Yu-Gi-Oh! Should You Buy Spirit Warriors? (Set Analysis)

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Spirit Warriors is the newest Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Booster Set! In this video, I cover a majority of the contents in Spirit Warriors, the pros and cons of the set, and my suggestions for acquiring the cards you want!

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DELTA says:

cute dogy


Secret Forces, not Shining Forces. Still aight doe. =D

Pianostick says:

8:20 “it could make it a potentially good investment” dog goes to buy booster box. hey those treats don’t grow on trees

Wonthangsoop says:

I keep seeing a white ass hand move in front of the dog!

Libelldrian says:

The dog is bae.

God Himself says:

how can be dog so silent?

Runescythe9852 says:

Imagine if gateway is put to 3 and further support comes with the secret Sam’s. Assuming that comes to pass, they could get some good enough momentum to be pretty good again

TeamDankSkull says:

As far as a making money perspective the set should be avoided. Now as for nostalgia and semi competitive scene it is worth they buy. Six Samurai can easily summon big link boards and shi-en. Weather painter are just an interesting archetype and magical musketeers is definitely the highlight. Just like how your doggo was the highlight of this video. If gateway ever goes back to two or three six samurai will be a very strong and competitive deck imo.

Hash Master says:

Bruh it’s secret forces, you said shining forces like 4 times lol.

Turtlesoupzzz V says:

Virgin prestige level 100

Scrub Squad says:

You know gateway is at one right?

Kestavier says:

welllllll, magi bullets are not casual, Casper is over 30

DBZ Uchiha says:

Dog was by far the highlight of the video

BiggieMaximus says:

I liked the video just for the dog.

StarGrailPxy says:

i was just watching the dog the whole frickin time………

Bryan Camacho says:

The dog on the bed is the best part of the video

E-Hero Stratos says:

Nekroz should come back, gateway should come back, pot of greed to 1

Flan says:

Even the dog knew Gateway is at 1.

caleb carithers says:

yes cimooooo you should by the set buy all the sets

Maru Geist says:


aiRCoft says:

2:45 – “What are the pros and cons of this -archetype- (set*)?”

Danger! Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel says:

this was an interesting argument to me purchasing a box of this set. thanks for this.


Never trust an edited comment…

Bryan Dominguez says:

Hi dog

Noah Harless says:


Kelvin Le says:

All Weather Painters need to be broken is some kind of monster spammer card…..hopefully a spell that can at least summon two of them or something of the sorts

Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss says:


Also spirit warriors. Yeah, that too.

MetaKnight964 says:

My first pack had only spells and traps and the Weather Painters are mostly secret rares.

Dramatic_Gaming says:

While I love Six Samurai (all the way back to the classic six), I don’t think the TCG will ever put Gateway at more than 1. Spyral proved the dangers of a deck being able to spam out monsters for easy Link and Xyz Summoning. I still remember back when opening two Gateways basically meant that Six Sams won the match, and the list of powerful generic Extra Deck monsters has only grown since then.

aiRCoft says:

What kind of dog is that?

YGO Podcast says:

As of nov/15/2017 we now finally know that Alex Cimuuuuuuuu eats dogs for dinner.

Angel Grullon says:

Good insight Cimoooooooo the dog though ^^

Aleksandr Sinitskiy says:

*Nice Video. Check out my latest video : Yu-Gi-Oh The Best Vampire Zombie Deck Profile on YouTube (November 2017 TCG Banlist) in HD !!!*

Robert Cudmore says:

Im a simple man, I see the dog, I like immediately.

Matthew Stephens says:

The gateway thing made me laugh lol

Brucci Wayne Music says:

cimo the typa dude to have ashy knees

PhoenixTale says:

Vid was alright but dog was the winning factor here

MirageOwl says:

All my life until now: I don’t like Six Samurai. Sees girl six samurai card. Everybody can change.

StarGrailPxy says:

8:21 lol just leaving this comment so i can watch the dog move later on…..

Peter Olfen says:

go run true draco musketeers and the deck isnt fragile anymore

Micaiah Pickering says:

It took me longer than I’d like to admit to notice your dog. And then realize it was real.

Matthew Stephens says:

Sounds like a bad set.

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