Yu-Gi-Oh! Link Strike Starter Deck Unboxing & Review!

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Jerome Peries says:


Scottysnake Gaming says:

I want it plz 😀

ganster wenser says:

No your the best thanks

Sora Shiun'in says:

Did anyone else realize that they changed the cards. They look different compared to the old ones.


that is correct. marauding captain is a lock

Bunnyboy King says:

Well TGS I managed to pick up the Link Strike Starter Deck while at Walmart. And it was the last one. Considering that I’m getting back into Yu-gi-oh after having a blast with Duel Links & Duel Generation to a lesser extent this was pretty much any obvious thing to get so I can get a taste of the new format though I’ve got two problems. One is that I hate that it has Tuners but no Synchro Monsters considering that it’s my personal favorite Summoning mechanic. It added an extra layer of strategy that makes the game more interesting. Even though I’ve got mixed feelings about Link Summoning.

Jake Copus says:

Nice video TGS! Any archetypes you hoping will get link support in the future?

Tuav Xiong says:

Not a fan of Link Monsters… but I am a fan of TGS Anime

ganster wenser says:

Hi you the best

Jerome Peries says:

I was about to sleep, but there was a new TGS Anime vid, so I decided to watch to it, worth it

Thee_ JB says:

I miss the old days back when if u had the blue eyes, you were the king of ur school

ra emperor says:

I like the new look for the field also I love the look of the Link monsters and how they behave but the one problem I have is the fact that it affects all other extra deck monsters. The other extra Deck monsters are restricted so if you don’t have a link monster on the field you can only have one extra Deck monster Synchro, xyz, Fusion. I think I would be more accepting of Link monsters if the arrows that the zones it was pointing to mean you can summon only Link monsters there and the rest of the extra deck where able summon on the main field with no limitations. In my mind Link monsters kind of function like a combination of xyz, and Synchro but besides from the hatred from the new mechanic your channel is awesome!☺

godzillafanboy2 says:

This will probably suck if you are playing something like a pure E-hero deck or trying to play something like an anime/manga character deck like Yusei’s over the nexus deck.

ganster wenser says:

I am getting a Boxted box

Samoht 75 says:

I got it as well

Giwan Tang says:

Now we, and by that I mean Hanoi, are coming for you and your AI @TGS Anime

Snowmon89 says:

1,2,3,4 and 5…

Oh boy, I guess no one told you about the updated rules. You only get 4 cards in your starting hand now, oh and you don’t draw on your first turn, oh and if you have 7+ cards in your hand durring the end step, you must discard until you have 6… These rules piss me off more than Link Summoning does.

Also, it’s kind of sad that they couldn’t even fill up the starter deck with cards from the protagonist, like the original decks could do. Even Jaden had more “elemental heroes” in his deck.

galaxy eyes photon dragon says:

i would like to get playmate of decode talker and firewall that would be awesome,does anyone know how i can get one???

KidKatastrophe2314 says:

The Maurauding Captain loop works similarly to Solar Flare Dragon.

robloxgame bg says:

i just set 6 link monsters in performapal deck and its so good to sommon fusion synchro or xyz monster

ShinyAlakazamPlays says:

Yeah 2 Marauding Captains makes a lock but ONLY for those two. If you have a non-Warrior with the two Marauding Captains on the field, the opponent can attack the non-Warrior. Yay loopholes

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