Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Review

My review on the recently released Yu-Gi-Oh game on PS4 and Xbox One

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freddie kruger says:

Gwent > yu gi oh

DJ Tecktock says:

I agree should of put more animations with the monsters fighting on top of the cards at least

Ben says:

I wish they’d just port over Tag Force to the PS4. Maybe add some more 3d models, the most recent cards, and you’d have the best Yu-Gi-Oh! Game ever.

axlabe007 says:

Whats wrong with day 1 dlc for a $20 digital budget release exactly?

Jc333 says:

They fucked up, they should have done 3d models and show the monsters killing each other. Im sure its a fun game but i`m just saying the technology is there!!!!!!

Ultimate Gaming says:

Still waiting for a Duelist of the Roses remaster …

Anthony Horton says:

Damn,are people ever satisfied anymore?? I swear I can’t stand this generation of gamers…This game is great and brings back plenty of nostalgia.

pao Xiong says:

why doesn’t the first turn draw b4 main phase 1? he only has 5 cards….

3jinzo3 says:

the only change this games got from millennium duels is pendulum summing and more dlc take out the arc v cards and you will find its the same game but with less dcing atm and less lag just more of a cash grab for any yugioh fans on ps4 but give it sum time and I am sure sum one will hack the game code and unlock all the cards for free and put up the game save on the net just like thea did for millennium duels or you can buy there dlc and most likely end up spending more then £125  57p on dlc that’s the cost of all the dlc for millennium duels at the time back in 2014 and seen as the dlc is 3.99 each you will end up paying a lot more for the same game on ps4 all in all this game is not as good as yugioh online 1 2 or 3 from 2005 I played that game a lot then servers for closed and all that time and cash went up in smoke and all we got is thanks for the cash buy as thea deleted all players account data

Bob Bob says:

If dueling network must be taken down, why don’t they sell it as a game? Dueling network is better than any yugioh game ever made.

MindOfReese25 says:

They need to make an rpg for ps4 &X1 like sacred cards and spirit caller

ShockinglyBleh says:

Lol the 3d models are poorly done, so what? I didn’t purchase a 20$ Yugioh game to look at 3d models, I purchased it to play a children’s card game for fucks sake.



Jarrad Tatton says:

It’s a $20 store game, so for that, with all the stories and all the versions of the cards… who cares if the models look like playdough.

Akemi Homura says:

*This review did not answer alot of questions i wanted to know*

The most important and first thing you should say is how many cards are available in the game.

 sorry but gameplay is not the same for all yugioh games
*Yugioh forbidden memories* (ps1) had no rules or effects for most cards you could summon a BEUD from your hand…

Duelest of the roses and *Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom* (Gamecube)
were not even card games
one was based of the dungeon dice monsters from the show and the other was a turn based rpg

Showbiz Bubblez says:

I haven’t played yugioh since i was a kid so i got this the other day for the nostalgia (which kicked in when i got dbz xenoverse) now i’m no stickler on the graphics. Compared to the the era that i come from, everything looks amazing lol but overall for 20 bucks it’s pretty fun to play.

Darren Mills says:

Is it just me that cant use carda like monster reborn in their dexks when playing mates? My friend can use it against me but i cant seem to use a deck with them in

Luke Barker says:

I’m boycotting this game PURELY because of the day one DLC.
We pay £16 and then they expect more for content they already had made DAY ONE.
Fuck out of here

Cheesy Maccool says:

I wish, the fighting scenes could have looked better. But overall is an very addictive game. Haven’t play in years, but once I learn the basics. Back to old memories

jakeisdadambest says:

It looks nice from what I’ve seen but the story mode is recycled so when I get the game I’m going to be quite bored from that. The fact there’s nothing really new apart from pendulum makes it annoying too. The animations are from tag force and it does it worse than that. But I’ve never understood why they can’t make the duels more fun like animations when you take damage and adding tag duels. All this has is just more cards tbh.

Breezy La PACE says:

Can you get God cards ?


How similar is it to millennium duels and are there forbidden cards in this games.

aud1ocafe says:

anyone else remember forbidden memories and duelists of the roses? those two games were my favorites!

Rhyan Chapman says:

Great review mate! Keep up the good work

The Peoplz Show says:

Thank gid, I finally found a review…

Childish Hipster says:

Can you tag duel?

Al Sah-Him says:

hahahahaha what gives you the right to decide whats worthy for console and what isn’t kid?

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