Yu-Gi-Oh! Soulburner Structure Deck Opening + Review! Brand New Salamangreat!

Guys, A HUGE SHOUTOUT goes to MST.TV for the awesome collab. Get him to 40k subs! Click here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MSTTV604

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jon sense says:

lol at the sam mask hahaha

Finn & Eli's Customs and Reviews says:

I saw like 8 of these today guess I should get one now

Jimmy Ha says:

Ash as a common looks mighty fine to me. Honestly, the artwork is adorable, foil or not. 🙂 Good thing budget players now have access to this card which is pretty much a must-have. Fingers crossed to not have it limited.

Andrew Vega says:

Even though I don’t like salamangreat this is a great structure deck and is great for people who either want to start playing or want something budget and competitive. Good job komoney

Corey Moseley says:

This structure box was great. Might be one of the better ones this year

e opils says:

I thought it came out on the 15

Matt Sinz says:

IMO Salamangreat needs is a link 4

GrayFoxDemon says:

Lol That was funny sams face on tombox !

Edwin Hernandez says:

LMFAO soon as I saw the mask I was in

Mister Fox says:

I love you two. Great cuts!

crystal kite says:

Pls make a deck profile

Derek Backofen says:

I’m getting three copies of this deck I can’t wait

Manny G says:

Ash blossom doesn’t look right as a common…

Anime Power says:

Deck with 3 SD pls

robi galang says:

Video on point. Hoping to see a deck build from the 3 structure decks soon.

MST.TV says:


uun teguh santoso says:

is that kim jong un ?

dan the man says:

I looks like ya got a Kim jong-un cut out.)

Carlos Jojola says:

Nice video two of my most favorite YouTube channels!

Mystic Vee says:

Tombox from MST.tv is the best, he’s a really smart guy who does nothing but want everyone to be the best person they can be.

Also he makes yummy looking food on his side channel.

Vincent Herrera says:

Creative introduction haha definitely enjoyed and can’t wait to pick up my structure decks!

Jacob Jones says:

No joke, have the same fan as you

Denglong First of the yang zing says:

I literally just watched this so I can see with my eyes that ash blossom is still in the structure deck.

William Sands says:

i wanna get back into yugioh so bad whos a good teacher!!!??? love the vids

juve nile says:

Damn got no transcode+update jammer there

Grand Pa says:

The whole deck is dope!!

The Hands. Inc says:

How’d he get it so early???


Hang cho bo la nguoi viet nam day cho toi xem cai mat dang sau cua playmat

20000 Subscriber Man with little videos says:

Hope this deck becomes Tier 1.

Christian Brownstone says:

Do you guys live in the same house?

Jake F/GO Protagonist says:

How did you get that already? It shouldn’t come out till friday

Richard Virrueta says:

Da boi thicc

Rock Lee says:

Wait you’re tell me that’s really not TeamsamuraiX1 at 1:42?

BigDplayz says:

Sam, you get a hair cut?

疾風Hellraven says:

Now all the scrubs are gona be using ash ‘-‘

HCDLbladers says:

Makes a reprint of ash blossom

Non blue eyes player:Yay

Blue eyes player:I need reprint of alternative!!!!

Luis Ernesto Valverde Chedraui says:


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