Yu-Gi-Oh! Flames of Destruction Booster Box Opening!

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Flames of Destruction is the newest set released in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG! Today I’ll be opening and unboxing a booster box of Flames of Destruction! Let me know what cards YOU want from this new set!

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oathkeeper75 says:

…are you saying that this is not a pack opening channel? Ok Dzeef

MrGamecube17 says:

2 F.A. Dark Dragsters??? Man, the salt from dzeef is gonna be real

Chiquis H. McMillan says:

Don’t buy packs people…

In a Nutshell says:

Wheres my new Skull servant support? C’mon konami, you can do better…

Ben penney says:

Doesn’t sekka say effects too?

Mmicb0b says:

so I saw that DZeef’s vid on why Dark Dragster is impossible to pull. 8:44 GG DZEEF

SlammerX says:


Gru says:

Theyre not upside down theyre misprinted. Better check them. 🙂

BosSox says:

Rip Dzeeff. Cimoooooooo pulls two dark dragsters and Doug can’t even get 1.

Nicholas Wilhoite says:

I would like for you to make a video about vendreads and what Konami should have done to make it a better deck. And compare it to good ritual decks like Nekroz.

Dreary doll says:

2 box openng in one day?
Damn, dzeef really like pack opening.

GenoSplicer says:

A video talking about Vendreads would be awesome, I love the deck, but you are right about their terrible fate. They look so amazing but they just don’t have the effects to work. I’d like to see you’re opinion and thoughts on them.

Love ya vids Cimo, I love getting the notifications for your vids

RegiRuler says:

Underclock taker is in the core set before this, even in the OCG. Underclock was already out by the time we saw Space Insulator.

The main draw of the card is that it’s a little more value in link climbing that’s repayed next turn.

Ethan Hand says:

Are Crystal Beasts making a comeback?? Please I hope so!!

FeanixFlamage says:

so uh… the thing about space insulator, i’m pretty sure you’re actually thinking of the plain code talker link two, which we didn’t get, and the ocg got underclock taker after code talker while we just haven’t gotten code talker at all.

Lucas Vale says:

Do the Vendread video!!! Want to hear your thoughs

SilentGameplays says:

Please do the vendread video~!

The Paladin says:

Please do a Revendread Video!

Lucas Starrk says:

You should really send those F.A. cards to dzeeff. He could really use them.

Nikko Arvanitis says:

I’m very interested with what you have to say about vendreads, seemed like a cool deck, just not strong enough to even mess around with.

greenhillmario says:

Vendread video will be awesome! Do it!

Apock 247 says:

Sekkas light=Super heavy samurai

Cristopher Sotelo Rodríguez says:

No one F.A Drawn Dragster :O

Walfull says:

I usually would get a box for the new cards but this set doesn’t seem that great to me, I just wanted to get some of the super’s, Rare’s, and commons which I did get at a sneak peak. I would like to grab some ultra’s and secrets but I’ll just trade for them or try my luck with single packs.

Gtal says:

Are you selling those dark dragsters? I heard dzeeff is looking for a $200 set

Tim Jennings says:

Dzeeff didnt pull a single dark dragster you shold swap boxes

Mark Taylor says:

Is this also a box opening channel?

BibleThump says:

how much was this box. im wanting to buy a box

catz4thawin says:

The heart of the cards are telling you to build elementsabers

Frank Figueroa says:

Guys is it wrong I came hard to this??

Shivendra Harripersad says:

Thats how you pull dark dragster :’)

Jsquare Garcia says:

It’s super weird seeing (insert yugioh card name here) in (insert rarity here)

Reptilelian plays says:

Do the vendread vid plz

V Joker says:

A little bad luck:(

Ian Will says:

Cimoooo vampire sucker is not that bad a card with the upcoming release of dark saviors it will be great(in vampires). As far as resources its a even on card economy with a 2 turn +2.

Neko-Knight says:

I gotta agree with Cimoooooooo about some of the cards put into this set. i wish i could have seen a bit more cards from the Link Vrains box, for example I am so disappointed Konami didn’t give us the last two Trickstar cards, Trickstar Foxywitch and Trickstar Magicorrola, i feel they would definitely make the deck so much better and with magicorrola give it an easier time link summoning and getting over tough monsters. (still hopes to see them in the upcoming sets soon)

Angelo Arcana says:

Two Dark Dragsters? Dzeeff is gonna be salty.

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