Yu-Gi-Oh! Lair of Darkness Structure Deck Opening + Discussion!

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The Yu-Gi-Oh! Lair of Darkness Structure Deck introduces brand new Dark monsters that revolve around tributing to generate advantage! Let’s take a look at everything that comes with the deck, and discuss the competitive viability of these new cards!

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MegaDrain says:

Konami has been loving these dark and dragon structure decks lately. Not a bad thing, they all look amazing

Stop Watching-Me says:

Definitely going to consider getting this.

Sho Deb says:

Darklaw got reprinted 2 times. One in ultra in DUSA i think and an ultimate in ots

MOYGO Master Of Yu-Gi-Oh says:

Quick question:
If lair of darkness is on your field, can you use it’s effect to tribute an opponent’s monster to activate darkest diabolos’ effect? If so, can you activate diabolos’ effect even if your opponent has no cards in their hand? I ask because if you can activate diabolos’ effect solely to destroy an opponent’s monster, that would really give you an advantage, especially if used against a boss monster.

Jeff says:

A structure deck is an official pre-built deck you can buy, right ?

Utopia Lord says:

Best structure deck also no enemy controller.

Redford Denson says:

my brother recently got me back into yugioh, and it seems my old deck just isnt strong enough anymore when up against his legendary dragon deck! will this structure deck be good enough to help me get back to beating him again?


Dark world diablos

Sequoyah Magroski says:

Hi i want your Yugi cards

MOYGO Master Of Yu-Gi-Oh says:

Tour guide from the underworld is limited, meaning that you can only have one copy of it in a deck, so you can’t really buy three decks.

Levianeer says:

How would I make the lair of darkness field spell, lilith and darkest diablos work in a blue eyes deck without link format and it does not have to be a really good deck build.

Lee Soufiane Omari says:

I know I’m late but quick question since I’m new to yugioh. Would this deck work well with malefic rainbow dragon, rainbow dark dragon,?

Flashgaming18 Minecraft says:

Buy the card on Amazon there you go you got a copy of the card.

ooJiraiyaSama says:

It’s not the first time they put something wrong about the deck in the paper, with dinosmasher they were wrong with some summoning just like this one..

Cosmic The Monarch says:

I have the lair of darkness structure deck and im constantly wondering what is the foolish burial goods for… I cant find anything it does in this deck, can anyone tell me please?

Witches Apprentice says:

This is literally my favorite structure deck

Kofú says:

How many cards have each structure deck ??

Saul Vasquez says:

I got that it in april 29

Tyler Lane says:

I have just bought the lair of darkness structure deck, and instead of getting one darkest diabolos and an ahrima, I got two darkest diabolos and no ahrima. I don’t know how to feel about that.

Josh Elderkin says:

lilith is the true boss

Uh Boi says:

Lilith might work out for d-heroes because the d-fusion is not even so expensive and if you have 3 of them, it pretty much instant fusion time

Yuny Lucky says:

Fuck yugioh now there’s fornite jk I love yugioh so much

mr jiggle. puff says:


Aryan says:

Where is the cheapest place/website I can get this structure deck from? (I’m in Ontario, Canada)

Fox611 says:

It’s di a blose not di abolas

Asuka Tenjoin says:

*How to make Ansem from Kingdom Hearts get into Yugioh? This.*
*How to make Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy get into Yugioh? Wave of Light.*

Fierce Exile says:

Emperor of darkness Or Lair of darkness

Danny Valido says:

This maybe a dumb question to ask, but I just wanted to know: is it possible to combine this and the other structure deck together?

Electron_A says:

should i get this or the dino fury deck?

jaden naidoo says:

This could be a good way for people to take on link decks without link monsters

Random Things says:

*Sniff* *Sniff* Did D/D/D just get some hella good support?

Elad Yacov says:

This deck is completly unplayable

Link says:

could you do an actual build guide for a tournement ready liar of darkness deck

Fox611 says:

He is pronouncing the boss monster wrong

Serull says:

I always skip your intro because I get triggered by them :/

Manuel Liberatore says:

Which is better? This structure deck or dinosaurs deck?

AlphaShock says:

Is it worth buying this deck to buff my dark magician deck?

SmokeEveryWeed 420 says:

Would it make sense to combine this deck with vandread. Asking because I want a fun Deck to okay. Would it be playable? Just returned playing yu gi oh again btw

Kermittu the Frog says:

that’s twice I’ve seen this mistake
can’t wipe the whole field. Lair of Darkness has not only a ruling, but also says on the card that when you tribute monsters to activate an effect, you can tribute *one* monster your opponent controls, even though you do not control it (I’m glad they changed the wording on that, makes the Diabolos ruling actually make sense)

SB -StarBoi says:

i can bet this deck is the next competitive meta

XMaelstroMX says:

Lair of darkness monarchs? Tribute opponents monsters to go into caius, and sense all monsters are dark you just banish the stuff and deal damage

Phantasma Duelist says:

It’s pronounced d_ab_lows,

Citrusy XD says:

Can anyone suggest me any
Structure decks?

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