opened 1 engage, 4 jamming, 4 multiroll.

Michael Rowand says:

I wanna buy a box because I wanna build a Vampire Deck would I be able to get everything I need in this box?

Resident Evil Ambition says:

Are you looking to sell/trade the vampire stuff?

kossur10 says:

I just bought it just for the new vampire stuff I just need vampire sucker so the deck doesn’t suck

Sean Johnson says:

So, I ordered a booster box on tcg player of this set but I have zero patience so I decided to go to Walmart and buy some packs while I wait for it to arrive, they didn’t have it. I went to Target, they didn’t have it. I then went to Meijer and alas, they did not have it. Are they just slow on getting inventory out or am I missing something?

Angry Pineapple says:

I’m only buying for the fur hire cards and that rare sky striker card, because I love field flood spam……. and am a furry degenerate

IyoMaestro says:

Can somebody please tell me whats the name of that track at the endcard?

Kara Scott says:

The BEST box opening!! Too bad The Fur Hire trap and Magic Citedel ruined it. Lol

Jimmy Ha says:

this man’s luck is through the roof. I don’t think I have ever seen him NOT pull a chase card. I don’t think I’ve ever pulled a chase card from any box XD

fluff dafire says:

Fur hire hypu

msquared016 says:

i just managed to pull widow anchor, afterburner and engage out of 1 box. FKING CHEERING. that box also had 4 fraulan (or however u spell her name) and 3 dyna, that was kinda the let down of the box.

White American Male says:

Cimo you fucking faggot

hanielbomb says:

Congrats simon. Your hands were shaking

GalacticSheep says:

I just took your advice and bought singles. Got 3 copies of scapegoat for less than $1 each.

TheflamingWol f says:

What are these reprints ? Tomato, Horn of phantom beasts and fucking spellcounter support

Miguel Ramos says:

Anybody else noticed they changed vampire koala to bampiric koala

Nero says:

Strikers are low end Tier 1 at best. Everyone calm down.

Cardy says:

Vampire Fraulein is german, but the A should have been Ä. Fraulein can be translated as “miss”/young lady/mademoiselle but with “Ä” Fraulein is written correct -> Fräulein

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