Yu-Gi-Oh! Should You Buy Circuit Break? (Set Analysis)

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Circuit Break is the newest Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Booster Set! In this video, I cover a majority of the contents in Circuit Break, price breakdowns of chase cards, and my own opinions for acquiring the cards you want!

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Coal Roller says:

Make a SPYRAL deck profile. I’m trying to create a SPYRAL deck and need some help.

AlessioZocker says:

Overall I agree with u cimoooooooo, but I think that for players that want to play spyrals as soon as possible it is just better to get some boxes before the prices will sky rock and they will, just look at the ocg.

Greetings from Germany, keep up with the great content u share with us ! 😉

Richard Welch says:

I’m still upset that “cyberdark impact!” Is about $70 still. Why didn’t they reprint it in legendary duelists?

ZeroNobody says:

4:50 anything is possible when it comes to a tcg exclusive archtype
Soon the F.A. archtype will have it’s day

Slater_Danger says:

Altergeists actually CAN sort of produce some level of swarm providing you have the right cards to make the deck work. Stun locks can be performed using the Magician Girls(primarily Chocolate Magician Girl) and Altergeist Kunquery by discarding Kunquery with CMG’s effect to draw and Special Summoning Kunquery back with CMG’s effect to half your opponent’s monsters attack and forcing it to attack Kunquery. A slow swarm of Altergeists can be made by recycling Kunquery with the traps while Altergeist Meluseek outs troublesome cards. On the other hand, cards like Magician’s Left Hand and Magician’s Right Hand can create a wall against the first Spell and Trap activated by your opponent and Magician’s Restage can search both of these.

komujimaru says:


tsgmatthew says:

MSRP FOR 60$?! I’m getting ripped off so hard. Nowhere in town sells a booster box for less than 95$

Amos Mihulet says:

I just wanna say that crawlers are A LOT better than most people think they are just because they’re a flip-archetype

J Rore says:

I looked at this and saw cimo opens 55 packs next to it. Plot twist

Bowi says:

This set flat out sucks

ICosmic says:

Cimooooo please dampen the echo in your room. Btw love the videos

Cameron Naidoo says:

I only want vendreads so it will be singles for me…

Greg Gregorian says:

Please help!, totally random question but is it possible to use return of the dragon lords on chaos max dragon from the graveyard, if he was properly summoned in the first place?

Doc Apathy says:

It’s not ironic that crawlers are slow it’s more coincidental. It’s ironic the f.a.’s are slow or U.A.’s an archetype based on athletes isn’t competitive.

Jeremiah Cruz says:

Overdone Burial in World Chalice. All their levels are different and give you some Link fodder. Though its probably not a staple so it’d be a good one off

JetstreamWafers says:

Sold my last two Drolls, now I’m going to pick up an Evenly Matched, and eventually get three. I love that card since I prefer going second. I will be buying a box or two because I feel it’s always worth buying some sealed product, as the cards you might not want can go up in value before you know it. Plus METAPHYS BABEEEEYYYY

Jimmy Roberts says:

On the note about Krawlers… A monster from subterrors supports them and all flip effects nicely. Especially Shaddolls with the effect to send a flip monster from the deck to grave to special summon a monster face down to a zone it points too. Subterror Behemoth Fiendess also searches when a monster it points too flips once per turn.

DBZD says:

$65-$70… for a tiny paper card… that may be banned next format, who knows. That’s how important winning is to these kids. It’s a shame that this is such a money-centric game

iñaki Mendiberri says:

I just need a twin triangle and a borrel load for my tier 72 deck. Please don’t let borrel be 50 dollars

I'm Mr. Pootin says:

The thing with rokket monsters is that it is better to summon barrel load and use its effect on the rokkets then use the rokkets effect, since the character in the anime uses both together to maximize their effects

john ross says:

Hopes cimo uploades the clip of him eating a card

E-Hero Stratos says:

I’m interested…

WauzirexLP says:

the answer is: NO! stop making konami even more ritch with theese broken sets. plus stop puking more and more archetypes into this already f***ed up game.

Stefan Faro says:

I will try borreload dragon in my blue-eyes deck and I can protect it with return of the dragon lords decode talker was a step back in in that way unprotected additional zones! Not anymore!!!!

Agustin Gomez says:

Cimoooooooo I love frogs ha

raidou13 says:

Konami TCG exec: we must hit 1 of our exclusive archetypes set, in the banlist but spyrals and subterrors ain’t doin good, and the new set of exclusives are already here, we need a reason to hit something.

Konami OCG exec: Well… We can make a broken link monster for at least one of them…

TCG exec: GOOD!

Cosplay Unplugged says:

after my okay pulls out of about 50 packs of maximum crisis, and my abysmal pulls of roughly 50 packs of code of the duelist (all single packs bought here and there, only one secret for code of the duelist and about 4-5 out of maximum crisis) i will probably only buy singles mostly for now on, though i might buy maybe a few packs here and there just when a new set comes out when we have situations like ash blossom (god the sooner that gets a reprint that i can afford the better)

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