Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Saviors BOX OPENING!! *NEW!* Sky Strikers, Fur Hire, and Vampires!!

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Cardy says:

Can’t wait to see all the bad german translations 😀

Searchman212 says:

Just wait for the *best* box opening later on today

Zechariah McRoberts says:

sky striker are very splashible even in zodiac

jos fonse says:


Dank-Eyes Meme Dragon says:

Awesome intro

Coach Feratu says:

stop stealing teamsamurai’s thumbnail style fag

Morgan Johnson says:

I like the old box opening with box boy 69

default 1990 says:

Will there not be a deck only with fur hire monsters?

Nemanja Cvijancevic says:

I‘m hyped for august since I want to play spellbook/invoked/brandish when aleister the meltdown invoker comes out

Cardy says:

Can you tell me the name of your camera? 😀

Onur Ahmed says:

Waiting for vampire deck profile

Haruhiro Grimgar says:

Wait I thought this was not a pack opening Channel unlike Dzeef’s. Did he convert you while you graced his channel with your presence?

But tbh I am not too excited about this set since I am a filthy locals B-wing player and I just want my new boss monster + Whirlwind searcher. Other than that Brandish are looking a bit too pricey for a casual waifu battle unfortunately.

ChaoticReverse 999 says:

Vampire are better than the banlist material

The Detective says:

I’m happy they reprinted The magical citadel because the commons were like five dollars

TundraL5Z says:

Furry agenda in full swing, we will soon all be masturbating to furry pr0n yey

Kevin Streeter says:

High speed riders was not an all foil set sir

Loco says:

I want the Vampire stuff. All of it.

Kirin Typh says:

These look complete flames, but I might stick to Mermails. Vampires are one of my favorite decks, but they are not good. I might play Brandish, and im definitely going to try out Fur Hire with its witty wordplay.

Dipper Duelist says:

So Konami invented problem solving card text to create a standard to avoid confusion while playing and then they completely ignore it to make puns for some furries…

Gucci Gustavo says:

Vamps > furries

Lord Diabolos says:

I love the fur hire cards they’re cool

Canadian KKK says:

Did you get that widow MAKER?

Cardy says:

Oh you pulled widowmaker? I only pulled Torbjörn. #OW #OWTheCardgame

WHITEFALL Productions says:

lmaooo not the salt lick

Bruce Duy says:

I don’t want Nyhmnim do a box opening, i want boxboy33

WintryGnu says:

This set consists of Overpriced, short-printed and broken Waifus, Furries and Filler

Jake Peyton says:

isnt 6 copies per case the definition of a short print?

LassyPlz says:

I want to play Sky Strikers but I looked at my wallet and it physically laughed at me before walking away.

Lorens4444 says:

I actually managed to pull 2 engages, 2 multirole and 1 widow from 1 box. Are they really short printed?

Dark Duelists TCG says:

I was sure the last card was a mokey mokey.

Will C. says:

dope set

Andrew Armstrong says:

I swear you got the best music in your intro’s

Anthony Cantos says:

Aayyee very engaging

Matt Smithers says:

the fur hire thing is kinda cool but i think i prefer sky fang brigade as a name

Team Spice Rack says:

I wanna play Skystiker Fur Hire.

Cardy says:

Vampire and Fur Hire seem interesting to me. skystriker is a little too expensive

Westin Mcclister says:

High speed riders was not an all foil set

Mugon Gaiaphage says:

Nice man, gotta get used to your hair still tbh :3

Team Scrublife Gaming says:


I Main Puff says:

Poor returning players, getting back into the game and hearing left and right “oh yeah sky strikers ? Very reminiscent of spellbook of judgement and zoodiac”

Cory N says:

My mistake, I thought I was clicking on a BoxBoi33 video. I didn’t know that Nyhmnim opened packs. I enjoy it.

Lunar's Tales says:

I’m gonna become a yugioh player “Fur Hire”

AnimeKnight99 says:


cristian stefan Mitca says:

Vampires are the highlight if you ask me.

yukureimu says:

I don’t need my soul for a playset of each short printed card right?

Harry Pajaron says:

A pack opening channel?

BeyondTheCurse says:

Not a pack opening channel XD

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