Yu-Gi-Oh! Official OCG January 2019 Banlist + TCG Implications!

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The January 2019 OCG Banlist has been officially released! With over 20 cards affected by the list, LOTS of changes will be coming. But do you think this list foreshadows any changes to the TCG Forbidden and Limited list?

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Anthony Luares says:

why hit altergeist if they have a good matchup against thunder dragons? it doesn’t make any sense to me. wth. what they should hit is thunder dragons imo. (i play other decks as well, but i love altergeist too, so don’t @ me)

Max Forrest says:

I think a better hit to strikers would be the multiroll to 1- rather than the link

Por_Qwa says:

Imagine waiting more than a year for your link monster to drop.

tacogamer1 says:

Damn…If Glow-Up Bulb gets banned in the TCG, might as well kiss my synchros goodbye.

Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos says:

I hope we never lose bulb, I like teching beast/barkion

Aljiti says:

The video great and all but y’all take a min to ponder over the Cimooooooo intro. Pretty dope

Megálopros says:

if they wanted to hit sky strikers they could have just limited engage…not kagari, wtf are they supposed to do on their 2nd turn?

RK Auz says:

I’m interested to see if guardragons become anything in the OCG. They haven’t done much over there from what I’ve seen

Alice Shiki says:

Oh? They hit firewall there too? I was kinda expecting it after seeing it hit here, seems like they were really able to convince Shueisha to allow the ban of the card~

Looking forward to see how big will be our next banlist~

Kuriboy13 555 says:

Wait why they hit chronograph ?wow how am I going to play pendulum magician?

Sebastián González says:

I don’t like that they completely kill decks in a format that already has variety. You struggle and invest money in a deck just to see how the kill it and just wait many years in case one day it comes back….

Faze Mint says:

Tempest is coming back awesome


Knightmare goblin banned good luck trying to U link Gouki

Fro says:

I just wanted to say, since no one else is saying it. OCG DOES NOT even have “dangers” yet. Also, trickstar reincarnation, card of demise, ash blossom, gold sarc, among others are all also in different standings in ocg land and have been for quite some time. My point is they have an entirely different game than we do. While this list does reflect some of our recent hits here, because honestly they are necessary, our list is completely different to say the least and their new BL additions only further the distance between our games. Dont be so fast to react to their list, we are hardly playing the same game at this point. Do you really think that konami will hit 40+ cards on our next list and import/export the remaining 150+ region exclusives to bring us closer in the OCG/TCG? Not any time soon my friends.

Teh Divide says:

That moment of has full power ba and we don’t they got 3 Cir 3 Graff 3 Beatrice

CallMeNevermore says:

Haha, Needlefiber will get banned in the OCG before we even get him and he just got the best level 1 tuner in the game banned. Sky Strikers has always been an intricate control deck to me and seeing Kagari get limited outright kills the deck.

Chris Jones says:

Anyone else listening to this while playin warframe fortuna?

Nicholas Carpenter says:

Give us this list!

Narf D. says:

Phoenix Blade’s ban is so powerful. With Phoenix Blade Gouki could extra link you with 4-5 card still in hand while using the Knightmare-effects. Now, they end on an extra link with 0-2 cards in hand. That kills their already pretty poor ability to recover completely.

Whigs98 says:

So are tuners going to die from Needlefiber’s sins as have monsters did for Firewall?

X naM ageM Reversed says:

Nice vid cimo, when do you think you’ll make the top 5 budget deck vid? I’m really looking forward to it.

Isaiah says:

Aw man, sky striker didn’t deserve that. It seems like they’ve really cooled down compared to a few months ago.

YGO_FANS says:

they limit multifaker cuz there is new support is comnig

Nazumii Kuroni says:

Most likely hitting everything so the next set in the Ocg (dark something) sells top tier decks

Shinmo__ says:

Now… As a pendulum player. I AM biased… I understand that, but I don’t think chronograph should be touched over here in tcg-land. Astrograph couldve potentially been hit to 1 and we would have been okay, electrumite is at 1, which helps make the deck less broken(since I abuse the hell outta the pendulum summoning) but chronograph is fine, he doesnt search and without multiple electrumite, looping chronograph doesnt help nearly as much, so… Komoney, please keep my dude at 3 =)

Castle Clasher123 says:

Altergeist manifestation has a different effect in the OCG. Thats why they got a hit. I don’t think in the TCG will the same happen.

Titansnake Historic says:

Number 95 got banned because of gandora ftk

MrNettoon says:

Why the hell does the OCG get all this good shit ?

Unrep says:

Damn i love dark matter

Invincible Salads says:

yeah i don’t wanna see the TCG copy the OCG, i hate ban lists that kill off decks just because they’re good and being used a lot. Less hits to play maker cards and consistency cards and more hits to Degenerate cards. Keep the decks strong but prevent them from being completely stupid, and introduce cards back to the older decks so they can keep up as well.

Aaron Heininger says:

Well I’m stopping playing Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m tired of playing a game that has to get hit every year. I understand that they need to make money and ruining decks are there only way. But whatever it’s tiring and expensive to keep up with.

Joe Qiao says:

Needlefibre going to 1 is mostly due to Penmags and Zefras running 2 copies (especially penmags). They run 2 because they can use one to make board turn 1 and use another turn 3 to go into a easy borrelsword for otks.

Kirk Sullivan says:

Twenty-four cards … god damn

Chemicalist says:

Nothing surprising about us getting a bigger banlist. We have Savage Strike already, and a lot of our top decks have been around too long. Meanwhile, you guys can still afford to have a few months of Thunder Dragons lol.

RBXV3 says:

So this is really how Glow Up Bulb became Glow Up Bloom

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