Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Duelist Ancient Millennium Booster Box Opening – Good Box!

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Quickestturtlez says:

“They do dumb things all the time” me thinking about them short printing literally every valuable card in Shadows in Valahalla. 1 invoker of madness in essentially every 3 or 4 boxes.. 1 ash blossom a box..insane.

Sean Rhodes says:

Great video

Twiist Colt says:

Great nostalgic feelings watching your videos

Julio Cesar says:

you got all the good cards lol

Ary Madsyk Castillo says:

R u angry? :/

Feechay says:

Awesome box! I really like this set also, was looking forward to it since they announced it in the OCG last year.

Justin Carreras says:

Too quick.

The Yu-Gi-Mon! says:


YuGiOh Old School says:

I think I said the same about the pack size in my opening. Seems so unnecessary to reduce the pack size to 5 and then increase the pack count. Like…why? More trash and more annoying to open. Grats on pulling each of the short prints, I’m still pissed my box only had 1 Kingdom and 0 Cats. Again rare card being rarer than any foil.

Gerardo González says:

It’s beautiful to see how someone still enjoys opening packs with a little bit of nostalgia, love your videos as always Old School.

Gabriel Granados says:

Glad you pulled you needed! Awesome booster box opening!!
Thanks verye much for sharing this video!!
*Greetings from Costa Rica!*

Peace & Quiet says:

Damn weevil

Luiz Figueira says:

Weevil probably threw away the complete 1st edition LOB Exodia set so we can never forgive him

Sir Disney says:

Nice box. Got any more LOB or MRD 1st ed packs to open?

Jost says:

Very noice pack opening

Dominick McOmish says:

This is actually such a fun set, been slowly picking up Relinquished bits and pieces waiting for the link monster.

YU-GI-OH master123the2ND says:


hiwa doski says:

We can never get enough of yugioh pack opening

Scott Baker says:

trying to build toon deck, feelsbadman

bookys 123 says:

4!? insect queens nice! But not too bad of a box though

Rafael Mendez says:


darksky1605 says:

Is it normal that nowadays there is always a rare in a pack even if there is a super / ultra ? Or is it just in this edition?

FLIIC says:

I don’t love to hate him, I just hate him. Bad character.

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