Yu-Gi-Oh! NEW September 2018 Banlist Review!

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We finally got an update to the Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden & Limited Cards list for the TCG! But it’s a bit… weird. Let’s check it out!

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Richard Welch says:

Im sure this information is out there somewhere, but what does “APS” stand for?

Dzevida Hrustic says:

I don’t get it, why supreme king dragon starving venom would be banned ? Clear wing is better and isn’t even limited as I saw

Dragon James says:

Danger! Danger!

Krystle Barnes says:

R.I.P. Stratos meme. I feel like putting together a meme memorial video….or a MEMEmorial….I’ll see myself out. The cricket in the background approves of your video.

TheMregglet says:

What are ABC players gonna do now? 🙁

Gabeinator says:

As a D/D/D player, this banlist is lit

Poly Rolf says:

Why does everyone think thunder dragons can use super poly? Thunder dragons require thunder monsters as fusion material which only thunder dragon decks will play, the only reasons I can think to consider playing super poly in thunder dragons is for the invoked variant or in the mirror match (or if you really want to play mudragon).

spacefucker says:

still no construct, that shit hurted

MGK says:

Not really into the meta but kinda mad A Hero Lives got limited because im building a toadally heroes deck. Happy at the same time because i can use stratos instead


As someone who plays a pure mill deck, I feel like card destruction and morphing jar will put mill decks back on the map. That, and the fact that the didnt touch trickstar reincarnation means that mill decks may become a thing again and i wont be the only one in the world who plays one!

Yugiohdeckmaster says:

Keep in mind Paul goblin prevented targeting with Co linked cards so no extra summon and makes outing a extra link lot easier

Chyler Carr says:

I play toons…fuck me and my too ass guess I’ll just die fucking semi limited shit Terra. Next they’ll ban Toon Table because it’s used in spam decks

Zeroforce14 says:

yes! Terraforming to 2

wyatt dunn says:

Konami giveth and Konami taketh away

Wyser Wiler says:

I keep hearing a consistent cricket-like noise from the video.

Dragon James says:

I always thought super polymerization was a hero only card when i was a kid.

David Fisher says:

everyone sleeping on how much burial is gonna help zombies >.>

aaronmoreton says:

I like the list. I feel as if a few things were missing from it. But the changes will tip the decks around. Gouki can extra link but takes too much so the punishment is invoked masked heros of gouki summons anything its gone and most likely lose. Invoked masked heros really will be one of the top decks out there. Altergest didnt get a hit that they would mind however with this i would hope someone would revive dark hero where jinzo was used and see how they fair then. Dark world danger is like every darkworld. It just makes you think twice about sets and using card destruction. Hornets hit i think isn’t enough i have seen a pure sky striker without hornet its basically same deck. I feel as if we could lose it completely.

tylerdragon00 says:

Limiter removal at 2? I love my ancient gears

Logical Juan says:

Limiter Removal broke its limits and was removed from the banlist.

David Torres says:

They will hit firewall when the new mechanic is introduced. Konami always hits the old mechanic so the new one can shine

cardea jackson says:

Paul: The meme can finally die that’s all I’m saying about that.. and moves on.. XD

Gabe Peraza says:

i left the game back in 2012 when stratos was banned because i had a fun gate heroes deck. good to see my boi back

phantombloodsoul says:

fuck the band list stupid mother fuckers making omega hand loops with stupid new junk support fn stupid you tubers posting it fuck everyone

aaronmoreton says:

As for the reasoning for firewall not banned is due to we dont have cyberse clock dragon yet. Once that comes firewall is goimg byebye. On that list we know stratos will go back ban due to stratos return is for the hero decks being released. And hero lives will return to 3. As for excition playtest sets excition the same as evenly match so its a little better only because you have a 1900 beater. I hope enough support for tellars shows. I know tellars can make excition and sit pretty.

Zero Ace says:

So why did you leave the tap running while recording this?

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

I do like it a lot though.

Habertod says:

called by the grave needs to get banned. we need to make going second easyer, not harder

C63 S AMG says:

super poly but no construct : (

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