Let’s break all of the rules and totally remember those Forbidden Memories!

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Also I have literally no idea how to pronounce “Heishin”, I took an educated guess and stuck with it. The dude’s only appeared in obscure games with no voice acting so WHO KNOWS.


SirSuperGoat says:

But you gotta admit the music is pretty good though

Hugo Hikari says:

The amount of necessary grinding in this game reminds me of Reshef of Destruction for GBA, another Yugioh game that ignores the real game’s rules and uses its own, and one that also gets ridiculously stupid with the difficulty for its final bosses. I wonder which one is more difficult

Atli says:

Yeah I spent a shitload of time playing this game getting nowhere. I never got past the lower mages despite grinding the shit out of this game. I remember at one time having 5k stars and considering grinding for 9999 so I could buy a Blue Eyes.

nemesisvrsa2 says:

Ahem, want some jelly?

TheKpa11 says:

It’s a guilty pleasure for me and for a lot of people which was surprising for me

JM Humbs says:

i loved this game when i was a kid

Olly says:

I could never get far in the game as a kid, but when I realised how to play it when I was older I played it for so long. Must have played 300+ hours. Still have a soft spot for this game

Josh Elderkin says:

digimons anime beats any of the shit mentioned xd

Jake Aryland says:

I hated this game as a kid, I remember taking the disc, chucking it across the room and being happy it probably got scratched beyond repair, but now I kind of like it now that I can play through it knowing how to beat it relatively fast.

FeelsModMan says:

if this is really the worst ygo game why does it have a huge community behind it casually and speedrun wise , it has a randomizer , lot of rom hacks , and unlike “modern yugioh games ” where you can just make an exodia deck or a deck with shit ton of weak ass monsters with weird effect , in Forbidden Memories you have to think about what card you gonna play since you can only play 1 card per turn

cody burgett says:

I feel like the reason this was so popular back in the day is because it was our first big showcase of the millennium world stuff

Wonder- Games says:

6:38 I see what you did there:P

Zachey Mczachface says:

good god twin headed thunder dragon was my childhood XD I had duelist of the roses and it was op there too

WRS Gaming says:

This was one of my childhood and nostalgic games out there, after watching this I actually agree with the negatives you have said, even the Stars system, that was Bullshit, 90% of the Cards are 999999999999999 for e.g, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon, and 10% are cheap but crappy cards. Btw great video, keep up the good work.

León Arcano says:

I still play competitive Yugioh and cant understand this fucking game.

Zach The Polisaur says:

Destroy the moon

Digggyyyyy says:

I like this game purely for the simplified rules to be honest. Back when I was a kid (I think I got into FB the same sort of age as you) my friends and I used to use FB rules for the real trading card game because they just made more sense to young kids. And the grinding in FB was so ridiculous that I’ve still never beaten this game, because I didn’t have 3 memory cards, but I still have a weird kind of Stockholm syndrome love for the game. My taste as a kid was good for games but terrible for shows – Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is teeeeerrrible.

Dump Comics says:

I have over 280 hours on Forbidden memories, l actually grinded to exchange for those hella expensive cards, you can say it’s a guilty pleasure, my second favorite YuGiOh game right after the first Tag Force

Contla3 says:

“..the slowest version of the game ever created.” Not anymore!

Honest says:

Mmm, I remember when I reviewed this game. Really good end credit theme

Critical Mass says:

I love and hate Fordidden Memories, for the exact reasons you describe. I thought it was interesting, but the brick wall that is the end of the game is just impossible.

The only way I won was to use an emulator and a cheat engine to “buy” the max star chip cards. I cannot believe they put cards at 10 million chips.

voltsy says:

i hate this game now but kid me loved it.

i never beat it as a kid but loved free duels the most

Ant Shield21 says:

This video is fucking amazing! So funny.


Lol this is sooooo on point

Tumerking says:

This video is the most accurate depiction of Forbidden Memories I’ve ever seen. I’m replaying this game right now and I’ve already grinded out 100+ free duels and I’m not even out of the tournament stage yet.

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