Yu-Gi-Oh! Official OCG April 2018 Banlist + TCG Implications!

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The April 2018 OCG Banlist has been officially released! With major hits to Pendulum Magicians, Plant FTK, and even staple hand traps, do you think this list foreshadows any changes in the TCG?

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cocos hmimo says:

But how can we believe an April 1st banlist >.>

Frost says:

Do you guys not know that E Hero Solidman exists

Nick Allen says:

Cimoooooooo…Grinder Golem is searchable in Gouki’s with Magical Contract Door (hand your opponent a Gravity Lash, it’s a card that goes in Goukis and is dead against them)

Marcel Rost says:

infernoid liar of darkness 60 card with 3 grass 3 monstergate and 3 leftarm is basicly t0 nowayyyyy its not op its good first and second it creates boards it deals with boards… its just op as hell

Deforce says:


李子涵 says:

There is only one type of monarchs.
You mean 0EX with Domain?
No, I mean Magical Explosion.

FCRN96 says:

Construct should just go to 2 and have El fusion go back to 2. Its an overpowered card when its summoned but its so easy to deal with. With Winda and Construct at one the deck just crumbles so easily and all the fake card advantage you get leads to nothing.

YugiPenguin says:

Don’t need patheism at 3, semi limited perhaps but the amount of times you can recycle the card even at one is 4-5 times in a duel especially with edea.

Firespawnie says:

Honestly even at full power monarchs cannot compete really well vs decks like True Draco,Pendulum Magicians,Dinos,Lightsworn etc…

Jarrod Walker says:

Construct to 3
*Mic drop*

Ferdi I says:

who remembers infernity? they where fun to play, I think at least they should return archfiend to 3 🙁

fr G says:

You work for Konami you’re always spot on with everything

djblue056 says:

Hey Cimoo so I have a question. And this is for anyone else that reads this as well. I went to target walmart and toysrus and I see no yugioh cards anywhere. All I see are pokemon cards and magic cards. I don’t even know anyone that uses pokemon cards. I even went to two of my local card stores and both of them said they don’t sell yugioh cards. I was like WTF??! Like I just don’t understand why stores have packed sections of pokemon and magic cards and like a tiny slot of yugioh, or nothing at all. It took me forever to find legendary collection kiaba and walmart had only 1 and it was underneath all the other crap. Honestly I just want to know why yugioh cards are so hard to buy in stores nowadays and where I can buy yugioh cards now. A friend of mine suggested ordering online but its expensive. If you want to make a video about it Cimooo that would be cool. or just answer back thanks!

Bruno Barbieri says:

Maybe they put judgement in the semilimited list because nowadays there are so many negations in pretty much every single deck, so they wanted to give the ones that don’t have any negation a chance to play against that… I dunno, might be stupid, but I feel lile that makes sense (even though i realize that they are giving that to everyone)

Jakob B. says:

If they dont bring monarchs back with the next list….
I move to Japan

Average Player3 says:

Konami Japan: get it? Banlist on April fool’s day?? It’s a jo-
Everyone else: :HYPE TRAIN:


full powered monarch here piss people off too much

Daniel Parason says:

They have Domain at1 i think

Guilherme Souza says:

Scorpio was a problem because searches Brillant Fusion ( and a lot of Fusion shit. and Lonefire was extra copies of Scorpio ..

The SILLY luchadore of db says:

It’s not full power monarchs cuz erebus is limited

M. Strongsole says:

monster gate at 3 for infernoids <3 avarice at 3 in 60 card zombiesworns can potentially help.

Joe Chapman says:

Lonefire shouldn’t be hit here

Matthew Stephens says:

Give us security dragon and I’ll 100% use grinder. (I play mekk knight and i still don’t want it without security lol.)

buzz101115 says:

It would be nice if the next Tcg banlist they would bring construct back, the monarch support and kozmo Dark destroyer to the simi list. Having those decks simi playable again would be awesome

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