Yu-Gi-Oh! Flames Of Destruction Special Edition Box Opening 2018!

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dave fernando says:

Oh my fucking god dude! I like your videos but seriously stop going on and on about that play mat for like 3 minuets in a 13 minute video. You talked about it already in your other videos so why repeat for so long every video?

Kuribrohs says:

Pleas do a true king Dino deck profile I hope you see this!

Vito Soto says:

Welcome back home Sam great to c u smashing the thumbs up button

Not Enough Subs says:

Next mat you should do Flame Swordsman vs Dark Magician

Joshua Long says:

I opened two of those cases today. Pulled 2 inpermanance 1 ghost bell 1 unicorn and a trisbanea

Gabes There says:

You’ve been cheesed

LoLer Piso says:

Sam confirmed Revolver irl

Genaro Guerrero says:

Was going down

Saul Pacheco says:

3 Trisbaena is better than 3 suckers and 3 ojama.

Hoodi Eyez says:

Who’s gonna buy Cybernetic Horizon???

Virgil Michaux says:

price of the play mat ?

Informer InfoX says:

1. Mute
2. 2x speed
3. Put on a background song
4. Enjoy

Benjamin Rathbone says:

Hoping to see Dark Saviors deck profiles now that you’re back!

A.R Jeezy says:

Why is he so uninterested in this

Cobalt says:

how much are the playmats? 😮

69Bloodstreaks says:

I liked this video because it wasn’t the BEST!. I also liked it because you weren’t unbearably annoying this time. I really only watchrd this video because my friend told me there was no BEST! in the title. Its the same reason he watched it

Sakio™ BEATZ says:

gayest packs ever, waste of money

Yu Kine says:

I didn’t came here to watch an over 2 mins and 30 secs play mat commercial. . .

Recon sniper 7651 says:

Hey I’ll take a trisbaia

Angel Gonzalez says:

No ghost bells…. I’m starting to think that card doesn’t exist

DarTOFC says:


xStellarx says:

The struggle of pulling a ghost belle or imperance….

MashuraXX says:

Are you going to Nats, Sam?

zThe SyLoX says:

Your openings are the worst of all. No recap, You never put out the good cards so you can see them… its horrible

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