Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy Of The Duelist Review

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IIXzmozXII says:

“I’m not gonna ruin the final duel for you”
…minutes later…
*shows the final duels*

SilkWormAngel2005 says:

00:04 about a week ago,week ago[suprise he didnt make a joke there or im just too old]

CoreeateR says:

im currently playing 5ds on the 360 and i like how the ”single player” works with the mini tournament and get cards aftera match. does this game have that?

sasukeDVVVV says:

which do u get all the lightsworns and qli cards from?

Julian Roca says:


Omega1306 # says:

umm does this game have updated card repositories ? will it keep up to date with the tcg card releases

eastham2010 says:

There was one point he was talking about Judgment Dragon, and I opened a pack in game and got it. :p

lildtrz says:

why it is not for me if i want to play competitive online?

IamAnthonological says:

They definitely should’ve added animation and voice clips to the cutscenes, it’s something I’ve always found to be really lacking with Yu-Gi-Oh video games. But I am happy that the game is cheap.

Seether1742 says:

Terrible video man slow the fuck down and quit talking about other shit

KwstasMode says:

Its funny…how they cant make a great yugioh game after all these years

Jason says:

can anyone answer, how often dose this game get updated? new cards ect?
also has the match making improved? still take ages to find a match?

Luke Edward says:

The weeaboo force is strong in this one. Still a good review bro.

xHeyItsCami says:

It’s a rights issue. Konami only has the rights for the cards, not the anime.

MrBoxer42 says:

Can I play with friends over Xbox live?

Jimmy Smooth says:

how come they don’t bring back tag duals like make a different step for people to want to buy your game it’s literally a skin of the ps3 yugioh.

Wake Andbake36 says:

U look high asf

unoder says:

Now… if only they would follow in the footsteps of the anime. Where are my character models, battle animations, voice acting?

Stuart Porter says:

about a week ago (week ago) fuck when i said in the tweeko

Andro Castro says:

You guys do know the cards aren’t dlc locked right? You can get every card even without the dlc.

albakingification says:

Any diea what packs have the most pendulums and dino mists

Jason says:

can anyone answer, how often dose this game get updated? new cards ect?
also has the match making improved? still take ages to find a match?

Dylan Posey says:

it looks like alot of work to get the cards you need..

1999999 Reviewer says:

Just wondering does this game have trophy support??

demortal2010 says:

anyone know if u can play this offline?


im rank 1 on mds and 5ds

mdb45424 says:

thanks for the good review. this game just went on steam and I wasnt getting reviews that showed off the game

Riku DreamEater says:

azneyes what cards are in your sack2 deck please tell me I really want to know

Albireo says:

you can play the tutorial matches legit by pressing triangle/Y (I think?)

Fonzies says:

what about the dlcs? there are like infinite dlcs lol the game is 19,99 but if you add ALL the dlcs you have to pay like 104,99

Kinshira says:

is select profile an xbox thing?  It isnt there on ps4

Toni Madh says:

bullshit dec. you used 20 of your cards on the first turn. f***ing hate that way of playing. Playing with guys like you on multiplayer is boring. id rather not download the game than play it like you do

Mr.Unique says:

He’s got a waifu lol

Top Wongtouwan says:

i love the review, but hate that you have that pillow

Whos Reaction Kaito says:

The problem I noticed in this game was that if i’m first to go; Was I suppose to draw? No Draw phase?

Fuwa says:

would sub if you still made yugioh videos, I think the gaming videos did better than your current ones


the leaderboards on legacy should be reset and weekly as well

Dead-bot says:

can anyone list me the lightsworn deck he used? Or an easy one that i can make with lightsworn cards?

CalGore94 says:

that body pillow in the back made me cringe,

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