Yu-Gi-Oh! NEW Legendary Duelist Sisters of the Rose Box Opening & Review! MAI, AKIZA, ALEXIS!

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T.C. Prime says:

Slow but not that slow pack opening

pappy1994 chef says:

I would love this box set of cards in my house

Jalen Jamar says:

At bare minimum at least separate the holos so you can do a recap at the end.

Malici0u5 Intent says:

Fast Pack opening. If I so choose, I can pause the video to read the cards, or look them up.

omar suarez says:

you dont have the deck in max rarity when cyber harpie lady is not secret

houa xiong says:

whats the song at the end?

Audecity Shock says:

When a set is so bad, that the best cards are train support.

Seminal Zachary says:

I wanna see a new Cyber Angel deck profile. Been playing them for a long time

Adam Chavez says:

What I don’t like with you. Is that you don’t separate holos or rares. It like triggers me lmao.

Will Campbell says:

One problem I did find with this set is that they missed an opportunity to reprint Harpie’s Feather Duster so it can possibly come back in the TCG. The did reprint Delinquent Duo in LCK and it is still banned so……

GeeksNotFreaks says:

I did an opening for these too! Art works really nice but what’s your thoughts ?

tripdavis24 says:

Can I buy the rose dragon support off of you ? Please pm me on facebook. It Ryan trippy d price. I’m a huge fan and would love to buy it off you as well as possibly get a card signed . If not I understand tho!

Caleb Rivera says:

17 minutes is 5 minutes too long. Either go faster or make the video show only when you get the good cards of a set

Slayerthecrow says:

And meanwhile, I’m still waiting for good harpie support.

Wyn the Rogue says:

Well it’s about time the ladies got a bit of love! When I started playing I was 16 and was pretty bummed I couldn’t find a starter deck for Mai in existence,now we finally get one for her,Aki and Asuka! Now if they do character decks for VRains they just need Aoi/Blue Maiden and Emma/Ghost Girl and we are in like flint!

Windson Ma says:

I would love to say Fast but I think it’s Best Slow Opening is Best.

Edgard Rodriguez says:

Check this out
It pays for person that joins

Rahul S. says:

Train deck profile?

Fox611 says:

Yo what do you want for the black rose dragon

Wind says:

bro I smashed the like button so hard, it also unliked it. Had to get my mom to gently clicked the like button. Keep doing what your doing brother. Maybe One day I’ll meet ya! I live in the area. All the best to you brother. 1 Mill Subs by the end of this year!

Luis Joel says:

You do a 2 deck combo with elemental HERO and Luna light

James Sunderland Seventh says:

Slow pack opening on the start , then fast half way through

Jay Ghost says:

“Bikini…” lol.

cHo TiMe says:

Can you do a Lunalight OTK deck profile ? i can help you with that with the best possible decklist !

NewToYoutube says:

And ofc the Harpies are censored…. #KomoneyPleaseStawp!

LDS gaming says:

slow pack opening

Zorcome Productions says:

so many amazing cards! I always love your unboxing the best

Ian Koetting says:

You think Urgent Schedule could do some work in an Ancient Gear Deck?

BlastIos Bropsn says:

Does this box have imperm or is it the next 1

Alec Buckley says:

Black Rose 2019 Deck would be so lit….Anti-meta?

Mohammed Aziz says:

you should go over only the new cards, read the effect and show us the card and after that you can speed through the box

xmindxblownx 69 says:


Brett Wallace says:

So, the trains are not short? Well that is nice.

ShadowPlayz says:

Can’t wait to run Trains again >:)

Kenzo Tuber Yugioh says:

Slow pack opening

Shoebob Boxrob says:

Please please please please please train profile!!!!

khayam ali says:

The lack of secret rares

Istvan Mîtcă says:

Cyber angel izana just got censored.

king waffle says:

Train deck

caleb james says:

Fast pack

akame ! says:

There the alaxis big tits box

Broom Hands says:

Feels like it’s on x2 speed

Kidshocker87 says:

So much bricking in these packs man

LiveAnotherAnime says:

Stick with fast for pack openings. Your deck profiles are better for reading off new cards.

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