Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist [1080p] [Full Review] [PS4] [Awards / Pros and Cons / Rating]

Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist.
Developed by Other Ocean Interactive
Published by Konami


Yu-Gi-Oh has been around since 1998. When the television show aired in 2002, it was a hit. It was one of the most popular shows for kids and teenagers at the time. The show spawned alongside the Trading Card game. It didn’t take long for kids to bug their parents to buy them the Trading Card game. Naturally, I wanted them too. I played the card game with kids at school day in and day out. I collected the cards and learned strategies…until the summer in which I went back to hanging with friends and chasing after girls. Like any fad, it came and went. I stopped watching the show and put my cards away. I did however pick up the Playstation game “Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories” and played that for a few months. That was the last time I played any type of Yu-Gi-Oh. Over the next decade, Yu-Gi-Oh kept evolving. New duel styles, cards and strategies were developed and I felt that it would take too long to relearn. What drew me to Legacy of the Duelist was the fact that it offered the four series plus over 6000 plus cards. An added bonus was the multiplayer which would make finding matches a lot easier.


The story mode follows the Television series pretty well. Before every match it gives a bit of back story. Players can start off on one of four different. Starting off at the first campaign, it takes the player through each stage of Yu-Gi-Oh and introduces the player to new concepts. The player starts off as a Do-gooder protagonist who has a goal either to save someone in the game or by winning a Duel tournament. Like every plot, there is always a bad guy trying to thwart the plan. Through progression the good guy always saves the day in the final battle of the game. If you have followed the show than you’ll be most likely skipping the storyline. For those that haven’t seen the show, Yu-Gi-Ohs Legacy of the Duelist offers a very basic adaptation of the show. The only problem with games that follow movies and shows is that they can’t stray to far away from the storyline. For those hoping that this game will be different than any of the other Yu-Gi-Oh games will be disappointed. It copies the format of all of the other games that have been made over the years which means that we will still be seeing the storyline being played out by still images and text screens followed by duels. This causes Yu-Gi-Oh to receive the “Recycled Content” trophy.

For the Pros


The sheer diversity of the game is one of the major perks of the game. There is a so much diversity to the game that it can’t go unnoticed. With four different storylines to choose from players have a lot of option. If you don’t enjoy enjoy one story line, you may switch a different one. If you don’t like one duel style of cards, you can switch to any of the other 3. If your deck feels weak and you want to revamp your cards, there are over 6000 cards to choose from. Do you see the trend here? If you are bored of the story, why not play as the bad guys in the reverse duels? Or if single player isn’t your style then there is the Multiplayer mode… this brings us to our next point

I know that most games have multiplayer included. The reason that I felt multiplayer was a pro is that fact that the user ultimately chooses how he wins the battle by constructing a deck or picking one of the pre made decks. If the user builds a bad deck then he will most likely lose. If a user builds a complex good deck than he findshimself with a better chance of winning. The complexity of how multiplayer works in this game is what I love about it. You need to react to every move your opponent does. One simple move can turn the game around and you need to adapt a new strategy. On top of the strategy that the other user is using you have no idea what cards he may have. This just adds to the complexity of the multiplayer.

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Baracus says:

Great review! I was doubtful because of pack shop… I played the demo version and seeing shop section got afraid for pay-to-win mechanics. Glad the game actually isn’t like that.

TaxOwlbear says:

So this game cover all four seasons of the first anime? I expected less, I have to admit.

Eqvil says:

You convinced me to buy it.

MrBlackchook says:

What are those songs you were playing?

Chadrick Branch says:

Damn good review man!!!!!!!! That was perfect

Robert says:

The show didn’t air alongside the trading card game the tcg cards came after the english show.

Jacob Lawson says:

I would rather the game have a few monster animations than none!

Alireza Ghasemabady says:

good review but i was expecting for more i mean it is a ps4 and xbox one game and it looks just like yu-gi-oh millennium duels but with more cards and card attack and card summon but if u realy wanna enjoy good graphic with ur favorite card game try yu-gi-oh tag force series tag force summon and attack is animation is amazing amillion times better this games graphic i dont know why but after tage force 6 in 2011 konami made tag force special with every character in 2015 but it didnt have any attack or summon animation and it graphic was just like this game but tag force special unlike other tag forces arent based on one yugioh character story like yu-gi-oh 5ds and yu-gi-oh gx but still thats what yu-gi-oh tag force was all about but konami ruinded it so if u want a good yu-gi-oh game i suggest yu-gi-oh tag force 6 or 3 but im dispointed i was expecting more cause it was a ps4 game but it looks like a ps2 game i dont have a ps4 but com on the only goodthing about this game is the online multiplayer well sorry boar u with this but definitly try tag force 3 its the best also 6 graphic is better thou but i guess its like dueling network but better also i dont know if they are gonna update this game or something like that for new cards other wise people wont be playing this game for long this game isnt even for pc

Alekss Belskis says:

“recycle content trophie.”

Vision says:

well the video is kinda.. old now but still great video! ;P although the originallity rating was kinda pointless since you really want a yu gi oh game if you’re looking for one right?! ;P

Majestic Gaming says:

Awesome i want to play this so bad haha, i’m currently playing the IOS version of Yu-Gi-Oh Bam. When i was younger i always tried my best never to miss an episode!

Robert says:

It’s a “good” thing that you have to spend over 200,000 dp on a single deck????? you are being paid for this aren’t you

Shane Broadway says:

compare the graphics to something like infinity wars and without any hesitation u can say that these graphics are not worthy at all. its lazy design and bad implementation choices. of course being yu gi oh fan im getting the game for sure 😛 the area is just so bland the yu gi oh play mats are better lol. and thats really saying something so underwhlemed with this release some things are great others are poor. my fav yu gi oh to date was millenium duels on xbox 360 wish they ported it to pc but cant have ti all right xD

Inflamedwolf Trickedflower says:

Vary helpful. Didn’t answer my questions like: if the god cards are in game, but you’ve only played 30+ hours. You did answer questions I didn’t know I have and did buy this game. Thank you

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