Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel: Arena Of Lost Souls Unboxing

Thanks to the Team at Konami EU For The Box!
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Bradley McMorine says:

Great video

Oliver Dethlefs says:


Nike Tamere says:

wuld be nice to see à deck made of those cards (zombies deck

Andrew Signorino says:

So… They reprinted old, useless cards, slapped “speed duel” on them and sold them for 40 dollars. Well played, Komoney.

Ronan Gray says:

Might start playing Speed Duels and use Amazoness/Harpie need to get this set aswell, also what you get for your money is pretty good

Cringe Bud says:

They even give out 4 cards in the packs and not 3 like in duel links because it’s not fair

1995JediMaster says:

Ectoplasmic fortification was the effect of pumking the king of ghosts in season 1 of yugioh where once per turn all zombie monsters on the field had their attack strength increased by 10% due to pumking’s effect.

Autophobic Destruction says:

My dragon is meteor than yours.

No? Ok….

Nelson Marín 21 says:

Damn! this guy got the arcana joker! I haven’t seen anyone pulling that card but him!

Gamer Bro says:

With how rare Arkana Knight Joker is, we might as well make up a temporary rarity name. I’ll go with “Impossible Rare”

Sekai Hunter says:

Well…King’s Knight short print confirmed!

Dalaughn Mower says:

I just love how clean the cards look, even the common ones

Master Sety says:

Sphere Kuriboh was definitely the highlight pull

steel 74 says:

Damn was waiting for you to pull that ultra rare blue eyes ultimate.
I never know about these packs till your vid
Might just get some now

TK 87 says:

Not a single kings knight but a pair of play sets of queen/Jack’s knight. Ouch

Jaison Torres says:

Damn it I just got the starter decks…

GodOfKa says:

Still going to give a like even though you didn’t pull a King’s Knight.

Dustin O'connor says:

You should to a top ten weakest fusion monster. Video

Halo Maxus says:

Common charity can go great in future Zombie decks if they ever give us book of life, Zombie master, and Mezuki

Elvis Lee says:

That sphere kuriboh

Kyle James says:

Make a speed dueling deck with those cards

Thomas Kolter says:

I have five decks o duplicate cards in a box matter if one builds many decks for play. I get my box on April 1st may my draw be good.

meowster blader says:

I hope they eventually release a holographic watapon

Totally not Zokix11_MC says:

So is there any actual difference between S.D. cards and the normal YGO cards?

David _PLAY'S says:

Why I’m happy seeing sphere kuriboh?

Roman Review Corner says:

I appreciate how some older cards got a reprint after not having one for years. Especially Harpie’s Pet Dragon since that only had I think 2 prints

wolfdog1001 says:

im new to speed duel format but can you add these cards (excluding skill cards) into standard decks in competitive or is that against the rules?

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