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Windson Ma says:

And as for what I think about the Speed Duals Decks. It’s Not Perfect but it’s still Good to play the Biggest Complaints I have about it are. In order to Use those Decks to there Max is to Buy Multiple Copies and Create your Perfect Character Decks in my opinion. But what I do like about it is Not Only the Skill Cards do Add An interesting Mechanic to the game, but also I can’t speak for everyone else but Not only it feels like you’re Literally Playing Dual Links Offline and Not only it was fun do have all of these Fantasy Match Ups Against Characters and Not Only I feel like the Said Characters when Using their Decks but also it’s a Nice Break from the Master Game. And to top it all off it Makes an Excellent Hands On Tool for Returning and or New Players Alike in Terms of Teaching them the Basics of the Game With out the Cray and Overwhelming Extra Monster and Pendulum Zones Respectively at least for now. But on a side Note I was Kind of starting to Not really Get Bored but right Now as of this Comment I’m at this Point where I feel I have this Been There Done That Attitude towards that game its even got to the point where I have started to take All Three Skill Cards from the Chosen Deck that I want to use for that Dual and Randomly Pick One after placing them on the Ground to Pick. I guess I just have been playing so much since Buying it back when it was First Released to Retail Stores that I Needed to take A Break Even From This.

InfantryStrife says:

Hey does the witch cloth playmat have extra witches on the other side ?

Endymion, the Master of Memes says:

Desert twister first came out in tactical evolution. Loved playing that card. Still have my 3 first edition ultimate rares of that card.

Boston Lamb says:

Konami felt the need to put “This card is not treated as a Crystal card” on violet crystal…

Herr Jon says:

If you decide to play Duel Links, ya boy Shi En is going to be released there soon

Stephen G says:

Most expensive card in the set is Sphere Kuriboh. Right now it’s around $30, nearly the cost of an entire box of the set 🙁

Paulie Walnuts says:

Lol “spear kuriboh”

Allan Gill says:

apparently even call of the haunted is broken now

Eliji, the Freemage says:


SlyMoore94 says:

Can we expect some speed duel deck profiles soon?

Gerardo Vergara says:

It’s duelist kingdom first then later battle city in the other season

Nicholas Caljean says:

Sphere kuriboh is a great pull

Stuart Sandoval says:

For the expensive card in my opinion is blue eyes ultimate dragon

Shadowknight7287 says:

i’m really not sure why you need to play the specific speed duel cards in speed duels. they have the same effects right? like what’s the difference?

BrokeCollegeYGO says:

Hey Sam could you design or get the people that make the mats to do a Borreload Dragon vs Firewall Dragon mat? I’d definitely buy that

Byronous II Robinson says:

The guy in Common Charity isn’t a Monster Card, he just appears in Heart of the underdog and Common Charity.

Gerardo Rodriguez says:

If anyone want Season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX to be dubbed, then sign this petition, here’s the link for the petition, https://www.change.org/p/4k-media-inc-make-yu-gi-oh-gx-season-4-dubbed

Ryan Martinez says:

Call of the haunted is about $20

Shevroulette XD says:

I legit heard him say “Shout outs to Hasurama”

SelfReassuringTitle says:

Star Pack without the stars

reactklutchez says:

Is this set out and available to buy right now?

Blackmamba4798 says:

I love how he started to misspell michizure 2 times but stopped once he realized he wasn’t spelling it right.

Ryan Martinez says:

Sphere kuriboh is the most expensive. Like $40

zoro says:

“Shout out to hashirama, the first hokage”…. I understand what you did there bro!!!

Arthur Hilgert says:


Windson Ma says:

It’s actually A Tie Between Mountain and Polymerization and Yami

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel says:

Thank you for sharing.

Michael says:

Plz start duel links

Raymond Baker says:

Kinda lost respect when he pronounced bonz wrong lol

Josh Kernel says:

KING OF THE SKULL SERVANTS SUPER RARE WHAAAAAT?!?!?! I NEED IT I used to run 60 card skull servants back when grass was still a thing and I kinda want to bring the deck back now

Ajlan Camović says:

destiny draw and gam gamble are my fv

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