Yu-Gi-Oh! Should You Buy The Infinity Chasers? (Set Analysis!)

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The Infinity Chasers is the newest booster set to be released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG! Today I’m discussing what new cards The Infinity Chasers contains and whether or not you might want to invest in this set!

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Alan Ricks says:

Buy the parts for the deck you want, then wait for box to be 40 bucks then buy box.

Mick Anthony says:

“the thing about this archetype that just really turns me off is, the lolis are not loli enough. ” quote cimooooooo 2019

Alibey Bal says:

Stop begging for money.

MrChillaxin2010 says:

How good is the new pendulum structure deck going to be considering Pendulums are still around?

shadow librarian says:

Don’t just buy shingles buy the packs just bought a new singles Konami doesn’t make enough profit from your region. Which is why we don’t get the higher rarities anymore we don’t sell enough units.

Only in Japan and other ocg countries get those products because the card sell more there also they only get 5 cards per pack we could possibly get the same rarities here if they put our packs down to the same amount.

FTKirito MAD VN says:

I see lolis, more than enough reason to buy it

Awoken says:

im gonna be looking into evil eyes as a rogue and witch’s for funsies

Arubaruna says:

No, I/you need money for Duel Power, don’t buy INCH.

jon sense says:

i said it once n i’ll say it again… buy singles….don’t be dummies…

Aaron Heininger says:

Lol my abyss is 50 dollars and i got it for five dollars lol and i have two. So 90 dollar profit if i sell now.

Jonathan - says:


ShimadaPlayz says:

Why would you spend your hard earned money on a great product like Duel Power when you can spend it on Jackal King The Set?

Because they reprinted -magic cylinder- *basically pot of greed*

J Firestone says:

Wait so I shouldn’t waste 70 dollars? Man good thing I’m smart.

Sam Skopec says:

I believe this set has potential I mean look at sky strikers and they are dominating the meta along with other archtypes

Xvhalk3rieX says:

I might be wrong but artifacts only trigger of your opponents card effects. So if you pop scythe nothing happens.

Thama Tinnapop says:

I’ll buy ‘cuz that smugloli… I mean WitchCrafter.

Guilherme Marinho says:

Evil eye: Garbage
Witchcraft: Dissapointing
Infinitrack: Really dissapointing

Buy singles

Smol Boi Kenny says:

I want to hear cimo tell me it’s bad even though I know it’s bad

SGashesNetwork says:

So what you’re telling me…I should buy a case

Sleep mage says:

Evil eye is the best

The Goldfisherman says:

I am planning on building infinitrack no matter how bad some people may think it is. Though I can agree it’s not quite the best.

Doug Lima says:

no, buy singles

Tupps_fishing says:

Any chance of an up to date lightsworn deck?

Future Path says:

Are they all going to be super/ultra/secret rare or are there going to be commons and rares to?

Jordan Young says:

Yo your hair lookin fly bro

RyanTheDandyGuy says:

Thanos would chase them……

king Thor says:

Yes you should. I bought 2 boxes

Dongeon Master says:

As a more optimistic player compared to a lot of the fandom, I’m disappointing yet satisfied. I’m disappointed that the archetypes weren’t what I was hoping for, but I’m satisfied that they’re unique and that that aren’t “bad”.

By that I mean they have the tools to be powerful. But they just don’t have powerful cards to take advantage of those tools. If the Witchcrafts had spells that floated when discarded they they wouldn’t be so negative heavy, and if Evil Eye had more powerful effects that activate when you have Seleme then I feel that protecting the equip could be worth it.
These are just the ramblings of an optimist.

Nick Masta says:

Infinitrack is actually really good. It reminds me of sky strikers/ salamangreat in a way. It breaks boards and has really good recovery as well as being able to search all your key pieces. Definitely looking forward to it

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