Yu-Gi-Oh! February 2018 Banlist Review!

We finally got a new updated Forbidden & Limited List for the TCG. It starts on February 5th and is the BIGGEST banlist in a long time. No more SPYRALs? No more Pendulum Magicians? Monster Reborn and Solemn Judgment are back?! This is INSANE! Here are my thoughts!

Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow
Double Iris Magician
Level Eater
Maxx “C”
Performapal Skullcrobat Joker

Apoqliphort Towers
Grinder Golem
Performage Damage Juggler
Firewall Dragon
Monster Reborn
Solemn Judgment

-No Changes-

Artifact Moralltach
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
Card Trooper
Thunder King Rai-Oh
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Brain Control
El Shaddoll Fusion
Future Fusion
Mind Control
Preparation of Rites
Bottomless Trap Hole
Ojama Trio
Torrential Tribute

Find the full list here: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/index.html

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chuckles de clown says:

meta predictions:
spyrals and pendulums may be dead/have a very small part in the meta.
quiforts and pepe(this one i doult because now they half to figure out how to run without plushfire and monkeyboard) may come back with jungler unbanned, towers unbanned, saqlifice unbanned, quis getting their link monster and all pendulum decks gettting a huge boost from electrumite.
some rogue decks might enter the meta thanks to hand trap disruption being more of a thing with extreme force special edition having a reprint of phy-frame gear gamma and the card designator of the grave and having a big boost from some of the cards being unbanned.
monster reborn will now be played often as a play extender/play disrupter thanks to it being able to special from either players graveyard(mostly decks with great consistency but never really had some place in the meta).
trickstars are the main meta deck but the meta will definitely be more diverse(this one comes from road of the king, after the limiting of loads of spyral cards the meta seem to shift and the meta has gotten increasingly diverse and alterguist are surprisingly making a showing in the meta).
traps may become more of a thing and counter fairies are the new anti-meta
overall great banlist. 🙂

rebelsouljaz says:

are you half asian and half black?

Anton Wilzewski says:

About “Apoqliphort Tower”: Timelords are Lv 10 and can be normal or special summoned and and either return the towers to the deck or hand.

Jacob Friddle says:

Is monster reborn at 3 now? Or is it semi?

acewildunleashed says:

monster reborn will be banne before next season.

komujimaru says:


Brian Delgado says:

Traps back, love it ✌

XxEtherealgod9Xx gaming says:

Is there any cards that a metafoes deck would need? I would love to make one but in at a wall right now

JONESalpha 716 says:

Hey if Yuya can win without skullcrobat and double iris maybe I can too hehehehe

scotty jones says:

Lol..crazy? It does not now nor has it ever affected my deck…I exist on a plane of existence the ban lists can’t reach

Nash Awesome says:

Blindly Loyal Goblin gives you expert tips on your epic YGO plays.

Carlos Gonzalez says:

Somone gimme tips for a krawler deck

MrAsap2000as says:

Firewall IS still protected, Limited is not nearly the same as Ban in terms of its anime status cuz it does not get rid of the card; that card will never be ban unless something really really drastic happens.

Aeryon Animates says:

Its a shame they banned that trap card Tide Pods back in late 2013. They should at least semi-limit it

Ancil Cedeno says:

how many Solemn Judgment can i run now ?

Charley Joergensen says:

I am SO fucking triggered about Gofu because I leterely JUST bought it online

Jonathan 6 X says:

Fiber Jar was such a good card I remember playing it on a yugioh game that lets me reuse my combos but its banned.

Boss Nation_01 says:

this video tho so good

xex says:

Monster reborn should never be legal! Why should you get a monster for free from your opponents graveyard? Why not leave snatch steal legal huh

E-Hero Stratos says:

What’s this stuff about Troop dupe scoop? Sounds pretty poop

Pokemario Playthroughs says:

If you think pendulums are dead because of the banlist, I think Heavymetalfoes Electrumite can work well with Abyss Actors… Key word being I think.

Infinite YuGiOh says:

At a first glance, I was surprised to see monster Reborn on the list, then I scrolled up and saw grinder golem at the limited position of the list, and I thought “Yes” I finally have a chance to NOT go up against it. Then I had realized that just a few weeks ago, I personally contacted the konami card info email, and requested that Grinder Golem should be banned. Yet again I thought that links will still have a huge advantage even though it may be limited. I hate going up against the card on ygopro and in real life at my locals, simply because grinder golem gives free link summons. FREE! Others you have to either pay lp, tribute/sacrifice, etc… I totally agree that Dandylion deserves to be in the forbidden position on the list. Maxx c I would agree with as well, because it gives soooooo much draw power. The magicians that they put on the banlist, don’t really need to be on there, because it gives the pendulum magicians a disadvantage at searching for important cards you need. To see Monster Reborn on there I thought that it does give alot of decks a little more of an advantage. Pot of greed i think they should do the same thing with monster reborn, or make a re-print which I heard they’re doing it.

omgwtfrofltomato says:

Why aren’t monarchs huge?

FCXmaster says:

So what’s gonna be the next tier 0 deck? Could it be mekk knights?

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