Yu-Gi-Oh! Meta Analysis: May 28, 2018!

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The Yu-Gi-Oh! May 2018 Forbidden & Limited is officially in effect, and this weekend was the first group of Regionals and Nationals taking place under the new banlist! This Meta Analysis will give us a good look at the meta going into the next group of Nationals, as well as YCS New Jersey!

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Fool Tool says:

How can i show a deck list?

DutRank’s Games & Things says:

I didn’t expect Skystrikers to be so popular. I guess people have deep pockets.

Warrior Of Auir says:

Trash meta…

pitukingo says:

Vegas knights..?. Do u live there

The Detective says:

I was playing a brandish engine in my non meta deck on dueling book and the guy I was playing against just quit when I opened up with engage

The deck I was playing?

60 card Celtic Guard deck

Drag says:

Huh i did not thingk that brandish would be to good because at the EU nats i went to none toped. Also gouki won

Anthony Moniz says:

I like your videos as they’re quite informative even though I don’t ever use a meta deck as to me it’s more enjoyable to make and use my own custom deck over most those copied decks. I’ve been a zombie duelist for years now and surprise people with the fact I don’t run Uni-Zombie(primarily due to horrible luck with its pack set and no one being willing to trade me), but it’s such a satisfying feeling to watch their overconfident smirk turn to a sight of horror as I revive an undead army.

fred9136 says:

When will ABC return from the war?

shizo66 says:

where do you get the decks from i wqanna see the draco list

Bzt com2us says:

Finally someone that takes into consideration us Eu players don’t have link kuriboh. Stupid Teamsam comparing OCG to TCG while not even the TCG is the same is plain retarded

Cole Conquest says:

what was 4th place deck ?

Cameron Muller says:

Why do you people watch this, in four or five days he will make a new video on the exact same topic, it’s not even new news.

Enzo4life says:

Still think its wrong by the majority of yugitubers to add a 3rd place fur hire list in a 170+ box tournament to the pie chart, but not include f.e a 1st, 5th and 10th place altergeist after a 250+national swiss, but i am biased as fuck, being the 5th place.

Walter Shoup says:

True was a major top in euro national’s and it had 400+ players. But yeah -_- low player group it will top. Altergiest had 23 in that 400+ and couldn’t top 8. Gokui had a high rep no top 8… trickstar topped 1 in the 8 still lost to the true players. Spyrals didn’t top. Palo topped and was up with true and sky strikers but in Europe palo is a common deck that has been topping a lot past few months

Kriby islife says:

Lmao he put Fur Hire in the meta chart, that’s Comical.

Simone D'angelo says:

I love lair of darkness skystrikers, it’s so funny

CatWise says:

I fucking hate sky strikers

They were only just able to beat my Atlanteans, and we had an overtime of over 35 minutes cuz they had mirror fucking matches

The reason they’re so high on the list, is they had a huge representation together with altergeist

It took the guy I was facing (ended 2-1)
10 minutes in overtime to resolve his spells and get kagari on the field, and then tribute him for.the other dude, the spells didn’t even really do much

Arturo González says:

are you able to obtain recipes from true dracos, trickstar and sky strikers decks

David L. Williams II says:

So activitating Infinite Impermanence, special summoning a monster from your hand, in which that monster special Kirin on crack from the deck during your opponents first turn is not meta at all??……..I don’t get the joke cimo

Ibrahim Tantawi says:

Mermail sekka?

bettercallscholl says:

Brooo, for me as a hockey player and fan it is amazing to see you wear a Vegas Golden Knights shirt. Are you a fan?

Lambda UP says:

No Lair of Darkness:(

James Dobelman says:

*sigh* I miss pend. Magicians being the top deck…

Percy Fighter Redeemed Fighter says:

This year going to be boring. (I just don’t think Sky Strikers is interesting, and i hate trickstars)

Lowe Gule says:

Konami, Please ban or limit engage and hornet bit.

Also leave Trickstar alone.

tifjfekeodocnk ekskxkdlel says:

Where is altergeist ?

ToewsToKane says:

Alex is jumpin right on the Golden Knights hype. I like it. I live in Toronto, have the nhl package on my tv, 10:00 pm starts here, watched every late night Vegas game. Very exciting team and an even bigger accomplishment as a first year expansion team.

nathaniel padden says:

Do you live in Las Vegas btw I was just wondering because I live in Nevada and it would be cool to accidentally meet you

Pascal Simioli says:

Is ABC dead? It’s the only deck I play… Damn.

OmgMrNoob says:

Where could i find the pendulum magician decklist?

Paradarx says:

Any card combo that keeps Sky Strikers from activating spells and removing cards from the graveyard is gonna be worth using.

Enjoi Panda says:

Cimo I just wanted to say I love your shit because that my team and city! #GoKnightsGo

NeoOreos says:

Yes, there should be a Top 8 for Altergeist there. My friend got 7th place at a regional last weekend

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