Yu-Gi-Oh! Savage Strike Spoilers Have Finally Arrived!

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With the Savage Strike sneak peek less than a week away, Yu-Gi-Oh! players were getting anxious as to what rarities and new cards we had to look forward to in the new set. But today we finally received the spoilers for Savage Strike, so let’s see what the set has in store!

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JayStapes says:

gosh…really hope Pot of Extravagance doesn’t get over hyped and become a $200 card…

Audecity Shock says:

How do these have the English versions already?

DanelerH says:

We finally got Guru! I’ve been waiting so long for this!

Clovis senpai says:

3:00 omg i feel dumb now how didnt i notice that

Dustin Brown says:

I’m upset because we didn’t get Needlefiber.

Robert Lane says:

Witches strike for the Saladmangreat mirror boys

Connor Ferguson says:

Why is trickstar dividas a ultra rare. The card is garbage.

Maximillion Chaoswolf says:

wow this all sounds pretty great. also didnt realize trickstars has not gotten their honest until now.

Connor Furniaux says:

Where is the orcust support?

iBenjamin1000 says:

time theief redoer is a hard sell compared to the entire rank 4 toolbox but it appears completely generic so it’d be interesting if the time thieves or redoer find any place in the meta.

Video Games & Yu-Gi-Oh says:

*Nice Subterror Guru is coming out in Savage Strike !!!*

James Bridge says:

Apart from Psychic Wheelder, there isn’t really anything in here that would upgrade my decks. I think I’ll be saving up for Duel Power and Dark Neostorm.

cameraREDeye says:

Well, setting everything else aside, this new Time Thief archetype was literally dropped on us out of left field. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

Of course their Xyz Monster is really cool in its design. An effect that activates depending on the type of card (Monster, Spell, or Trap) is detached from it? Hell yeah, I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot.

Also I have one thing to say about anyone crying and bitching in the comments section about no Needlefiber in Savage Strike: fuck you, and fuck Needlefiber too. We don’t need it yet, so shut up and enjoy the set for what it has to offer.

C101: Darkcode Talker says:

Can’t wait to get my hands on Borreload Savage Dragon and Cyberse Quantum Dragon.

Championmarx says:

I like how this time the anti kaiju is actually an anti kaiju. You kaijued me? Nope my thing comes right back and now since I summoned anti thunder king to my field you can’t kaiju me any more ether

Federico Alex says:

Time thief for me will be good at azathot locking

carl pielord says:

I thought they would release odd eyes wing dragon in savage strike since they released ddd doom king armageddon in soul fusion but no that would make too much sense

Haris Kovacevic says:

Did I miss it or is Lone Wolf missing from the set? I think it came in SAST in the OCG.

Kevin Bibow says:

Do we Not get Violet chimera and some Other salamangreat support in this Set ?
Because I can hardly think that they would Print Violet chimera as a Common

Random Guy With Big Nose says:

Mecha Thunder King.
Side deck for the side deck.
And they say Yu-Gi-Oh! is not all about mind games.
I see Yugimations playing 3 of these in the main.

Dave Roberson says:

FINALLY!!!! Trickstar Carobane is FINALLY HERE!!! I’ve been wanting that card to come out so bad so I don’t always have to go with Trickstar Reincarnation to win a duel but can finally beat my opponent by overpowering them by using this card effectively alongside of course effect damage which I think the deck was meant to do. I believe at this point there’s not much else you can do with the main deck with Trickstars and so I do hope at least they still expand the extra deck with an xyz, a synchro and maybe a ritual monster because I think that’s the only thing left for the deck since it already has an ultimate link monster. Possibly pendulums too, but I doubt they would bring those back considering they basically killed them for links. Also, maybe have an extra deck monster add some protection for the field spells since that’s a big part of the deck that’s unprotected with some added protection for Holly Angel since she’s the only real protection in the deck.

Jack Staples says:

not sure time thieves will be good, but they look interesting at least

Shadow Reaper says:

Wait… 3+3=6 level 6 means Beatrice

Corbin Kendall says:

I’m interested in time thief.

Michael Wilber says:

For all the hype, doesn’t seem like the best set . I do want that sal link though

vladabb says:

Top 5 best?

Devin Wilcox says:

Cimo should change his channel name to Mr. Bouncy Hands.

Zeno Rose says:

The danger cards are all cryptids

NinjaTerd473 says:

Time Thieves are gonna be the new Archetype that I invest in. They sound fun. And I really hope Trickstars dont get hit on the next banlist. Reincarnation needs to stay at 3!

Nädi Måc says:

Look at update jammer lookin all pretty!! ❤❤❤

Shiobock says:

I’m kind of disappointed that Borreload Savage Dragon is an ultra, and annoyed Witch’s Strike is a secret, it’s instantly going to be a $60+ card

Jesus Santiago says:

No guard dragons ?

Jeremy Burright says:

Can you use the thunder Mecca super poly hyper giant friendly Kaiju if you mill it to the graveyard???? Or discard it? Or does it have to be summoned correctly first because I could see that being beneficial in the danger, lightsworn deck

The V-Blade says:

Savage Dragon and Live Stage should have their rarities switched.

Also the Valkyrie secret rare is pretty solid. The level 3 super rare is neat too. Interesting they printed Final Light and Apple of Enlightenment. I just want a full deck core because I love Valkyries

NinjaTerd473 says:

I feel like Indulgence is a better name for it because of the hybrid between Greed and Riches.

Queen Glory says:

11:25 Well technically it wouldn’t have been a rarity bump since in the OCG it was Ultra Rare/Secret Rare/Ultimate Rare/20th Secret Rare.

I do kinda wish it was at least Super Rare though, but preferably Ultra Rare.

Epicbeard man says:

in before salamangreats abuse time thief redoer.

ChizFri says:

I’m going to definitely build Time Thieves. That’s my Jam right there

Infinity V General says:

Too many deck that I want to build :3

MasterWalt says:

I’m calling it now Psychic Wheelder is going to be at least $20. Aromage Jasmine was a Secret and it was $20 on release, and Wheelder has more uses than her.

[Mr.][Asian][Guy] [Plays][Video][Games] says:

Alright, now i can play meta and afford 3 meals a day

Christopher Rainey says:

They put a Servant design in Yu-Gi-Oh! It looks AMAZING!!

Robert Maitz says:

Red rising dragon – COMMON!!! the king does not endorse this.

GE7 says:

I wasn’t sure if I would like Savage Strike, but the Time Thieves changed that. I like their gimmick and I could see myself playing them.

Crew Satyr says:

The only thing savage about this set: NO CRYSTON NEEDLEFIBER

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