Yu-Gi-Oh! How Good is There Can Be Only One?

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There Can Be Only One is an interesting floodgate trap from Extreme Force that’s been starting to see some play in the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! format! A reverse of Rivalry of Warlords, this might become your new favorite trap card for the December 2018 format!

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TheFearsomeRat says:

Rivalry, Gozen and There Can Be Only One…
I see some cheese testing in the future no matter how you play, since you would lock your opponent to an attribute, type and only one monster, so you could summon a larger monster (preferably with some protection) and attack over it while using one or two spells to keep the backrow empty.

Typhlo CF says:

You started saying it the way I do when I’m not looking at the card. “There Can Only Be One” vs “There Can Be Only One”

Also if Kagari is out while this trap is faceup, no machines can be summoned, so no new link can come out by them.

Cyber dragon is also weak to this. Perfect for fur hire, lightsworn, and world chalice

TechnicBee says:

This nigga be moving his hand fast like there there a fly he tryna swat

Someone says:

Used this against abc while sitting on a ancient gear howtizer

Guilherme Nogueira says:

If I side deck this card, I would put only one, because there can be only one.

SiHao Chen says:

I do not think sky striker can over run there can only be one. Just like goze match. U can’t link with it when u have a mech. Therefore, u can’t go in to any of ur link moster. Like how goze match hurt them.

Tesshin says:

I definitely have to try this card in a Fur Hire deck!

Sharingansandninja says:

Great video, Cimo keep them coming. Yeah for us anti-meta players I love the card, it really throws some decks off big time.

Nicolas Prieto says:

Can it be used in paleofrog? Or no?

FullTimeSlacker says:

Dark door + scrap iron scarecrow OP!

Ben Brand says:

My only question is what deck is actually going to run this? The decks that run floodgates (paleo, Alterghist and True Draco) can’t really run this.

Bru O-ten says:

Yo Guys !
I just have a little question, I have been playing Sky Strikers in YCS Milan last Week and sided “There can only be one”, actually I played it against True Draco deck and during the game he asked the judge for ruling, then the judge told me i couldn’t link summon from Kagari to Hayate or Shizuku as i already had 1 Machine monster on the field.
Can someone enlighten me with this ? Because i don’t see why i can’t do my link summons as i never have 2 monsters with the same type …
Thank you very much guys !

X20 Adam says:

Does this include tokens?

kish45 says:

I hate There can only be one it is just as bad as Denko Sekka.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I never thought it restricted summons. What I get from this card is if there is ever 2 or more monsters of the same type on a player’s field, they have to be sent to the graveyard until only one remains. Meaning one could “change” the monster on the field with a new summon by simply sending the old one to the graveyard.

VisNatura says:

Say it with me, There can be only one. There can be only one. There can be only one.

Sorry, but hearing and reading two different things bothers me. 🙁

Also probably why some can’t find it on duel simulators.

Dario Carli says:

One other card for wins.

Jimmy Roberts says:

Bujinn with There can be only one combined with warlords. Edit: Trap stun to open up xyz options if not set up already. Edit 2: It might run into the same ruling possibility like Gozen or Warlords also. Can not go out of the element or type while face up. I bet it might get ruled that it can not change out for another of the same type.

L0calLEGEND says:

Good card, but they should have it where, there can be only one in a deck at a time.

komujimaru says:


The Goldfisherman says:

I have a qiestion. If this card removes a krawler monster would the krawler be able to activate its effect since the two monsters are summoned face down?

AS 192 says:

Eat a Dorito every time he says “There can only be one” as opposed to “There can be only one”.

There can be only one way of saying this cards name

Alex McCullough says:

Cool danger! support

Adan Sherwani says:

Great a card that might help Prank Kids

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