Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Skills in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG?!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Speed Duels will soon be playable in the physical Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG! While Speed Duels and the standard TCG have their differences, today I wanted to discuss the possibility of the TCG incorporating Duel Skills, and the impact it would have on the game!

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giraton1 says:

I don’t think these should be put right into the regular TCG, atleast not as an immediate addition to the game but rather its own format. Fine with such a thing solely being put in this speed duel format, but if that’s a restricted card pool like duel links is, it might miss out on cool stuff happening, but then again if they do it to speed duels players can always just take them and plop them onto regular duels. I do think that the skills have to be free to be errated, just like duel links, cause if these skills can’t be changed and they go wrong then they might have to be banned, and I think they should just be warrant to change via errata, especially since they don’t have to be strict on how they print skill cards like they do for any other card.

Magic Clan says:

Destiny draw skill isn’t fair in TCG use soul charge or hero lives or solemn warning and then on your next turn benefit from losing life

Goosey Q. says:

It will be great to have skills in the trading card game. The skills along with the ban list can help balance out the problems that may arise.
Ex. You’re able to play one card from the banned list as if it wasn’t banned.

Cimoooooooo says:

One additional point: I never intended to copy the EXACT functionality of the Skills from Duel Links into the TCG. This was a creative exercise to see what a TCG with Duel Skills would look like.

Navarog 1 says:

There is a skill in Duell Links which allows you to see the top card of every players Deck for the first five turns @Cimoooooooo

WyspreeBlue says:

Restart should definitely be in the TCG.

Sohaf Khan says:

There’s this one skill in duel links called Endless Trap Hell which would be really good for Trap reliant decks like Paleozoics

Rinkamime says:


Cimo, my dude. They’re called Dark Lords xD Learn about them.

I also kinda like the idea of using this for Vampires to, kinda.

zephiro l says:

have you thought about doing videos where you have one of your viewers post a video of their cards and you go through them to let them know what hidden gems they have?

Seth Sicarius says:

The skill you’re describing in Aroma Strategy is a completely different skill, Prescience. That one works on both decks, but only for the first 5 turns (each player’s turn, so 2-3 of yours total). Its also good for knowing your opponent’s deck before they even start their turn.

Nekroz of Registeel says:

I really like this video, but I do wish you included or at least mentioned the restrictions and activation conditions of the skills. The balancing elements of these skills could be an interesting thing to discuss as well, imo.
Life Cost 0 needs you to be at 1000 LP or lower (which would be 2000 in tcg I guess), Restart makes you draw one card less than you shuffled back, Mind Scan works from turn 3 and onward and needs you to be at 3k lp or higher (which would translate to 6k in tcg).

I think especially with Cost 0 this would be interesting because maybe you’d do they same they do in duel links which is to use a bunch of high cost cards to lower your LP so you can spam things cyber stein for free for example.
And with Restart it adds the dynamic of, if your hand is just mediocre, is it still worth shuffling back? Since that is a neg 1.

Great video and idea though!
I can see why you’d mainly just want to talk about the effect or general idea of the effect itself, since the activation requirements/conditions would probably be adjusted differently for the tcg.
Maybe you could mention that you’re doing this at the start of a video like this?
Keep up the good work 🙂

Gree s says:

Life point cost 0 can’t be used until the player is bellow 1000 life points

Javier Gallego says:

I just hope skills never arrive to the tcg

Hao Qin says:

Duel Link comin’ to TCG…

Start a duel.
*I’ll pulverize you!*

9600dc says:

Really interesting thought. I would like to hear Cimoooooooo discuss Duel Links’ banlist format into the TCG.

Zerato Lizardra says:

I’d probably actually quit playing if anything from duel links has anything to do with the TCG/OCG

tears falling says:

I am playing DL and want to get in the TCG, so please, no skills in TCG, just in speed duels…

Mythril JoJo says:

Just to add some things, some of these skills have been changed to be less overpowered. Restart was nerfed twice in Duel Links so that you had to reveal your starting hand before drawing a new one and now you can’t get your first Draw Phase if used. Life Cost 0 like many may have pointed out is only activateable below 1000 LP. Mind Scan is only active when you have over 3000 Life points and was nerfed so it didn’t activate before Turn 3. Destiny Draw didn’t exactly need you to be in a losing position. You just needed to lose 2000 lp to activate. Beatdown got a very recent nerf that says that only the high Level monsters could gain the attack boost. Grit is only activateable when your lp are above 4000 now. Before it was a random chance being better the lp you had at the start of the turn. There was also another good skill called Balance that was nerfed twice cause the first time, it allowed players to have a starting hand that reflects their Deck Build. Just wanted to point this out for more clarity how much it actually takes to activate them. Nice video still. Some other skills that could be interesting to see would be Last Gamble which after turn 5 lets you discard 2 cards, pay all life points except 100 and then lets you roll a die. Depending on what you rolled, you draw that many cards. There are also new skills like Zane’s Exclusive Cyber Style which “plays” a Proto Cyber Dragon for every 1000 lp you lose. Imagine the link plays you could do for free. Imagine how strong Cyber Dragons could be having up to 5 free protos on the field.

vukodlakmerlo says:

I’m not trying to be the hater subscriber, but duel links skills do not work like that, I can see that you do not play the game, almost every skill has its own restrictions, you are discussing as none of them have a restriction, I hope that you inform yourself more and look for the more recent versions of the skills. I enjoy your content, don’t get me wrong, but this discussion is not valid for me

Christopher Fuß says:

Hm, Skills int he real game would be very interesting. But how to go about them. Maybe link a skill to a particular deck? So lets say you play Goki Knightmare, each one of those two decks would have a skill linked to it and the player would have to decide which skill they want to use. In addition there would be more generic skills like in the anime for example double draw, the skill the knights used, which allowed the player to draw two cards instead of one during their draw phase, but that could be a little too good.

mike ennis says:

#deckmasters from the show come on

Mohammed .F says:

“Life cost 0” Cyber Stein is a thing in duel links and it’s really satisfying when you do it..
But in order to activate the skill your LP must be under 1000 and then hope that your opponent will not negate stein’s affect

Ricardator 10 says:

Hummm zombie world from the beginning

GodzillaFreak says:

I thought skills meant player skill.

Tony Ike says:

Mind Scan from what I can remember in Duel links your life has to be 3000 or higher so in the TCG maybe 6000 or higher.

Tolmes Holmes says:

Haa, going into time in duel links

NormalNinja says:

If you ever do another video on Duel Links skills on the TCG, you could talk about some other skills that aren’t as “generic” as the ones you mentioned. Here are some of the top of my head (i’ll be writing the exact Duel Links effects, you then cam modify them as you feel like to be fair and balanced in a TCC environment):

> Endless Trap Hell – if you have 3 or more Traps in the GY, add one random trap to your hand and shuffle the rest into the deck. Though its effectiveness depends of the deck using it, it is a free +1 and recycles everything in a way. Altergeist, i.e., would have a field day.

> Transcedent Crystals – discard up to two cards from your hand and place the same number of Crystal Beasts in your Spell/Trap zone as Continuous Spells. Although this sounds really specific, the ability to “freely” get GY setup and to get the GY effects of some cards at the cost of some Garnets might sound pretty attractive to a lot of people. And you can even capitalize on the Crystal Beasts in the S/T zone with cards like Rare Value to draw 2 or Crystal Raigeki to just pop a card (though that would be even more Garnets)

> Sealed Tombs – until the end of your opponent’s next turn, neither player can banish cards from the GY or Special Summon monsters from the GY. In a nutshell, until your opponent’s End Phase apply a smaller Necrovalley on the field. Great potential to stop comebacks (and notice that in Duel Links you can’t chain cards to Skill activations).

> Fiend Farewell – each time your LP reduce by 1000, you can send one random Fiend monster from your deck to the GY. Basicly a “free” Foolish Burial for Fiend decks like B.A. Being a random monster kinda sucks but it might just turn the tides of the duel.

> Last Gamble – can only be activated after the 5th turn of the duel. Discard two cards, reduce your LP to 100, roll a dice and draw cards equal to the result. The game kinda is to fast at this point to wait until the 5th turn and it being dice based isn’t the most attractive thing in the world but it gives you GY setup and can potentially draw you the final combo pieces you’re in need of. Risky but stupid fun.

> Cyber Style – for every 1000 LP your LP are below 4000 LP, place the same number of Proto Cyber Dragons on the field. This skill screams “LINK SUMMONING”.

Really liked the video and would love to see other videos like this one!

Alessandro Mazzacani says:

Aroma strategy True name would be a thing. Free +1 searching for Obelisk or Sphere Mode is pretty damn good.

Jason Clark says:

Have D/D/D Rebel King Leonidas in your hand.

Kamil Kurzawa says:

what about skils from anime video ?


I believe in the heart of the cards. DORO

Melodic says:

I think a Mulligan would be cool. They could do something like Magic and make it so you redraw your hand -1 cards.

Tom Franck says:

Might be a good idea to keep to implement this as a completely seperate formate, maybe even with it’s own tournaments. Just making it a general thing throuout the entire game might be a bit much.

Oshony says:

Destiny draw requires you to be losing? If u have 8k LP and u pop a solemn (insert relevant trap) you can easily activate this skill.

McMisterHD says:

Action Cards in YuGiOh

albirieo says:

Last Gamble is still really broken.

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