Yu-Gi-Oh! Link Summoning One Year Later!

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Link Summoning has brought massive changes to the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game over the past year! Today, I want to look back at the game before Link Monsters and Link Summoning were introduced, and analyze the evolution of Link Monsters on a set by set basis to measure their overall impact!

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Celerity Balou says:

Hi cimooooooooo French from Labo here 🙂

My Sims says:

Qui est là depuis la vidéo de DocSeven ?

Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos says:

the Trickstar deck really came into being at the same time as Spyral & prior to our current format it was at it’s best at that time, Borreload+Ningirsu lit made that deck what it was, Trickstar section probably should have been there rather than after Pens which was actually a worse format for the deck, still all in all an excellent video though & for each idividual part of it close to perfect.

This Guy!!! says:

Still hate Links

Marco Szopieray says:

Link monsters are too easy to summon. Mostly if you want to summon your boss synchro, xyz or fusion its far easier and more usefull to just summon link monsters instead. It shouldnt be possible to consistently win in the first turn without giving your opponent a chance. We definetly need some huge changes to the banlist or rules there.

The DarkLord says:


Sir Tachyon says:

I hated zoodiacs for the fact that the concept was to simple for xyz, but I like sky strikers for the fact that their concept makes more sense with the ideals that link summoning was built on.

Kevin Li says:

I feel link summoning is only dominating because they banned or limited everything that wasn’t link summoning and was good. It’s not that link summoning is good, it’s that everything else got hit so absurdly hard competitively that they are essentially unplayable. Zoodiac, True Dacos, and Pendulum Magicians each took multiple hits on the ban list before links started popping up.

On top of that, one of the biggest issues is that a year into the life of link summoning and for something that is now required in older archetypes, we still do not have proper link support for older archetypes. A large portion of link monsters are restricted to the newer archetypes like Cyberse, Gouki, and Trickstar. If you played an archetype that wasn’t dominant competitively in the last year and a half, chances are that you are still sitting and waiting for link support, which is the real problem with the game right now. The OCG has gotten more link support than the TCG, but the TCG has still been left hanging. Cards like Needlefiber have yet to make its way west despite having been released in the OCG almost a year ago.

At least with fusion, synchro, xyz, and pendulum you didn’t need it and decks were not hurt by not having it. If you didn’t need the link arrows to summon additional extra deck monsters, links would be better. But, link monsters are so tied into master rule 4 that they essentially ruined the game for me. Here’s to hoping master rule 5 in 3 years will remove that requirement.

Dark Glass says:

I still hate Links because it made spamming the board much easier because you can just use “X” number of materials instead of summoning good monsters using balancing mechanisms like Ritual spells, Fusion spells, Tuners, *specific* levelled monsters.

I left out Pendulums because that mechanic is super unfair and unbalanced. Pendulums and links are my two most hated mechanics of all time _to date._

mastodon4thewin1991 says:

Link summoning killed yugioh. Just makes the top decks better and fun rogue decks worse

Moe Lord says:

extra link and link climbing is the problem
there will always be over powered archetypes like nightmare so you just have to wait them out, but extra link can result in the game being over before you play a single card and link climbing makes the power houses too easy.
While synchro climbing is a thing at least it had the weakness of the tunner unlike link which makes every deck into zoo.
Firewall was just an idiotic idea for a card and should never have made it past R&D

Arjan Zweers says:

I do have my gripes with link monsters but I see more potential in them than I have gripes with so I’m not really bothered by them. However I strongly dislike master rule 4, since the introduction of master rule 4 I have not been enjoying the game anymore. The main reason is that you can no longer play the previous summoning mechanics to their fullest potential anymore and you lost alot of deck building freedom because you are forced to play link monsters to have proper acces to them. I enjoyed the game because of the freedom you had with deck building, master rule 4 took that freedom away.

Griffin says:

There are only 2 words to describe this: Firewall pass

August Gremaud says:

Haven’t played in a while. Does link summoning still render Quasar combo decks and Bahamut Shark unplayable? Because if so that’s enough for me to never want to pick up my cards again

NexusSpacey says:

5 ads Cimooo? 5!?!? dude…

Metaknight145 says:

I knew extra linking was going to be cancer day one. Was my only problem with the mechanic when it was revealed.

xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx says:

“Not the same game.” he says …..
*looks at any topping deck*
“yup extra deck spam. Looks like the same game to me…..” -_-

Pavle Nikacevic says:

It’s one of the best changes in recent yugioh
But of course they ruined everything by releasing decks that vomit on the board

Hugo D. says:


king_panther cj says:

In my opinion they said link summoning was supposed to slow down the meta but they only made it more expensive and boring to wait for your opponent to finish his move or to negate everything

Bowi says:

Knightmares are the worst edition to this game* 9:39

Jm De Lara says:

The link still ruin the game.XD

Michael Becker says:

Link summoning is fine but now i can’t play Yu-Gi-Oh with my brother because he refuses to use it only so he can spam Fusion exceeds and Synchro monsters that are banned because we play casually and don’t care about the banned rule.

The Poet Boxer says:

One of your better video CIMOOOOOOOO

Jamie Swift says:

Heya Cimoooooo big fan of your channel. i know this has nothing really to do with the point of this video but can you please PLEASE TALK ABOUT WHY EL SHADDOLL CONSTRUCT IS STILL BANNED IN THE TCG! that card is at 2 in the OCG and what is it doing in fact what are shaddolls doing. the current meta with Gouki and sky strikers will not be effected by El Shaddoll Construct coming back. Shaddolls is my favorite deck of all time and construct one of my favorite cards it needs to come back.

Michael Becker says:

And just in case somebody thought I was playing with a broken deck, I’m playing with the Atlantean cards

Kogarasho says:

when link summoning was first announced I was instantly in love with it. 1 year later i feel pretty much the same. I just love how generic links are. they made sooo many cards finally viable. ( i waited 10 years for finally playing lekunga xD)

WARIX says:

Link chancing the game forever.

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