Yu Gi Oh! Duel Disk Battle City REVIEW

This is the first model (1996) Of the Battle city duel disk from Yu-Gi-Oh Season 2.

Functional Properties:
-Deck holder: 50-69 Cards
-Card spaces and slots: 5
-Graveyard: 25 Cards
-Light up Display (Powered by AG13 Batteries.


Sykoangelo says:

this is not from 1996 you moron

Chano Tu Do says:

Độc lũ ngu

James Hamilton says:

what about the extra deck

Douglas Nysether says:

last button doesn’t work because your lp can only end in a zero. unless you play ra’s cartoon ability

JoeyDaOwl says:

ik this is SUPER late

But normally you never chage the last number of your LP during play almost ever so I dont think it matters

Erick R. says:

da fuck that was real?¡¡
i used to watch yu gi oh when i was 12 now im 23 and i dont believe that was real¡¡¡

Dexter thoma says:

Do you still collect toys and that makes you awesome


Where you buy it

JimTheAssassin says:

you forgot the coolest part where you pressed the button and it would assemble if you dont know there is a button on the bottom and you can kind of pull the card disk and it will go to its former form just like in the anime (i dont know if i make any sense but i know that i do in some way cause i owned the thing and all of them actually)

Steli Martinov says:

Where I can buy it

Keith says:

Who the hell cares if you’re 17 this ‘toy’ is a legend

liên minh mobile says:

hello what do name


i got a 16min add fuck even trying to watch this video and fuck youtube

Bertin Arellano says:

The last lp number is always0

tyler durton says:

The reason the last number doesn’t work is because most duel monsters and effects deal damage in multiples of 100

Mc- Aly G says:

It’s my dream to compete in a yugioh tournament but I need to update my deck fist

90shadowlink says:

Fun fact the second season of yugioh wasnt untill 2001.

BassBoosted says:

How should i use my pandelum Monsters 🙁

Ferdous Sohel says:

where did you get it


Where did you get the Yugioh Duello disk?

Cody Gamin says:


solivarez31nightmare says:

I still have mine

henrykikmkmnk griffiths KkkkMy says:

I have this and the dark coloured version. Roughly how much would they be worth together if in ” all right condition” considering they’re a pair?

DJ Blicky says:

Sad cunt is all I have to say

xbon1 says:

that thing really scuffed up your cards mane.

Dragonsama Deviant says:

That looks convincing

Paul Pugh says:

we have the technology they need to make it were its just like the show so we can do actual battles that arnt just boring cards laying down

Rodney Christensen says:

I’m 19 And I still like Yu-Gi-Oh and play it and collect the cards and I have 2 of those duel disks already

Mokuba says:

Why don’t I get any credit for the duel disk, not fair!

Sdgtdp says:

If only they made these with card sleeves in mind. (sigh)

Héctor Jáuregui Morales says:

there is no way to fix the last button?

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