Yu-Gi-Oh! Should You Buy the Legendary Dragon Decks?

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Dragon Decks are brimming with valuable reprints and new cards! This is definitely a must buy!

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Starlord says:

Why is Sami Zayn lecturing me about yugioh?

conormurphy21 says:

Bought em ,never used a pendelum deck before dunno if I’ll keep or trade

Dave Chippy says:

How good is this for returning player due to new game mechanics?

Callum Wilson says:

I don’t know if you’ll see this but which of the 3 decks is best to use as it comes?

mr.Tajtas says:

This box had me when I heard CYBER DRAGON

Kiki Cat Meow says:

I just want the Cyber Dragon cards, since I couldn’t get the structure deck. The other cards are lit though.

Buttface Kangaroo says:

At first he said crystal wing instead of clear wing

russian blyet says:

just got this hope its good

Thanapat Wacharaprechanont says:

Why did youtube unsub me from you

Stop reading my name and get to the point. Damn. says:


Eugenio Noriega says:

Been looking for quaking mirror force forever

Cyber Blu Infinity says:

At my local card shop I was looking for a copy of infinity and he just oped the box and sold me the cyber deck for $10

Dustyn Vega says:

I plan to buy two (if my local stores have enough). Simply because I want the Dark Magician stuff. I plan to make use of all the Mirror Forces from the Zane Deck, and of course Apprentice Illusion Magician.

Heero yuy says:

IDEK why im here,i retired from yugioh when exceed summoning with arc v came out yugioh has been trash and getting worse ever since.
exceed started turning it into trash,pendulums farther trashed it and now link summoning just put it on its last leg,at this point the next carnation of yugioh will put the card game on life support

Spiesee Boi says:

Alright ao what’s the best deck between these three

NOOBs Are out says:

The funny thing is I have it before watching

Ryan Li says:

since someone stole my 1000$ deck so i need a new deck that costs less than 50$

Hasmond says:

This video is 10 seconds too short.

Eric D. says:


The other way to get these cards (The Legendary Atlantean Dragon Deck) is buying the Boosters for $100+ Dollars….and maybe you’ll get everything you wanted!!

Nasus says:

9:46 whelp I am sold.

itsme again says:

anyone else who is thinking that they (Konami) will release a new banlist in like 3 months and be like “well since y’all bought so many copies of this…LETS HIT EVERYTHING MUAHAHA DARK MAGICIANS MORE LIKE DARK AND FUCKED!CYBER DRAGON DECKS? HAHA I BET YOU MEAN AFTER THIS I WON’T HAVE A DECK AND PENDULUM MAGICIANS YEAH GET FUCKED AS WELL!!!” am I the only one who is actually scared shitless of this actually happening??? pls god I want to be wrong cause I was looking forward for something like this to build my dark magicians… i crie every tiem…

DarkState2 says:

I picked up one for me and my brother after work and I regret nothing. Great video showing the values btw

Abdulrahman Juman says:

One Question. I usually buy single cause i do competitive play. I’m trying to introduce a couple of friends to to the game.
If i buy this Box. Will they be able to play this either of the three decks out of the box immedailty ?

Power Bound says:

well I should, my favorite archetype is Cyberdragons and the deck is basically built the same as I would build it and the other decks just have some cards that I like

Paolo Nunez says:

i want this thing solely for the fact i get three decks with a bunch of dope cards that i can use right off the rip
and mainly because i’m too poor to buy cards individually and want to have bragging rights

RedDragonForce2 says:

Waking the Dragons and Cyber Dragon Decks are worth it. The third… Pendulum is still common enough to put nearly all of these monsters together anyways, so not nearly as worth it.

Looking forward to getting them anyways.

circle1902 1902 says:

Dam he’s loud.

Legendary Uber says:

I wish they added the seal of orichalcos

Randy says:

I personally believe you should start your videos with the “CIMOOOO!” Bit first because the opening dialogue into the intro was kinda cheesy and your voice is very LOUD. Other than that your videos are great and my page perils in comparison to yours and all I could ever do is take notes from your greatness.

Genghis Khan says:

This is why I like yugioh over mtg. It’s much cheaper. Really the only expensive cards in yugioh are the hand traps and generic ED cards. But you can use those in any deck so it’s only a 1 time purchase.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

I want 2 so I can open 1 and wait 10 years then sell the other 1 sealed for a good price

Joe Chapman says:

It was so worth it .i love all the decks In it

Samuel Wilkinson says:

Dude now you just confirmed my buy for 3 of these. Thanks man.

Dark Dragon says:

im so glad i bought this 😀

sigitoniko says:

Should i buy 3 ? Im building a dark magician deck

Flare34567 says:

Where’s my ash blossom reprint?

ssgsithlord tp says:

I’m literally getting it for the legendary Knight’s. I thought they had a fusion though

booster banter says:

When I grow up I wanna be just like you!

the happy potatoe says:

9:18 i wish it was crystal wing

OmegaMattman says:


The Anime-Falcon says:

Also eye of timaeus is now a staple with the new fusion

connn17 says:

Have any of you checked prices on troll and toad? Most of the cards he put at 2-3$ can be bought for 50 cents on trollandtoad. Also the more expensive cards he listed have dropped in price by around 50% each. I love you Cimooo, but seriously?

It's Me, Steve says:

I hate to admit AND say it but konami releasing all these reprints and printing out these nostalgia cards make the value of the cards inflated. it’s killing the eBay selling profit.

Richard Welch says:

Not even going to mention Megafleet Dragon? It’s no kaiju but it’s pretty good.

St. Frank says:

Damn. . . I actually passed up this at Wal-Mart. I don’t care for re-sale, but I see a lot of fun cards I would like to use in just the Yami deck LOL XD

Johnsonn wasTaken says:

Cyber Dragon Dry is back!

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