Yu-Gi-Oh! Should You Buy Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge?

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Battles of Legend Relentless Revenge is the newest booster set to be released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG! Will it be able to live up to the hype of Battles of Legend Light’s Revenge, arguably one of the greatest sets of all time?

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Loco says:

It’ll be singles for me, I only really want the Timelord stuff and given that I want to run an Infinite Light build for funsies I need at least 3 Empty Machine, 2 Infinite Machine and an Infinite Light and the Timelords themselves. Given that there are 40 Secrets in the set and I only care about 3 of them (2 of which I need in multiples), it’s very not worth buying a box for me.

Though I wouldn’t object to a Gameciel or a Tornado Dragon or something, that still isn’t really enough to make it worthwhile for me.

Ethan Williams says:

No patchwork bad set

jaegamer says:

Damn this feels like the magic 25 release. So many people hyped only to see very few good reprints with a ton of bulk no one actually asked for.

Dark Wind Ruler says:

What the fuck Konami? You give us crappy neo-spacian cards and expect us to play neo-spacian?

overlordofdarkness01 says:

The thing about Light’s Revenge was that I pretty much always made my money back when buying 3 packs at a time. This was because both the secret and ultra rares had cards which potentially had value.

Jeremy Bolt says:

Find it odd how you are complaining about the noble knight reprints, brothers, mordred, and merlin have been maintaining like a about a 5-10$ value on the secondary market for like no reason, and the archtype is set to get multiple support cards to my understanding in CYHO, on top of being the key cards to the deck…so it makes sense they are getting reprinted as they are the most expensive cards, plus merlin needed a printing that is not fucking platinum rare.

dreamerdragon says:

Hey guess what reprint we gonna get in the next core set and next THree structure decks? That’s right… fucking foolish burial goods. Dont set the bar so high in the first place if you can’t live up to it

Sean McClure says:

This was a really good a detailed video. Good job

Sp0okeh says:

Cyber Dragon, Emergency Cyber, Iron Draw, Slash Draw, Union Hangar, & Crystron Quandax are the only cards i need/want in this set. dont think ill be buying a box…

Jimmy says:

Your boi is getting his hands on Ixchel’s for his Nurse Burn deck. She been $25 for a long time. Needed 3 of her for full draw power.

Quentin Ellis says:

Just a few archetypes I’m interested in. Timelords, PK, Neo-Spacian. Maybe the Sky Warriors that fuse. Not really interested in the fairy tale deck. I’ll wait for either Ninja or Valkyrie in Shadows in Valhalla. Can’t decide.

Gustavo Venâncio says:

Make another react to magic cards kk

Borgie Shmorgie says:

If they wanted Neos or Neo-Spacian stuff, they could’ve put in cards like Air Neos, Chaos Neos, or Magma Neos.

Chariyan 439 says:

Literally ALL my friends are saying that relentless revenge is one of the best sets I don’t get why it would even be close

Sharif Abdelal says:

I do like the rarity bumps in this set though. It’s not what the box should’ve just been but I do plan on picking up Darkwurm, Gameciel, The Phantom Knights and Eater of Millions, but more likely than not I’ll be buying them as singles instead of as sealed product.

They should’ve reprinted Ash again.

Clayton M says:

Mainly wanting BorrelGuard and maybe Timelords.

Javin Taylor says:

I enjoyed Light’s Revenge. It got me some good cards for my Odd-Eyes Pendulum Magician deck. ALL the cards you mentioned from Light’s Revenge I actually pulled within about 10 packs. Getting the Fairy Tale cards is kinda cool.

Daz N/A says:

Can you say “short-print”?

Chiquis H. McMillan says:

Cimooooooo, dont worry. They’re giving us the anime fairy tale deck in here. Everyone wants that, right?

GamerCainey says:

My raidraptor imports 🙁 shout out to fluffal players also

Chariyan 439 says:

The only thing I’m interested in relentless revenge is the numbers and gumblar

Federico Paulo Mendoza says:

So many Foolish Burial Goods, but no Foolish Burial Bads…

dakota adams says:

The only big reason im slightly investing in this set is rarity bump like brilliant fusion

Chris B says:

Foolish Burial Goods is getting hit on the next banlist I am calling it now.

Rotom Camera says:

why the hell are they printing fairy tale cards in this set when they are printing them in shadows of valhalla

Future IzNow says:

Has the answer ever been yes to these videos?

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