Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba’s Collector Box Opening & Review!

In all the frenzy of Spirit Warriors, Magical Musketeers, and YCS San Diego, you might have forgotten about this new Yu-Gi-Oh product: Kaiba’s Collector Box. You get an oversized Blue-Eyes White Dragon collectible card, Duelist Pack Yugi and Kaiba, and a Starter Deck Seto Kaiba Reloaded! Last time, we pulled an Ultimate Rare Chaos Emperor Dragon! Can we do it again? It makes for a great holiday gift for friends and family! Let’s open it and see what we can pull!

Get your copy of Kaiba’s Collector Box from TCGplayer: https://shop.tcgplayer.com/yugioh/collectors-boxes/kaibas-collector-box

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Emilio Kannu says:

I have a question about Link Monsters. What if you have a link monster pointing to one of your extra deck monsters. Then the Link monster dies. What happens to the Extra Deck Monster?

Philip Houston says:

Yea the twins did twin out they said the exact same thing ya should do a parody video on sister’ sister but have it brother brother I would watch it n I want an opening for it maybe them causing trouble n have Paul n Calvin shaking their heads just a thought

mithu shitu says:


Will theReaper says:

Hope to see one for the yugi deck too

joseph sedberry says:

At least you got one holo i got nothing but commons and rares

313 Otaku says:

I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh in 3 grade and la jinn was my first card

Stardust Phoenix says:

It would be awesome if TeamAps responded to this comment

DBZ Chan says:

It is probably obvious and people might hate him for asking this, but what does APS stand for?

FatFoetus says:

I am not going to be desperate and ask for a reply, BUT PLEASE REPLY I LOVE YOU;

FatFoetus says:

I started Yugioh collecting about 8 years

brian latham says:

Could you make a video on how to make your first deck? You may have already but I have no idea whether it’s better to buy structure decks or booster packs. Appreciate any help!

Christopher Bouska says:

Squaaaaaaaad!!!!!! Yay. My pleas were hear. Another ulti chaos emperor dragon!!!!!!

Joshua Boscher says:

What do you think about chaos dragons in the new meta

Filip Goessens says:

No more Sqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddd? ‘:D

fredodedo says:

“Squaaaad” lmao

Cory N says:

Crazy, the final countdown came on the radio at work earlier and everyone has been walking around humming it since.

JustTooLit says:

Damn this collection sucks lmao but at least it brings back memories. Its nostalgic as’f

Squishy ? says:

Where can I get that playmat.

JetstreamWafers says:

I just topped a sealed tourney using these and pulled Caspar from a prize pack. Playing these old decks is an absolute blast.

OmegaPyron says:

Not even OG art for the oversized, and no, LOB ain’t OG; that shit is years after Blue-Eyes first came out in the OCG.

Lazengann32 says:

Hey what happened I thought you guys went live what happened??

Rudy Straight says:

mah niggaz

CABLE 3 says:

Hey I’ve been playing a relatively long time but never played competitive so can someone explain what rounds of Swiss means

Daniel Jofre says:


arturo martinez says:

Lmao when he’s explaining the bad plays on the exchange card.

Tay says:

damn kaiba, back at it again with the white dragon

and is it me or does it seem like you’re just straight up laughing at cards most people in this actually should recognize. they’re phased out by a long shot but once upon a time alot of what everyone had was normals worse than those

IPlay4aReason says:

what is the background music, its familiar but I cant figure it out.

coulter jasnich says:

Hey guys! I would love to know what decks you would like to play if there was no ban list. What would they consist of and what deck do you think would reign supreme?!

Guy who tries to live life says:

This set is crazy bad

MegaReaper 772 says:

Team aps is my fav YouTube Chanel.

Hitmanhitman21 says:

The commentary is astronomically better than what we’re lookin at in the video lol


No he’s right it’s a she, you would know this if you watched the anime

frank unodostres says:

– “do not assume its gender?”
– “HER gender!”

brah, you just…

David Brown says:

Wow, that is a shit product and I’m a supporter of niché “bad” structure decks.

Anthony Cantos says:

May the power of SimplyUnlucky guide you to victory

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