Yu-Gi-Oh! January 2019 Banlist Winners and Losers!

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The January 2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Banlist has brought significant changes to the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! card pool! Today I wanted to discuss which decks are the biggest winners and losers of the January 2019 Banlist!

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BlackStarKamehameha says:

Dinosaurs? Crusadia?

fate says:

draco is absolutely going to be the best deck this format

A says:

if the other decks keep getting hit eventually my blue eyes cards will rise up

Xavier Sanders says:

Thank god Isolde didn’t get hit
( I play noble knights )

steven benders says:

I’m just glad malefics after all this time got de support from what I heard

Miguel Garate says:

what no mention of crusadia guardragon? that deck is nuts, it does lose to ash though

James Zetterman says:

It bothers me that “old school Monarch days” now apparently refers to 2016.

Anthony Figueroa says:

Cimo will you upload your Sneak Peak?

Deep Patel says:

*See’s TCG banlist*
Me: This is actually damn good.
Jojo: This must be the work of an enemy stand!

Tyree Thompson says:

Personally I think Striker took an indirect hit because of Kaiju Slumber and EEV coming off of the list, both of those cards give Strikers problems

Die Multikultikrähe says:

Guess what? Virus cards are now part of my Zombie Horde!

So underestimated! Especially EEV is so strong against nearly every deck. Virus cards + Doomking Balerdroch is so nasty!

Bulykryn Vancho says:

Pulled a Pot of Extravagance at my sneak peak. An altergeist player at my local was begging to get it to make his deck better. Thinking fuck that. He ain’t great with the deck or in general, but I’m not looking to make it better.

BlackwoodCompany says:

Why are Gem Knights not the real losers in this one? COME ON MAN!

Conor Murphy says:

Feels weird not having to take any cards out of my pendulum deck after a banlist.

Chase Tisch says:

Got my 3 Lupines at the sneak, so I’m ready for the YCS.

MemeTeam says:

Kozmo won

yukureimu says:

It’s time for Ice Barriers to shine thanks to the banlist : )

Hex Omega says:

I didn’t mention the biggest and weirdest looser of this banlist:

lightsworn lol

E- tan says:

Time thieves are a thing now, so hey, silver lining…

Team NarrowSpades says:

Haha 4-5 turns vary funny
Thunder dragon gaurdagon
Ends on 6 monsters 4 negates +collosus off a 2 card combo

BrokeCollegeYGO says:

Konami: Slash Draw, RhongoBongo, and Gumblar are gone, so no more FTKS
Cyber Stein: it’s free real estate

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