Yu-Gi-Oh! Mystery Power Box Ancient Legacy Review

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r4ndom says:

aliens got powercrept but a-cell was good for a bit in duel links.

Brutaltronics says:

Aliens were meta in DuelLinks when they came out, now it’s more of a rogue deck. still fun to play.

volt gaming says:

aw hell yes a box opening

3PilaresDeOz says:

great box opening channel

yukureimu says:

Noot a POCK opeening chanel

Wolfe KuPo says:

Subterror Guru >>>>>> Fluffal Patchwork

Angel Torres says:

Yes, that Alien card is a staple in Alien decks in Duel Links

Azure Kite says:

This isn’t a pack opening channel, it’s a pack *review* channel, learn the lore you guys

aryzo says:

_t h e m e m e s w r i t e t h e m s e l v e s_

TheTrueLeafless says:

I see Aliens, I click…I miss ’em….

The Detective says:

Is it me or does the mat look bad?

wolfloverify says:

Aliens are probably teir 2 in duel links. Theres a lot of decks better then them.

lolbro lolus says:

Just to clarify im not a pack opening channel he said…

Dreary doll says:

*not a box opening channel*

Jordan Peschel says:

Can confirm, Aliens are / were quite good, and a very cheap deck in Duel Links

Selbstzerstörungsknopf says:

8:02 oh you pulled me! Good old SELBSTZERSTÖRUNGSKNOPF

Mikey Hynes says:

Pack opening channel sellout

Prokrastiautistische Aktion says:

Can you make a video about Shooting Riser Dragon? Is it worth the summoning?

Ash Forehead says:

Not a pack opening channel but a power opening channel

cesar osuna says:

Like for one month

Dominic Martin Antonio says:

Recombination is the core of Aliens decks in Duel Links! Though they have fallen out of the meta a bit for the past month with the release of the new boxes and event cards

Kevin says:

how come yugioh boxes and wrappings are always so inferior to Pokemon and majick? Pokemon pack’s are freaking foiled

Nyhmnim says:

>Revolution, Alliance and Destruction

Okay there Mr. English Degree

Asylum Gaming says:

Review(Opening on the low)

Mark Kirchner says:

So crazy you remember the caribou dzeeff

Mr. Zark says:

You can admit that you love opening packs and you are using the channel as an excuse to buy these things just to open more packs
it’ll be our little secret, dzeef

alen vukovič says:

you got 6 packs not 5

12adwhetsel says:

open my packs daddy

wally4 golly says:

Anyone else get the next video as “I’m Done Opening Yu-Gi-Oh! Mystery Power Boxes”?

red light says:

dzeeff has embraced the pack opening channel meme

Pyrogamer HD says:

Not a pack opening Channel but “D Cubed”

JadeHex says:

Muck-luck-luck-yak Muck-luck-luck-yak Muck-luck-luck-yak Ooooooooh Caribou!

GameShark9000 says:


Mikey Hynes says:

Pack opening channel sellout

Angel Poibrenski says:

“A” cell recombination device really is amazing for me in duel links

Spacefreak777 says:

why isnt this video titled “YuGiOh BEST!!! Mystery Power Box Ancient Legacy Opening”??
gotta use that teamsam click bait

tim5fl says:

Also want to point out that a bigger Yugituber Anime Impact has officially quit Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links.

GalacticSheep says:

Aliens are pretty alright in Duel Links if you’re against someone that just doesn’t read cards

Spongebob Belcher says:

I feel like Konami is ruining Duel Links with Box realeases and powercreep. P.S. Aliens are currently not really good in Duel Links, they are like Tier 2 or 3.

Dreary doll says:

yes, alien were good when they came out but then immedialy got powercreeped wth the next pack.

Rasengan says:

Oh boy, a *B O X O P E N I N G*

CAX117 says:

You can feel when you pick these up, which ones weigh more, so those will come with a bonus mega pack

Sir Grim Locksmith VIII says:

Aliens are a pretty good budget deck in Duel Links given how almost every card in it is a rare or a common, including A Cell Recombination Device. However, it’s only rogue status at best given how you need to keep your opponent’s monsters alive to distribute A Counters, leaving your opponent with potential advantage.

Dreary doll says:

Sylvan are no longer top tier
They got power creeped by amazoness and spellbook

Frank Horrigan says:

recombination is a must have for alien decks in duel links

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