Yu-Gi-Oh! Missing The Timing Explained!

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Missing the Timing is a concept in Yu-Gi-Oh! that has always caused a lot of confusion. However, today I do my best to explain what Missing the Timing is, how to identify it, and how to use it to your advantage!

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Horse says:

9:36Can you aktivate torrential tribute there? It has also the word when and the last thing that happend was MST.

Rueblie says:

So what you’re telling me is MST negates the effects.

Bigode says:

Most examples of missing timing comes from generic cards, whitch makes sense given the immense amout of effects combinations and such, but Subterros… WHY DOES EVERY BEHEMOTH MISSES TIMING ON HIS OWN ARCHETYPE?! Seriously, it really triggers me that Final Battle is probably the best card in the archetype but causes every Subterror Behemoth monster to miss timing on his special summoning effect.

WTF Konami, they are already slow enough just by being flip monsters then you make their field spell not a Subterror card so it can’t be searched by Guru and Final Battle a continious trap, btw when will Guru hit the TCG? And that link monster…
Anyway, sorry for the rant, nice video as aways, peace.

Epic Dude says:

This is why Cimo is the best channel for new players.

Aiz チャンネル says:

babycerasaurus has very bad effect. show ur deck to ur opponents wth

Samuel Vázquez says:


slavic warrior says:

Hey can someone help me its about card selling?

I have a couple rare card i would like to sell can anyone link me to a site?

Matthew Woolf says:

Wouldn’t Mirror force miss timing as well?

When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: Destroy all your opponent’s Attack Position monsters.

The last effect that happened would be using MST on Mirror Force, not an opponent’s monster declaring an attack, or am I missing something? I’m just trying to learn Yugioh and wanted to make sure of this since it’s another When, not an If.

iBenjamin1000 says:

Re kindling my interest in yugioh when I started college-I was watching 5ds and checking out a card maker forum-and I was reading a lot about the different conjunctions in yugioh card text.

WinterWolf94 says:

So why wouldn’t torrential not miss the timing? It’s a “when”.

Beccachu92 says:

Missing the timing has been such a huge issue for me, as it has been for the others I’ve seen comment here.

Mainly with me it’s when it comes to using Bottomless versus say…pendulums or Goukis…or some other card my friend played and said since it was sent to the graveyard first, he can use their GY effects. Bottomless is an ‘if’ effect…so I’m left scratching my head.

Likewise using good ol’ AOJ Catastor against say….Chocolate Magician Girl. Catastor is an ‘if’ as is Chocolate. Who wins out? Friend said Chocolate wins out because Catastor’s timing is at start of the Damage Step. Scratching my head on that one. Again.

Last one, and probably the one that made the most sense….when I’m attacking Dark Magician with say, Daedalus, and then he uses Apprentice Illusion Magician to boost Dark Magician. Pretty sure DM/Appr win out but that happened literally right after the Catastor vs Chocolate.

Missing the timing is….horrendous sometimes.

Gilbert Galvez says:

Thank You Cimo this is very useful

FinishingTouch says:

That’s some good cocain shit the Konami employees are having. Need me some of that

Blake Talberth says:

Thanks for this

Damon1707 says:

So how can you tt the yang zing if you activate mst as cl2? Tt has a when effect to act8vate so surely it can activate if the last chain link wasn’t the summon?

Abdulkadir Kütük says:

the yang zing combo wont work because mst negates the torrential.^^

Prophetless772 says:

Video starts at 0:56

omega5040 says:

If effects activate after resolution. For example I activate darklight, trubute a dark monster I control as cost to do a board wipe. I can chain Darkest Diabolos after the effect, to summon itself after the board wipe because he has if a monster was tributed.
It would go like so, pay cost to activate (tribute) > do board wipe > chain effect to summon

AwesomeNES says:

So, what you’re telling me is…. MST NEGATES

Otangaku D Yokeman says:

Thank you soooooooooooooooo much <3 this is one of my best video that I watched here tbh <3 thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much <3

YGO G1NG3R says:

This video literally solved the most confusing part of ygo for me thank you very much

SPARK The Great says:

Doesn’t torrential have a When effect or is that different?

Kingus Dingus says:

thank you dzeeff

timaeus22222 says:

This was really well-explained. I actually learned from this, despite knowing about 75% of what you said beforehand! Thanks to you, this article can now finally make more sense! (to me, anyway)

「Biggest Dreamer!」 says:

Thank you so much for this video, Cimo! I’ve been playing this game since I was 9, and timing with effects is still something that confuses me.

Alessandro Mazzacani says:

Awesome video! I already knew some things about missing the timing, but didn’t know about the “then” interaction. Like someone already suggested, it would be great to see something regarding battles, like Damage step and all those obscure sub-phases.

Also, thanks Youtube for the five (Goddamn, FIVE) ads you gave me in this video. If it wasn’t for good youtubers like Cimoooooooo I would have already uninstalled the app.

Michael Ngo says:

Could you throughly explain choosing your chain links? Like forcing your opponent to only be able respond to the latest chain. For example, using two gouki monsters (Suprex & Twistcobra) to make Isolde. CL 1 Isode effect, CL 2 Suprex, and CL 3 Twist Cobra.

Joey Famiano says:

so I can’t use goblin zombie’s effect if I synchro with him?

Max_Well 77 says:

Timing is like arguing semantics, Konami should rule cards do wat they say

Alen Hamzić says:

ty Cimoooooooo, been waiting for such a video for a long time 😀

Alan Castro says:

My fav video till now CIMO, probably an examples of meta decks and missing time would be nice too.


Can you activate dupe frog in response to enemy controller activation? (If opponent didnt respond)

Bakiasi Noel says:

Please explain “When a monster would be summoned/special summoned” for example why u can’t strike a magic or trap card special summon please Cimo

Ma Xi says:

Why can u activate TT? Its a when eff and the last thing that happened was activating mst not the summon?

Epsio0 says:

If i solemn strike a dupe frog that gets special summoned, does the dupe frog still get it’s “when” effect?

Jimmy says:

“Before we get into the meat” XD

Eric Nintze Jr says:

i would love to have a list before 200 to shake up the meta going into mile stone weekend with the 200 ycs… only we can hope..

TheGamecubeBourgeois says:

how to explain missing the timing?
-it’s fucking dumb

DuelingNetwork100 says:

A few additions to the explanations:
“After” has the same implications as “then” (which was kind of explained with Goblindbergh despite you claiming it said “then” when it clearly does not say “then”).
The reason you cannot activate Dupe Frog in response to Enemy Controller in the example given at about 7:30 to anyone questioning it is that Trigger Effects have a Spell Speed of 1, so they cannot activate in response to other effects (except in a specific ruling case regarding multiple Trigger Effects). You might say this contradicts the use of Torrential Tribute in response to MST but that is not the case because Torrential Tribute has a Spell Speed of 2 (for being the activation of a Trap Card). The rules of “missing the timing” do not work the same, but rather the condition of Torrential Tribute needs a monster being summoned to be the last thing before the current chain to occur. It’s kind of the same thing, but not really.

TheMasterMoxxic says:

There is zero reason why a card shouldn’t do what it says

jack slayer says:

yea but if i try to explain this at my locals i just know that those salty ass players will just say i’m making it up

Daniel Simpson says:

Stupid question, but can you make torrential miss timing?

Strider says:

you know you’re fucked at locals when you hear your first opponent say “farfa effect activates”

Yamamoto Takeshi says:

Cimooo is a great yugioh instructor

Mut4ntG4m3r says:

thanks, very informative 🙂

MystoganZero says:

I have a question tho.. if ur chain blocking suanni which has a when effect, how can torrential trigger? Doesnt it have a when as well?

Pierre Shi says:

AHHHHH man FINALLY know wth is missing timing thank you lord amen :’)

Kyoki the Reckless says:

Next time on Cimoooo, He explains the legendary and savior of many cards and effects, the damage step.

Z -ONE says:

Basically something like Emissary of the Afterlife

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