Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Dragon Decks Opening – New Dark Magician Fusion, Chimeratech, & Odd-Eyes Cards!

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Here is my Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Dragon Decks Opening. This set includes three decks of cards one for Yugi, one for Zane/Kaiser, and one for Yuya. The new cards are Dark Magician the Dragon Knight, Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon, and Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon. What other openings do you guys want to see in the future? I hope you all enjoy the video!
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Stardust Phoenix says:

How do u summon the dark paladin wout buster blader

reyven PL352 says:

damn.. a new chimeratech O.O i need this set

PsychoTaker says:

Where did you buy that playmat man? :O

Manisa Sirisopa says:

Hey guys. Anyone used http://www.lightningstorerewards.com/ before? They’re giving away lots of yugioh structure decks. I’m gonna give it a try.

X StaringAura25 X says:

In my opinion, I think they made this box to make yugioh popular again.

Galaxy Amvs タキオン says:


Games XD says:

The custe?

ben stubbski says:

I only want the clearwinh

Grethis Tigra says:

Got it and LOVE IT!

Nick Difiore says:

wow these cards look so weird as a common

ian hayes says:

so no blue eyes white dragon , blue eyes ultimate dragon or red eyes black dragon, welp well done konami you made a box about dragons but yet all we got was some crappy dark magician cads and some other crap dragons that no one likes ok yea it had like 2 good cards in there but nope im not happpy im not paying fall price for this shit just to get 2 cards that i will never use god you could of at least given us the blue eyes art work that has kiba in it but oh no just like every one else your to interested in sucking the life out of the game

Christopher Thomas says:

you are lucky cause you got the Eye of Timieus I didn’t get that one in mine

Salieras says:

I’m thinking about getting my first deck.. Maybe someone could suggest me something? Maybe this set could work ?

demon locket says:

I can’t wait to get this

julian wildseina says:

they are awsome. im gonna buy one.

card zone says:

I want that odd eyes deck it is so cool

FlashingLycanroc says:

I need this

Ramon Besselink says:

ik ga ze nu bestelen

Akali2Reckless says:

Wait how much does this cost. Also is there a way for me to get the zayn one by itself

mrtko2010 says:


Jc_plays_ games !!!!! says:

This part of my yugioh quiting list trying to get cards that I like,before I stop playing

aqua master828 says:

Deffinetly worth it

Jason Cruz says:

If the Yuya Deck had Zarc… GEEZ, it would be amazing. Still, I want to get that deck and I will!

James Athony says:

Been out of yugioh while but seeing these made me want to play again. Like to see Jayden deck and blue eyes would be nice.
Nice set though

Kev San says:

i need this one. just for the first deck

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