Yu-Gi-Oh! OLD SCHOOL Pack Opening- Legend of Blue-Eyes and Metal Raiders!!!

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Alejandro says:

They have these t Walmart right now?

Edward Underhill says:

Awesome man.

Leonardo Domingos says:

Metal raiders is a awesome pack!

Scott Baker says:

How many walmarts do you have to go to, to find these? I checked 2 no luck on older stuff

Stephen Kissoon says:

Awesome video, never get fed up of these. even the reprinted versions.

JamesBond00797 says:

Apparently they have Legendary collection 3 packs in these now. And I saw the Konami crew managed to find these with original unlimited metal raiders packs.

Advocate says:

it’s like a double opening

SnuggThugg says:

yeah i bought almost all of these at my walmart

黑傑克 says:


SuperCloudSeven says:

My two favorite boosters of all time

Genaro Guerrero says:

Thanks for opening lob

PkmnTrainerMario says:

I actually got a fake card from one of these. lol

Wesley Tomsky says:

Man LOB was a trash set. If you don’t pull a holo you wasted your money. MRD at least has some cool commons

Mr. Moose says:

Picked up an IOC the other day and got a manticore of darkness. Pretty decent but ya, the cards definitely look A LOT different than unlimited originals from the time. Especially foils

Mage of Ancients says:

I underestimated how valuable old schools cards like these would eventually be. Especially the Bamboo Swords.

franrc265 says:

Legendary collection came out in 2010

Danger! Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel says:

I dont like opening the reprint packs all that much, but sometimes you can get lucky and the pack will be a Euro print of Metal Raiders. They are unlimited, but are not the LC01 ones and they even have the old konami logo. – Danger!

RigMaster says:

Wait you can buy these from WALMART? That’s cool. I’ve been looking around online and whatnot for some unlimited LOB and MRD packs here in Australia and I can’t find ANYTHING, unless I pay tons of money for boxes off ebay (shipping can get pretty costly). Can anyone from Australia please recommend where is the best place to buy some of the early/mid 2000s boosters? I want to open some mainly for the nostalgia factor so they can be unlimited, I don’t mind.

jose meza says:

Bought one the other day. Pulled a Monster reborn. Felt dope.

NickyOSRS says:


TikenJCN says:

A summoned skull because he is so cool. xd

condorman3 says:

I opened one of these and got a Gaia the dragon champion. I compared it to my original unlimited one. How can you tell the difference? I can’t see the difference in these ones or the original unlimited. Someone maybe can fill me in?????

KurtOfEngland says:

We dont have walmart in the UK, i think it could be a blessing really.
Great content as always OSE.

Yu-Gi-Old! says:

I’m a big fan of these. You can definitely tell the difference between original unlimited and these cards but still nice to open old packs. They should do it for GX as well

Cyberdemon531 says:

Wish I lived closer to a walmart, these look so fuckin’ cool.

G. Exposito says:

Did you play Duel Links?

Juan Da9 says:

I bought some the other day and got a pp01 red eyes black metal dragon as the random card

Vivid Joey says:

I recently bought 2 of these blue eyes packs and both of them had a raigeki in there.

Asylum Gaming says:

Lies wheres that MetalRaiders lol

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