Yu-Gi-Oh Dec 2018 Banlist Review! Konami Bans Firewall! What’s Next?

The Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Forbidden & Limited List was updated today and Firewall Dragon is finally banned! Plus, a few other cards like Armageddon Knight and Destiny Hero – Malicious were hit. We also got back Kozmo – Dark Destroyer, A-Assault Core, and Called by the Grave. Not a very exciting banlist, but a pretty effective one. Here are my thoughts.


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TheDeliciousMystery says:

Shout to the only person not making a screaming, head on hands clickbait reaction for the thumbnail.

Brandon Mcdonald says:

Nice set up. 10/10

Breno Ribeiro says:

Just play duel links broo. And Keep Relax about that

Thelegendarymario says:

I finally got back my a assault core so now I can finally play my abc deck again

dyldragon1 says:

Hopefully Gumblar, Isolde and Summon Sorc

Blue-eyes Channel says:

i think your ftk police video just became accurate

Corbin Kendall says:

The yugioh gods have spoken. Yay!!

DynamoDuskull says:

I literally just FINALLY built my Destiny HERO deck IRL after years of putting it off.
And less than a month later Mali gets Semi. I’m a little triggered tbh.

Michael Pinches says:

My friend finally got three copies of firewall, then I told him he was banned, he is face was priceless, and I worship konami for giving my a-assult core back to three, it really helped bc I don’t have that many gud cards to substitute it

ShoutLatios says:

Who’s that dude in the back!? Also why was Firewall Dragon so broken it was banned?

AndroXx PC says:

Good thing i waited for the banlist before I ordered firewall lol

Rob Winterbottom says:

The stand-out scenario they probably ran is probably the reason you laid off for a couple of months; no one wants to get FTK’d all day, then leave feeling like they’ve made a bad decision.

DexterityYT says:

Best banlist this year. I literally just finished building HEROs so Malicious and Armageddon Knight kinda hurts, but honestly not that much so again 10/10 banlist.

Team APS says:

Thank you Konami, very cool!

marks3684 says:

Also Summon Sorceress might get banned in next format. My guess is that Summon Sorceress wasn’t banned in this format cause she wasn’t available in Europe.

Sharif Abdelal says:

I mean look. Yes it’s a “small” list in terms of card pool. But Dark Warrior FTK was annoying as fuck and Firewall Dragon is a card that is used by Gouki, Trickstar and a lot of other decks.

I’m actually glad they did not hit much else. Firewall Dragon getting banned is meta defining. With Firewall gone, it’s hard to tell what decks would be on top, so it’s hitting other cards well… it wouldn’t be fair. Yes Sky Striker is the best deck, but Sky Striker is pretty fair to play against overall, it’s a great deck but it’s one that lets the opponent play, which cannot be said for Gouki extra links and the FTK decks. I would have liked them to also ban Soul Absorbing Bone Tower and the Cannon soldiers but… well, that’s okay. The elephant in the room has been addressed. All the list is for is to hit problem cards.

I would’ve also liked more move ups but realistically other than Shurit and Construct what are they gonna release? Double Iris? (my wishlist) They freed A Assault Core, so yknow, and the next one should release sometime in late January or after Savage Strike, and that list will likely do more.

NeRdYoYo says:

@Team APS, on the video you had made for side cards to side against for the meta, would the list still be the same post banlist, in your opinion?

DBZD says:

4:00 Paul just trying so hard not to say I was done with yugioh because of this Komoney link bullshit

Jorge Castro says:

I was so focus on you that I didn’t even the notice the guy in the background- that how captivating you sound when you talk!

Chi Sasa says:

Well, infinite loops that cause dumb FTKs SHOULD be banned. Any of them not just Meta Strategies.

Wolf Man says:

YES!! FIREWALL is DEAD! Now that the Problem Child is gone, we need some things to come off the ban list and help make this game FUN again.
Heavy Storm & Pot of Greed returning to the game would be a Very Good Start!

jw trujillo says:

When you run nothing but dark decks and now you are fucked

Yusei255 says:

Firewall needed to go anyway

KingRanger says:

I am still trying to understand what’s with all these crybabies wanted to ban Firewall Dragon, “it’s unfair”, “infinite loop summon” etc. If that was too OP then how come NONE of those decks that abused Firewall Dragon did not win regionals etc…and guess what, those players did not even had Firewall Dragon in their extra decks. Firewall Dragon was not such a big deal. I find myself that Borreload and Borrelsword are much more powerful cards than Firewall Dragon but hey. Konami USA banned Firewall Dragon because of the “infinite” complaints from players. Nothing more. This is how the banlist was created in the first place.

rana varghese says:

Red eyes metal flare dragon FTK deck doesn’t need firewall …

Akira2805 says:

I remember a time long ago where Cyber Dragon went to 2 for a while.

Meinhard Bienst says:


shakeweller says:

What’s so bad about Nr.86? I think it’s fair

Kind Karma says:

Ban fuckin fur hires please

Anneka says:

I’m still salty about the fact Ancient Fairy Dragon got banned but hey at least firewall got rekt ngl

marks3684 says:

And also, the reason why Sky Strikers didn’t got hit in this format was mostly likely due to them starting to lose steam and that they and Burning Abyss are not causing so much problems for the TCG meta to the point of becoming cancerous as hell (see every other decks out there that were floodgates, Extra Linking or FTKs). They and Burning Abyss were the most fair decks in the TCG meta this year. If possible, the Brandish Maidens might get hit in the next format

Berlin Glasgow says:

Paul let us know what you will be playing competitively. I loved APS deck profiles they all felt original and not cookie cutter lists. idgaf if the deck has a regional top or not

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